• The 100 Workout

    Hey, hey!

    Find a 100 dollar bill? Get 100% on a test? Both will make you extremely happy, correct?

    The number 100 is always linked to greatness, and that is why I wanted to create a workout based around the number. This workout will get your heart rate up and help you burn a ton of calories in a short amount of time. Sounds amazing, right?

    Set your timer and see how long it takes you to complete the workout below. I then challenge you to beat your time the next time you complete the workout!

    Strong, stronger, strongest.

    Well, here it is:

    100 WORKOUT

    100 Jumping Jacks

    90 Squats

    80 High Knees

    70 Mountain Climbers

    60 Butt Kickers

    50 Russian Twists

    40 Plank Up/Downs

    30 Full Sit-Ups

    20 Lunge Jumps

    10 Burpees

    1 Minute Plank

    Go all out, and get down with the number 100.

    Peace & Love,
    Emily Burkhardt

  • March MABness Your 4-Week Journey to Rock-Hard Abs!

    Hi, Guys!

    I’m a few days late to the start of the month, but boy do I have a four-week AB challenge for you!

    To compliment March Madness, the showcasing of America’s strongest college basketball teams, I’ve come up with March MABness, a month-long exercise routine guaranteed to get you your strongest core!

    Here are the 6 moves you will use throughout my challenge. Get yourself familiar with them before you rock and roll!

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  • Exercise on the Go! Because You Can, You Know?

    Hey, Busy Bee!

    Time to focus on your body all day every day without anyone knowing you are getting your workout on!

    Here are eight exercises  you can seamlessly incorporate into your daily routine!

    1. Stay confident with your posture
      Your trunk, or core, is the center of your body. Start to constantly engage it. This will not only help keep your core tone, but it will give you a nice confident posture!
    2. Commercial break workouts
      Watch TV and workout! Here is a link to my last article that has a fun challenge for you to complete every time you watch your favorite show.
    3. Grocery bag bicep curls
      Evenly distribute the weight of your groceries in each hand and give a little love to your biceps!
    4. Squats while you brush your teeth
      Many dentists say you should spend 2 minutes brushing your teeth—that’s at least 4 minutes of squats a day!
    5. Enjoy the scenic route
      Take the long way to each and every destination, even if that means you have to park at the back of the parking lot.
    6. Lunge down hallways
      At home or in the office.
    7. Calf raises while you are waiting
      Whether you are waiting for your favorite salad, or for the bathroom get those calf raises in!
    8. Dance and laugh as much as possible.
      Get your groove on and giggle until your abs are on fire to burn a few extra calories.

    Dance, laugh and stay confident with these eight moves all while creating the best version of yourself!

    Peace & Love,

    Emily Burkhard

    Feature image via Bjoern Ewers.

  • The Commercial Break Workout You Have to Try!

    Hey, TV Heads!

    Yes, you! Don’t have enough time to hit the gym because your favorite TV show is on tonight? Don’t worry, I totally get it! That’s why I created this special workout just for you!

    Presenting, Emily Burkhardt’s Commercial Break Workout!

    A 30-minute show typically has two to three commercial breaks, each lasting roughly two to three minutes. That’s six to nine minutes of free time for you to get your heart rate up!

    I’m challenging you to complete the following three circuits during the commercial breaks of your favorite show. Watching a 60 minute show? Repeat the workout!

    Commercial Break #1:

    20 Couch Up/Down
    Step up and down off of the couch. Alternate which leg leads each time you step up.
    10 Decline Push-Ups
    Plank position with your hands on the floor and feel on the couch. Keep your back flat and push-it-up!
    25 Russian Pillow Twists
    Sit in a V position, grab the pillow of your couch, hold it close to your chest with your elbows out, and swing your torso from left to right keeping your arms stable.
    Repeat 2x

    Commercial Break #2:

    25 Jumping Jacks
    Go big with these!
    20 Couch Squats
    Feet shoulder width apart, squat your booty down until it touches the couch, and come back up.
    20 Couch Sit-Up
    Lay down on the ground with your feet under the couch to stabilize you while you do your sit-ups.
    Repeat 2x

    Commercial Break #3:

    25 High Knees
    Stand up, and get your knees as high as you can.
    10 Couch Dips
    Tricep dips using the couch.
    25 Couch Climbers
    Hands on couch in plank position, drive your knees one at a time to your chest.
    Repeat 2x

    Time to turn on the TV and get your sweat on!

