• 4th of July Beauty Haul

    Guys, no joke – the 4th of July is my absolute favorite holiday.  Most people like Christmas, because they like presents (duh), but I prefer the many hours-long celebration of our beautiful US of A.  From the outfits to the make-up and hairdos, not to mention the glorious Flag Cake I make every year (recipe up on the blog manana) and everything in between there is simply nothing better than the 4th of July.

    This year instead of going bananas at Sephora and dropping serious coin on a new red lipstick I decided to take my little butt to CVS for some more wallet-friendly make-up shopping.  I created a classic look that revolves around the coral red L’Oreal lipcolor I got (Volcanic) that uses muted brown and peach-tones for the eyes and cheeks.  Because I’m traveling over the holiday I also picked up some essentials to help me survive the long weekend – sunscreen, face wipes, and all that jazz.  Hope you enjoy the video and products are below!


    Shop July 4th Drugstore Haul Products


    L’Oreal Lipstick in VolcanicAlmay Shadow Softies in Creme BruleeAlmay Shadow Softies in Peach FuzzAlmay Shadow Softies in Hot Fudge L’Oreal Nail Polish in Statement PieceOrly Won’t Chip Top CoatL’Oreal True Match Super Blendable PowderL’Oreal True Match Super Blendable Blush Maybelline The Mega Plush Mascara It’s a 10 + Keratin Hair SprayNeutrogena Clear Face SunscreenNeutrogena Grapefruit Oil Free Cleansing WipesEmergen-CCetaphil Body WashScunci No Slip Grip Hair Ties
  • Summer Make-Up G.R.W.M

    Summer is here so why not Get Ready With Me?! Today’s look is all about being a bronzed babe, with lovely contouring, bold eyebrows and a sheer, berry lip. Also important – using a foundation that won’t melt off your face but provides enough coverage to even out your skin tone.

    Hope you love today’s look! Products in the video are featured below, the NARS blush is in “Paloma” and the NARS lip gloss is “Sixties Fan”.


    Summer Get Ready with Me Products

  • Clear Skin Giveaway!

    So check it, ladies – summer is here and that means you should treat your skin with the respect it deserves.  You only get one shot!  With that in mind, I’m so happy to bring you a great giveaway from my all-time favorite skincare line Dermalogica!  If you’ve seen any of my skincare vids on YT, you know that I’m basically their #1 fan girl. I’ll be giving away 5 of the following 2 gifts (so 10 winners total), the first focusing on keeping your skin protected in the hot summer sun and the second making sure your skin is acne-free and gorgeous.  Also very exciting, Dermalogica is offering 10% any purchase using code BOSWORTH through June 30, 2014! Enter to win at the bottom of the post!


    Daylight Defense Giveaway

    Included in the Daylight Defense Giveaway is the Protection 50 Sport Sunscreen (full obsession, watch the vid to find out why) and the After Sun Repair (smells delish).  Also, you get that cute orange tote to throw your beach gear in!


    Clear Start Giveaway

    This Giveaway includes the Dermalogica Clear Start system that controls acne, reduces redness, eliminates dry skin and shine!  I use the Clear Start system every day to battle the elements – hormones, pollutants, make-up…you name it.  I like to think of the Clear Start System as like taking a spa vacay for your face every single day.



    If you’d like to enter to win, please fill out all entries on the following form specifying Daylight Defense or Clear Start.  I’ll be in touch with the winners on Wednesday, June 18th!  Good luck, skincare lovers!

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  • Sugar Skull Tutorial

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    Dia de los Muertos is upon us, friends and loved ones – and that means it’s time for Sugar Skulls to rule the night.  I’ve been obsessed with Sugar Skills since the 6th grade when I was introduced to the holiday.  Growing up in southern California, we celebrated with our friends and neighbors almost every year.  I’ve noticed a ton of Sugar Skulls this Halloween season, so I guess my old favorite is right on trend this year.

    Creating a Sugar Skull is actually fairly easy, as long as you have about an hour and the patience to get it done.  I use basic Halloween face paint in white, red, and green to create this look, creating pink for the flowers by mixing the white and red.  Get a smooth eyeliner pencil to fill in the dark circles around your eyes and the petals around the circles.

    There are a couple of key pieces to the Sugar Skull that must be included – the dark eyes with floral border, the floral chin, and dark nose.  I think the Cult Gaia crown finishes the look perfectly, especially when worn with the hair down and slightly curled.

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  • Faux Fishtail Braid Tutorial

    Love a fishtail braid but don’t have a third hand to create a proper one?  Try my faux fishtail  – it has a similar look and feel because of the twisting process, but it’s super easy to do solo.  Have fun!

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    Love a fishtail braid but struggle to braid it solo? Try this faux-fishtail braiding method you can do easily by yourself instead! Wear it on Labor Day or the first day of school if you’re supa cool and share your braid pics with me on Instagram @LoBosworth 😉 Twisting the pieces of hair as you braid them creates the illusion of a fishtail.


  • Summer Nailpolish Favorites

    While it’s still mid-August, the expiration date on the summer of 2013 is quickly approaching, and I wanted to do a little round-up of my summer nailpolish favorites from my #AtHomeMani collection.

    I tend to stick to neutral colors and red, with a bit of blue/green thrown in here or there.  I love trying new trends, and am forever on the hunt for the best pink ever (not neon, not translucent, leave it in the comments if you have a fave).  So, here we go – the best looks of Summer ’13!

    If you want these colors for yourself, click the names below:

    1. Essie “Sugar Daddy”

    2.  Essie “Russian Roulette”

    3.  Revlon “Cool Beige”

    4.  Essie “Chinchilly”

    5.  Sally Hansen “Girl Flower” – they dont make it anymore, but here are the rest

    6.  Essie Sand Tropez

    7.  Essie “Topless and Barefoot”

    8.  Essie “Sunday Fun Day”


  • Floral Nail Art Manicure

    Saw my Instagram and want to rock this adorable floral nail art manicure for yourself?  It’s incredibly easy to achieve because no nail polish is required to wear this look!  Getting floral nails for summer is as easy as taking a quick trip to your nearest drug store.

    So many of you asked that I had to share this not-so-secret: my nails aren’t painted at all.  Instead, they’re wrapped in Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Polish Strips in “Girl Flower” and they only cost me around $9.  A few of the other patterns available look a bit too manufactured for me, but I’ve gotten pretty results using Lustrous, Glitz Blitz, and Misbehaved.

    These polish strips are some of the easier ones to apply, especially because it seems like they’ve changed the sizing on the strips to be a bit more uniform since I used them last.  The patterns aren’t amazing, but a select few are definitely hot-to-trot.  My tips for applying these are below.



    1. It’s critical that your nail is completely dry before applying the polish strips.  Wipe some acetone or alcohol over your nails with a bit of cotton to do this.

    2. Measure the polish strips against your own nails before you start, and line them up in the correct order on a table.

    3. Unpeel each strip completely before applying (I disregard the directions here as it’s easier to shape the strip without the top layer of plastic still attached) and delicately fold the strip around your nail, starting at the cuticle.

    4. If you need to shape the strip, I’d recommend using cuticle cutters to get the job done quickly and more precisely than the small emory board provided in the package.  Same goes for the tips – just cut the ends off where your nail ends and fold the remaining part of the strip over and under the tip of your nail.

    5. The wooden board provided in the kit actually does a great job of sealing the strip to your nail.  Just be sure to hold it on there pretty hard, and use your fingers for a final seal. 

    I’d love to see your summer nails – tag me on Instagram @LoBosworth and use my #AtHomeMani hashtag!


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