• How To Celebrate Everyday in June

    Celebrate Every Holiday & Then Some

    Click away!

    But in all honesty, we’ll take any opportunity to celebrate doughnuts and fudge. Running too, we guess.

    Happy June! Catch other fun things happening in NYC here.

  • June Happenings You Don’t Want To Miss

    Oh Summer, How We’ve Missed You

    Breaking down the best June has to offer.

    Other Happenings

    Washington Square Outdoor Art Exhibit


    When: May 28th-30th, June 4th-5th

    Where: Washington Square Park

    Stroll through kiosks of amazing artists! Each exhibitor is selected by a council of fellow artists based on the work they will be displaying. This bi-annual event has been going on for nearly eighty years, so they must be doing something right. Take a walk through during your lunch break or after work. Who knows, maybe you’ll find that Father’s day present you’ve been searching for. More info here.


    Warm Up @ MoMA PS1 Courtyard

    Tickets $22 in advance, $25 day of

    When: 3-9 PM. Every Saturday until August 27th, starting June 11th

    Where: 22-25 Jackson Ave, Long Island City, NY

    Always a series to look forward dot, the MoMA PS1 Courtyard creates a space for creative collaboration, new material, and side projects of featured artists in experimental music, sound, and DJs. Throughout the summer, you’ll be exposed to a broad range of genres, hopefully finding something new that you like. Grab your friends, it’s the ideal way to do something on Saturday that isn’t just brunch and window-shopping. For the full summer lineup, go here.

    Museum Mile Festival


    When: 6-9PM June 14th

    One of the perks of living in New York, or visiting, is the abundance of incredible museums. It’s easy to take for granted, but we have access to some of the greatest works of art of all time. The Museum Mile Festival is an opportune night to make your way through the seven museums located on Museum Mile, aka that stretch of 5th Ave. with all the big buildings. You’ll see El Museo del Barrio, Musueum of the City of New York, The Jewish Musueum, Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum, Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, Neue Galerie, and, of course, The MET. They have activities and food to accompany your museum-hopping. More info here:

    NYC Craft Beer Festival

    Where: Lexington Avenue Armoury

    When: June 17th & 18th

    We are all about a craft beer. While slightly uneducated, that doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate it! The NYC Craft Beer Festival is the perfect way to learn a little bit about beer so that you can, for once, make an educated order at the bar, instead of ordering something “that’s not too heavy.” With 75 breweries serving up 150 beers and ciders, you’ll be a pro by the time you leave. You and your complimentary tasting glass will develop a very intimate relationship, given that there is unlimited 2oz tastings of everything. For ticket information, visit the website here.


    So many June events! Did we miss anything? An underground concert? A pop-up shop? Comment below! Friends share, right?

  • Eat with Me at Ramen Okidoki

    R U Okidoki?

    Summer Food Series

    Happy Thursday, LoDown fam! Today, we’re starting a new feature called the “Summer Food Series” where I’ll be taking you on some of my nommiest adventures.

    To start, I’m kicking this first post off with a gracious nod to ramen—my all-time favorite comfort food. While not exactly the healthiest option on the menu, the noodle-soup combo has always hit the spot whenever I wanted to treat myself.

    Located in Astoria, Queens, Ramen Okidoki is not your average Ippudo or Totto. While small with limited seating, it boasts a grand company of friendly staff and complimentary spicy pickled radish that is to die for.

    Their noodle options range anywhere from ramen, to cold noodles, to even Tsukemen (cold noodles you dip in hot soup). If I remember correctly, there are eight different types of ramen bowls to choose from, each varying in broth and meat. I personally like to go with pork when choosing my ramen, but I’ve tried their super spicy “R U Okidoki” before, and that too hurt my tongue in the most sensational way.