    Peace & Love,

    Emily Burkhardt

  • Please Stretch! It's Really for Your Own Good

    Hey, hey!

    Do you feel tight before, after, or during your workouts? It’s your body’s way of telling you to give your muscles a good stretch!

    Because there are SO many different ways to stretch, I wanted to share some of my favorite techniques!

    Whether I am teaching a bootcamp or working one on one with a private client, I always begin the workout with dynamic stretches—moves that get their bodies moving while also loosening up their muscles. Once we are finished with the workout, I implement a series of static stretching to target specific muscle groups and to bring their heart rate down.

    If the studio or the client has a foam roller on hand, I will use one of my favorite forms of stretching, myofascial release, before and after their workout. Foam rolling applies pressure and really releases any tension in the muscles.

    As an ACE Certified Personal trainer, I love to use their definitions to help you understand the different types of stretches.  

    Dynamic Stretching:
    Unlike static stretching, dynamic stretching requires the use of continuous movement patterns that mimic the exercise or sport to be performed. Generally speaking, the purpose of dynamic stretching is to improve flexibility for a given sport or activity.

    An example of dynamic stretching would be a sprinter doing long, exaggerated strides to prepare for a race.

    Static Stretching:
    The most common stretching technique, static stretching is executed by extending the targeted muscle group to its maximal point and holding it for 30 seconds or more. Usually performed after your workout.

    There are two types of static stretches:

    • Active: Added force is applied by the individual for greater intensity
    • Passive: Added force is applied by an external force (e.g., partner or assistive device) to increase intensity

    Myofascial Release:
    Through the use of a foam roller or similar device, myofascial release relieves tension and improves flexibility in the fascia (a densely woven specialized system of connective tissue that covers and unites all of the body’s compartments), and underlying muscle. Small, continuous back-and-forth movements are performed over an area of 2 to 6 inches for 30 to 60 seconds. The individual’s pain tolerance will determine the amount of pressure applied to the target area.

    Enjoy your workouts, and don’t forget to stretch before and after!

    Peace & Love,

    Emily Burkhardt


  • Why You Should HIIT! (+ A HITT Workout)

    Hey, hey!

    To HIIT or not to HIIT?

    If you want a quick workout that you can do anywhere (no equipment necessary), is super efficient, and boosts your metabolism to get you on an all-time endorphin high, then you HAVE to try HIIT workouts!

    What does HIIT stand for? High Intensity Interval Training.

    During this type of interval training, you will get your heart rate up multiple times by pushing yourself outside your comfort zone. The idea is to give quick pushes of extreme energy (all-out) before resting in short (or active) recoveries.

    While equipments aren’t necessary, you can also do fun HIIT workouts on a bike or even a treadmill!
    For example, I am an instructor at Flywheel Sports, and all of our workouts are HIIT workouts. Riders push through speed or resistance for short periods of time and recover between each push (or interval). I am obsessed with and believe in our workout, because riders must give the ride their all! 

    Are you ready to rev up your metabolism and burn fat for hours after your workout?

    Well, your wish is my command! Complete this following workout ANYWHERE!


    Do Anywhere HIIT Workout
    45 seconds – Jumping Jacks
    Rest 15 seconds
    45 seconds – Squat Jumps
    Rest 15 seconds
    45 Seconds – Mountain Climbers
    Rest 15 Seconds
    45 Seconds – Burpees
    Rest 15 Seconds
    45 Seconds – Lunge Jumps
    Rest 15 Seconds
    Repeat 3X

    Get in this quick workout so you can enjoy the rest of your day!

    Peace & Love,

    Emily Burkhardt

  • Try This 5-Minute Morning Warm-Up!

