• 2016: The Year Of My Great Depression

    the worst year ever.

    2016 wasn’t only just the worst year ever, it was also the year I turned 30, founded my own feminine wellness company, and brought an amazing puppy home. So not all bad. Light does find a way of shining through the darkness. And what is the darkness I’m referring to? Crippling anxiety and depression at the hands of a severe vitamin deficiency that went undiscovered for 16 months.

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  • Check Out My Private List of Favorite Baby Names

    No, I don’t have a case of the BABIES over here, but that doesn’t stop me from constantly updating my list of favorite names ever that came into creation some 20ish years ago. I know it’s kinda CRAY to share your list because there’s a chance that an actual pregnant friend or family member may STEAL one of your precious names, but c’est la vie, right? Kourtney Kardashian absolutely slayed me when PENELOPE popped out, but I got through the pain of being high-jacked and I’m here to tell you, it’s not so bad after a few years. I’ve also only met her twice so I can’t really place too much blame on her, right?

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