    On a very recent visit, I ordered this:

    On left we have a “BBQ Butaniku” ramen and on the right, an “In Tokyo” ramen. Both, of course, were delicious! If you’re someone who likes a stronger brother, I’d recommend the “BBQ Butaniku,” otherwise “In Tokyo” is a nice light alternative. If you’re more of the simple, classic Shoyu ramen type, Okidoki has the regular unfusioned flavors as well.

    You can find Ramen Okidoki at 34-05 30th Ave in Astoria, NY.

    Let me know if you have a favorite ramen place! Be sure to check back next Thursday for more restaurant recommendations 🙂

  • Come Paint With Me: Oliloli Arts & Crafts Studio

    No Professional Experience Needed

    We're all artists

    You might think it unlikely for a pottery painting place to thrive—let alone exist—in the hustle and bustle of New York City because I, for one, did, but boy was I wrong. Sandwiched between a Carvel and flower shop in Forest Hills, Queens (103-23 Metropolitan Ave), sits Oliloli Arts & Crafts Studio, a true hidden gem.

    Truth be told, I accidentally discovered this place on Yelp while looking for a place to eat. Once discovering it, however, my artsy fartsy self could not resist checking it out! Since then, I’ve visited and revisited a handful of times. I even held my birthday celebration here this past December!

    If you’re in Queens with a couple of hours to spare, I definitely recommend checking them out. You pay per project so supplies, paint, and firing (each piece is glazed and fired afterward) are all included with the ceramic piece of your choice!

    Anyway, come with me as I paint a small dish to hold some of my jewelry!


    fingers pointing



    Upon entering, you’ll immediately be inspired by the studio’s modern but rustic feel. There’s a good amount of seating, but I highly recommend you call on a weekend prior to visiting (just to make sure). They have a wide range of things to paint—everything from cups and plates to cartoon figurines and piggy banks.



    I decided to paint a small dish (only $10) to hold some of my favorite jewelry. You get a little bin of colors to select which ones you’d use to paint your piece.



    I decided on “Melon-Choly” and “Orange Ya Happy” because they go well together and remind me of summer. The staff will help you get the paint. You can go to their Paint Bar to refill if you run out. The colors seem different at first, but once your piece is glazed and fired, it will look more opaque. I recommend painting three coats of each color!



    Grabbed some paintbrushes and now I’m ready to paint!



    Some serious zen mode, but I promise I’m really happy and relaxed on the inside!



    I painted the entire dish with “Orange Ya Happy” with some “Melon-Choly” in the middle. I also added a little green leaf accent as a finishing touch. After paying for the piece, I waited 10 days before going back to pick up the glazed and fired final piece.


    10 Days Later...


    Not too shabby, right? Perfect size for jewelry. It’s simple and reminds me of a peach margarita. What I love about Oliloli is that it’s suitable for all ages and you don’t need to be a professional because we’re all artists in our own way!



    If you know of any other artsy fartsy places in New York City, drop me a line down below. I’d love to check out your recommendations!

  • Your Guide to Art and the City

    Insta-Worthy Art Installations

    Gallery Hop to Your Heart's Content

    Happy Leap Day, beautiful people! I hope you’re celebrating it with a big mug of coffee and an exceptionally wide grin. Just in case you didn’t watch the  Academy Awards last night, Leo finally won his first Oscar. Today’s a good day.

    Speaking of today, February 29th only happens once every four years. It’s kind of bittersweet, don’t you think? We all get to give the Hallmark month of love its proper send off and kiss goodbye before tackling March, a month of unpredictable weather for a full 31 days.

    If you’re still sticking to your New Year’s resolutions, kudos! I am too. Aside from committing to exercise and maintaining healthy eating habits, exploring the city was a high priority of mine. After this past month, I’m happy to report that I’ve done a fair share of gallery hopping.

    So, whether you’re planning activities for weekend or month ahead, I highly suggest squeezing in a visit to some of my favorite on-going art installations. Trust me, they make for truly amazing Instagram backdrops.