    Good Morning and Happy Monday!

    What better way to start your day (and your week) than waking up, moving your muscles, and getting your blood pumping?

    Forget the sugar-loaded coffee from your favorite barista, these moves will get you fired up in no time!

    Complete each move for 30 seconds
    Jumping Jacks
    Squats (or Squat Jumps)
    High Knees
    Butt Kickers
    Plank Up/Down
    Bicycle Crunches
    Jumping Jacks

    Turn on your shower, start your stopwatch, and before you know it you will be fueled with natural energy to start your day strong!

    Oh, and don’t forget to HAVE FUN!

    Peace & Love,

    Emily Burkhardt

  • How to Build Stamina for Your Workouts

    Hi, Guys!

    Regardless whether you’re trying to build mental or physical stamina, my tips will help you reach your goal! Since I’m all about making exercise fun, I’ll be concentrating my efforts on improving your fitness stamina.

    Here are four tips and a workout to get you going!

    “Believe in yourself and forget the nerves!”

    Remove negative words from your vocabulary. Yup, do it now.

    Instead of saying “I can’t” or “I’ll never run a marathon,” flip those statements to “I will” or “I would love to start training for a marathon.” Disrupt those negative thoughts and turn them into positive ones! Have self-confidence, follow your dreams, and kick your doubts to the curb.

    When people are nervous, their hearts are usually racing and their palms are more or less sweaty. If we turn this scenario on its head, wouldn’t we realize that these reactions are the same reactions we naturally get when we’re excited? Instead of psyching myself out, I trick my mind into feeling excited instead of nervous. For example, I will often say, “I am SO excited for this event or I am SO excited for this long flight!

    “Eat, drink, and sleep like you want to build stamina.”

    When you put your body outside its comfort zone (a.k.a. when building stamina), you need to treat it well with healthy fuel. Eat natural, non-processed foods that ARE meant to go into your body! Drink more fluids that you think you need! Because your body is being put through more mental and physical exercise than it is used to, you need to supply it with an adequate amount of sleep to balance your hard work!

    “Grab a buddy!”

    Don’t be in it alone. Find a friend or workout buddy who wants to build their stamina as well. You will keep each other accountable and push one another to your respective maxes!

    “Last but not least, training is key.”

    Building stamina doesn’t happen overnight. To gain more stamina, you will need to overexert your body with both aerobic and anaerobic workouts.

    Aerobic vs. Anaerobic
    Aerobic: low to moderate intensity prolonged exercises
    Anaerobic: short and very high intense exercise

    I love circuit training because it challenges my strength and incorporates both aerobic and anaerobic endurance. It is like a one-stop shop to building stamina.

    Now you are ready to workout! As you do this workout and begin to feel comfortable with the circuit, start reducing your rest time by 5 seconds.

    Circuit Workout

    High Knees
    2 rounds – 30 sec each move

    45 sec rest

    Circuit #1
    Jump Squat
    Jumping Jacks
    3 rounds – 30 sec each move

    45 sec rest

    Circuit #2
    Oblique Crunch
    Donkey Kick
    Flutter Kicks
    4 rounds – 30 sec each move

    45 sec rest

    Circuit #3
    Alternating Curtsy Lunge
    Lunges (alternate during 30 sec)
    Standing Calf Raises
    2 rounds – 30 sec each move

    45 sec rest

    Circuit #4
    Bicycle Crunches
    Plank Up/Down
    Plank w/ Shoulder Taps
    Plank w/Hip Up&Over
    3 rounds – 30 sec each move

    45 sec rest

    Repeat Warm-Up


    Building mental and physical stamina will help your body, your career, and life in general!

    Peace & Love,

    Emily Burkhardt

  • Blast Your Love Handles with These Moves!

    Hi, Guys!

    Feeling a little extra love in your midsection after the holidays? Me too.

    Excess abdominal fat is, unfortunately, one of the hardest areas to done. While you can’t target where to lose fat, a clean diet and a good workout can help you strengthen and tone your core. What are you waiting for? Let’s get to it!

