Culinary School: Les Poissons

I not only love the song about the fabulous Les Poissons from all-time favorite Disney movie The Little Mermaid, I also love being Poissonnier on…


Culinary School: L’Ecole

Culinary school just got real, y’all.  Why?  Because I passed Level 4 and have officially moved downstairs to work the line in L’Ecole, the…

Culinary School: Level 4 Buffet

I’m going to brag – my team’s Level 4 Grand Buffet at The International Culinary Center, the final project of Level 4 was epic….

Culinary School: Charcuterie

I’m currently going through 2 weeks of intensive Charcuterie training in the second half of Level 4 at The International Culinary Center, and I…

Filming at The ICC

  This week, I’ve been getting a ton of questions about the YouTube vidoes I’ve been making for school so I figured I’d share…


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Having a Whiskey with Jilly Hendrix

Don’t mind me, playas..I’m just having a whiskey with my bestie @JillyHendrix.  NBD.  She is a funny gal, that Jill.  Check out our interview…


How To: Thanksgiving (Part 1)

Though Halloween just seemed to end, Thanksgiving is right around the corner.  I always start planning my Thanksgiving menu and to-do list right about…

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Sugar Skull Tutorial

Dia de los Muertos is upon us, friends and loved ones – and that means it’s time for Sugar Skulls to rule the night….


DIY: Decorative Pots and Planters

I’m the world’s #1 accidental plant killer, but I love me some greenery in my house.  I had a big wall of shelves to…