    Regina Silveira

    Alexander Gray Associates
    February 18 - March 26, 2016
    510 West 26 Street, New York, NY 10001


    HyperFocal: 0

    HyperFocal: 0

    Multimedia artist Regina Silveira explores the perception of spaces in this room-sized mixed media installation, Amphibia. Covering both the walls and the floors of the Alexander Gray Associates Gallery, the large scale work—oversized frog sihouettes—parallels today’s social and political concerns.

    Otto Piene

    Sperone Westwater
    Sundew and Selected Works 1957-2014
    January 28 - March 12, 2016
    257 Bowery, New York, NY 10002


    The Serone Westwater Gallery honors the late artist Onno Piene in the first solo exhibition of his work since his last one in 2010. Among the carefully curated paintings, sculptures, and installations, the radical Lichtballetette or light ballets, takes center stage, by exploring the cross section of science, nature, and technology through spectral dance.

    Paula Scher

    Bryce Wolkowitz
    February 18 - March 26, 2016
    505 W 24th St, New York, NY 10011


    In her second solo exhibition at the Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery, artist Paula Scher created cartographic paintings of the United States. Ranging up to seven-feet tall, the maps depict a swirling of information from hand-painted boundary lines, to place names, to population demographics, and to personal commentary. A command of image and type, her artwork speaks volumes of the way she perceives diversity.

    Hiroshi Sugimoto

    Sea of Buddha
    February 5 - March 5, 2016
    510 West 25th Street, New York, NY 10001

    accelerated buddha

    The Sea of Buddha explores artist Hiroshi Sugimoto’s interest in light, history, and time. Precise in compositional balance, all 48 of the black-and-white images that make up Sea of Buddha rely on repetition to create a limitless expanse of figures in space. The installation of photographs is also accompanied by Accelerated Buddha, a video work, where Sugimoto expands his investigation of time through the progression of images that transition rapidly into one another.

    Doug Wheeler

    David Zwirner
    January 23 - March 5, 2016
    519, 525 & 533 West 19th Street, New York, NY 10001



    Comprised of five “encasements,” Encasement is artist Dough Wheeler’s third solo exhibition with the David Zwirner Gallery. It is also his first showing of more than two bodies of light. A pioneer in the Light and Space movement of Los Angeles in the 1960s and 1970s, Wheeler manipulates space, volume, and light with mediums that include large panels of vacuum-formed plastic with neon lighting embedded along their inside edges. Installed in a white room, the light paintings immerse viewers in a luminous space where light seems to have a particulate mass.


  • Why You Should Shop Marigot at Fort Gansevoort

    We Saved Your V-Day

    You're Welcome

    Dinner and drinks not your kind of thang? You’re in luck. It’s not mine either. Consider me spoilt, hard to get, or simply stubborn, but I think women—the beautiful and rare creatures that we are—are meant to wined and dined on a regular basis. Valentine’s Schmalentines, holiday schmolidays. Real men gift flowers all day err’day!

    This year, single or taken, I’m proposing that you do something a little different. Ditch the cliché meal for some pajama shopping and barbecue feasting at Meatpacking’s Fort GansevoortMarigot, the chicest New York-based loungewear line, is having a pop-up shop there through the weekend. Their adorable matching sets put traditional lace lingerie to shame.


     Fort Gansevoort

    Dubbed as Meatpacking’s “coolest new space,” Fort Gansevoort is home to an eclectic mix of retail, art, and barbecue. Founded by husband and wife duo, Adam Shopkorn and Carolyn Angel, the space, a Greek Revival house, is just down the street from the Whitney Museum of American Art.


    Marigot is a collection of loungewear that celebrates beautiful fabrics and stunning colors. Known for its hand drawn prints and bright dyed colors, the brand has everything from night shirts to robes to pajama sets.


    The Deets

    5 Ninth Ave, New York, NY 10014

    Friday, February 12th (3 p.m.—6 p.m.)

    All day monogramming event

    Saturday, February 13th (11 a.m.—2 p.m.)