    30 sec high knees
    30 sec jumping jacks
    30 sec butt kickers
    Repeat – 2nd round faster

    Mountain Climbers
    3 sets of 30 reps

    Bicycle Crunches
    3 sets of 30 reps

    Elbow Plank w/ Hip Dip
    3 sets of 20 reps

    Side Plank
    3 sets of 30 sec

    Fire Hydrants
    3 sets of 15 reps (each leg)

    Russian Twists
    3 sets of 30 reps

    Standing Cross Crunch
    3 sets of 30 reps

    Repeat Warm-Up

    Cool Down

    See? That wasn’t too bad! Now you are one step closer to a toned midsection! Who doesn’t love that?!

    Peace & Love,

    Emily Burkhardt

  • I make goals, not resolutions. You should too.

    Happy New Year!

    I don’t know about you, but everyone in my life keeps asking me about my New Year’s resolutions. I get that we’ve hit the reset button but I make goals, not resolutions, and you should too!

    Let me break it down:

    Res-o-lu-tion: a firm decision to do or not to do something.

    Goal:the object of a person’s ambition or effort; an aim or desired result.

    Goals come from the heart. Flexible, they mold to your hectic life schedule. Resolutions, on the other hand, are set in stone. Once altered, they’re immediately considered a failure. You see, most of us stumble upon failure, wallow there for a while, before picking ourselves back up and re-committing our minds and our hearts to our individual journeys. This process, while tedious, makes us stronger. There is nothing wrong or shameful about experiencing failure. The point is to see it, conquer it, and leave it behind in the past! 

    Making goals allows you to set a destination and a path to get there. Goals reflect the positive ambitions you have for yourself and the people around you.

    Share your goals with EVERYONE! Doing so will keep you motivated and accountable!

    My Goals for 2017:

    • Help 20-30 people graduate into a healthy lifestyle through my Healthy Hustle Lifestyle program.
    • Train a few of my clients to complete their first NYC Marathon in November 2017, while also training myself to complete my second.
    • Encourage people daily to take joyful risks. Allowing them to take the leap to believe in themselves and their thoughts. Taking risks and concurring doubt and failure to get to their max joy (i.e. TAKE JOYFUL RISKS).
    • Start a store on my website by the end of January 2017. I want this store to be filled with pieces that I have created to help others find their max joy! (Water bottles will be in January 1st!)

    The last thing you want is to look back and be disappointed in yourself, you want to always be proud of reaching your goals!

    Fly into the new year with ambition!

    Peace & Love,
    Emily Burkhardt

  • Try These Clean Holiday Treats!

    Happy Holidays, Everyone!

    While this time of year is usually the happiest, it’s not always the healthiest. From cookies to fried latkes, many people (myself included!) find it hard to escape the unhealthy temptations.

    A sweet lover through and through, I am usually overwhelmed by the amount of sugar-filled treats that come by way. Do I get sick of them? Um, hello! Never! But, I do know it’s not the best idea to ride a constant sugar high.

    That being said, I’ve come up with a couple recipes to make your holiday indulgences more or less guilt-free.

    Let’s get a cookin’!

    PRO TIP: Bring one of the following treats to your next party! Should you feel the need to let loose (a.k.a tell yourself you’ll start that diet tomorrow), you can snack on these yummy and nutrient snacks instead!

    Peppermint Chocolate Bark

    4 oz. unsweetened baking chocolate
    ¼ cup coconut oil
    ¼ cup honey
    8 drops peppermint essential oil

    Place chocolate and coconut oil in double boiler on medium high heat. Once it is all melted, turn off heat and add the honey and peppermint essential oil. Place on parchment paper lined baking sheet and in fridge or freezer until hardened. 

    Donna’s Hot Nuts

    2 egg whites
    2 cups roasted almonds
    2 cups roasted cashew nuts
    2 cup walnut halves
    2 tbsp curry powder
    1 tbsp ground cumin
    1 ¼ tsp cayenne peper
    1 tsp ground cardamon
    1tsp ground cinnamon
    2 tbsp honey

    My mom’s recipe! Mix everything together and place it on a baking sheet. Bake for 45 min at 250°F.

    Coconut Oil Fudge

    ¾ cups coconut oil
    ¾ cups cocoa powder
    ½ cup coconut milk
    ⅓ cup raw honey
    2 teaspoons vanilla essential oil
    A pinch of salt

    Mix the ingredients together and put it in the fridge to harden.

    5-Ingredient Brownie Bites

    2 eggs
    1 banana
    2 scoops of Quest chocolate milkshake protein

    Mix and bake at 350°F for 12-15 minutes. Spread a little Nutella (not so clean) or nut butter (clean) and top with crushed nuts.

    Save the calories and eat the sweets!

    Peace & Love,

    Emily Burkhardt

    Feature image via One Little Project

  • The Four Fitness Apps I Live By

    Hey, hey, smart phone addicts!

    Always an arm’s reach away from your prized posession? I feel you. With Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat all the more popular these days, it’s hard not to be “connected.” At least your fingers are getting their workouts, right?

    Well, you’re not entirely wrong. Double tapping DOES burn calories… just not as much as we’d like to think!

    Why not try a full body workout or health regimen instead? Here are four of my favorite apps I use to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I find that they hold me accountable for my actions and motivate me to push harder around the clock. Who knows, you might just get more out of them than carpal tunnel 😉

    My Fitness Pal

    Whether you’re looking to maintain your weight, lose some, or gain some, this app makes keeping a food and excercise journal super easy. Not only do I use it everyday, but I also use it with a majority of my clients. My Fitness Pal is an amazing tool for those who need a little help holding themselves accountable. You can share what you’re eating with your friends and they can do the same. Best of all, they have the world’s largest nutrition and calorie database (of over 5 million foods) so it makes logging your macros a breeze!

    Spotify Running

    Music is one of my main motivators when I am running. Just in case you didn’t know, Spotify has a channel for dedicated runners. It helps you find your running tempo before turning that tempo into beats per minute all while building out playlists based on your listening preferences. Seriously, go check it out!


    Pact makes it easy to get hella competitive with yourself! It creates powerful incentives for healthy living. You basically:

    1. Commit or make a weekly Pact to exercise more or eat healthier and set what you’ll pay other pact members if you don’t reach your goal.
    2. Meet your goals or use the Pact app to track your progress.
    3. Reap the rewards or earn real cash for living healthily from the members who don’t.

    I have played around on this app, and think it can be a great asset for people who love competition and people who are trying to lose weight. A few of my clients have used it and said they love it because it forces them to stick with the healthy lifestyle when their money is on the line!


    Going out to dinner, but still want to stay healthy? This app allows you to do both! HealthyOut finds dishes at local restaurants that match your diet and nutrition preferences. It makes dinning out a healthy activity! I tell all of my clients to plan ahead when they’re going to restaurants so their mind stick with healthier options instead of the more calorie-heavy alternatives. This app does all the work for you!

    App it out and stay motivated!

    Peace & Love,

    Emily Burkhardt

  • Why Eating Breakfast Should Be YOUR “Thing”!

    Happy Monday, Everyone!

    There’s nothing quite like the start of the week to ponder life’s greatest mysteries.

    Should you or shouldn’t you eat breakfast? Now, THAT’S a question!

    Instead of writing a million reasons why I think you should be chomping away on that first meal, I’ve asked eight other people, people like me and you, to tell me why they think breaking fast is important. Oh, and what they like to eat when breaking said fast of course!



    “It’s all about the metabolism boost. When we sleep, our metabolism slows down. The only way to jumpstart it [again] is with healthy breakfast. [Eating breakfast] will help you burn calories from the beginning of the day.”

    Favorite breakfast: smoothie with chocolate coconut milk spinach.


    “It’s the most important and most delicious meal of the day. Helloooo!”

    Favorite breakfast: breakfast burrioto from Dimes in Chinatown with extra hot sauce.


    “To get BIG!”

    Favorite breakfast: “I want breakfast with ranch on it!”

    A “TECHIE”

    “[Eating breakfast] is the official start of my day. Waking up, checking Instagram, showering may happen before, but breakfast is when productivity starts.”

    Favorite breakfast: plain greek yogurt with granola and fresh pineapple.


    “I think you should eat a healthy breakfast because it sets the tone for your day. [Eating Breakfast] makes you feel less weak throughout the morning, and you also make better choices throughout the day.”

    Favorite breakfast: eggs, whole wheat toast, and coffee.


    “I eat breakfast to fuel my body for an active day and to keep my metabolism regular.”

    Favorite breakfast: two eggs and an arepa—Columbian breakfast all the way!


    “I think you should eat breakfast to boost your metabolism for the day ahead and to fuel your body throughout the night.”

    Favorite breakfast: whole wheat avocado toast.


    “At night, while you’re sleeping, you’re technically fasting. Your body uses up stored energy to start your day. Brain fuction relies on glucose (carbs), which is the first macronutrient used as energy fuel, so breakfast provides a new influx of macronutrients to propel your brain, vital functions, and physical activity throughout the day! If you don’t have that glucose on hand, your body has to use other sources like fats or proteins as fuel, and the conversion time of fats/proteins to energy is much slower than glucose so your body lags.”

    Favorite breakfast: Whole grains or high protein and low fat. Both are satisfying to get through to lunch. I prefer 1/2 cup (dry) oatmeal with a mashed banana, the banana adds volume and a fruit serving for the day. Yogurts or eggs are the best morning protein.


    “I believe that eating a healthy meal to start your morning will fuel your body for a strong, productive day. You are breaking-the-fast from dinner. I find that eating breakfast also helps me eat less calories throughout the day. The days I skip breakfast are the days my sweet tooth kicks in (low levels of blood sugar) and I crave unhealthy treats.

    Favorite breakfast: sweet potato with almond butter


    Everyone agrees that eating breakfast is important, and I hope this helps motivate you to start your day with the right fuel.

    Peace, Love & Eat Breakfast!

    Emily Burkhardt

  • 5 Ways to Stay Healthy During the Holidays

    Happy Holidays, Everyone!

    The end of the year is always a great excuse to eat, drink, and be merry with your family and friends. Unfortunately, however, if you don’t watch your intake, those extra drinks and treats can stick with you for months after the holidays.

    While you should definitely celebrate and enjoy yourself, here are five big tips to keep in mind when managing the extra calories!


    1. Don’t drink your calories!

    Stay CLEAR of all the sugar-loaded “holiday” cocktails and opt, instead, for a wine spritzer or light beer. This will allow you to drink more without overloading on the calories. Yup, you heard that right! Drink more!

    2. Bring a healthy dish to share.

    Holiday parties are usually chock-full of unhealthy dishes. Anytime you get an invite, offer to bring a fun fruit or veggie tray. Even if you are the only one that eats from your dish, you’ll still have one healthy option to load up on!chicken_potato

    3. Stay Hydrated!

    Regardless the occasion, you should already be drinking  8oz of water every hour. Because people tend to stuff their faces with sodium-rich foods during the holidays (guilty as charged!), a majority often feel sluggish or hungry when they actually may just be thirsty or dehydrated.

    4. Eating rule: Veggies > Holiday Treats > Fruit

    Pack half of your plate with fresh vegetables and fruit—and no, green bean casserole does not count. Begin by filling your tummy with the greens and interspersing them with small portions of your favorite holiday eats. Then, finish everything off with a piece of fruit to trick your sweet tooth!

    5. Wear your skinny pants!

    I didn’t think of this one until one of my clients texted me Thanksgiving morning saying she was wearing her “tight pants” to avoid overeating. While we all want to wear our strechy jeans and yoga pants during the holidays, wearing something tighter can help you feel full faster.


    I would love to hear your tips for staying healthy during the holiday season! What helps you might inspire others!

    Eat, Drink & Be Merry!

    Peace & Love,

    Emily Burkhardt



    Cut Food Photography via Beth Galton

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