    All day monogramming event

    Sunday, February 14th (10 a.m.—7 p.m.)

  • Street Style: Union Square


    Kickin' it .gif style

    It’s officially colder. Not gonna lie, we loved the warmer weather while it lasted. Here are some NEW YAAWKKERSS who kicked ass at bundled-up winter wear. Ch-ch-ch-check it.


    Monochromatic color choice on fleek, Donnie!



    Um, Jack, are you Ansel Elgort’s doppelgänger?



    We’re feeling a little SJP, Jade ?



    Charlotte, that pop of color though ?


  • Street x Street: Bleecker St.

    You know the drill: we dissect the city block by block.

    3NY @ 448 Broome St (Broome & Bleecker)

    Because Shoptiques said it best: “3NY boutiques caters to: The Classicist, who embraces tradition; The Maverick, who creates her own trends; and The Eclectics, who follow their heart.”


    J.Press @ 304 Bleecker S

    Known for slimmer fits and adventurous fabric choices, you’re sure to find a holiday gift for the man in your life.


    Jach’s New York @ 310 Bleecker St

    A haven for all things chambray and flannel, Jach’s philosophy, “A person should look great without really trying.” is music to our ears.


    A.O.C. L’aile ou la Cuisse @ 314 Bleecker St

    French restaurants are usually always intimate, and A.O.C is no different! Experience true French food with owner and chef’s Romain Bonnans family recipes.


    Scotch & Soda @ 317 Bleecker Street

    While this Amsterdam-based brand is huge overseas, it’s still only moderately known here in the US! We, on the other hand, have been loyal customers of both their men’s and woman’s (Maison Scotch) clothing for years.


    Marine Layer @ 316 Bleecker Street

    This San Francisco based clothing brand has the softest clothes ever, plus everything is sustainably crafted!


    Margaret O’Leary @ 321 Bleecker Street

    Get a taste for the chic West-Coast lifestyle with Margaret O’Leary.


    Saint James @ 319 Bleecker Street

    Need a striped tee? Look no further. Saint James is bringing you the best stripes the French can offer in their West Village store. For over 150 years, Saint James has been supplying the French Navy and the French Army with their official uniform sweaters


    Anine Bing @ 330 Bleecker Street

    Oh boy does she know how to make a good jacket. Seriously, everything she makes is effortlessly cool.


    Comptoir des Cotonniers @ 354 Bleecker Street

    The most darling French brand.


    MM6 Maison Margiela @ 363 Bleecker St

    Instant street style.


    Diptyque @ 377 Bleecker Street

    Beautiful candles that add a little Parisian luxury to your coffee table.


    The Magnolia Bakery @ 401 Bleecker Street

    On the weekends, people line up outside the first ever, itty-bitty Magnolia Bakery. The banana pudding will seriously change your life. Also, Carrie Bradshaw ate a cupcake outside of this location in an episode of Sex and The City. Good enough for us.

    magnolia bakery

  • Street Style: Alphabet City


    Kickin' it .gif style

    This week’s best dressed courtesy of Manhattan’s very east side.


    We’re all about Nicholas‘ artsy vibes.



    Shala‘s got the bomber jacket swag.



    Kim gave us a whimsical twirl.



    Chanel‘s looking all calm and cool with her coffee.



    And, Mitch knows what’s up.

  • Meet Me to Share The Warmth This Holiday Season

    Give With Me

    As the holiday season begins I always reflect on my life and those around me, and those who are less fortunate in need of some warmth and cheer.  It’s a time when I have all the feelings, ya know?  I’m sure you do too.  One of my favorite ways to give back this holiday season is through Together We Rise, a partner of Echo who are working hand-in-hand on their 3rd Annual Event to Share The Warmth.  Here’s how it works: For every cold weather item purchased online at Echo from November 18th to December 24th, Echo will donate a similar cold weather item to Together We Rise.  To really get the donations going I’m hosting an charitable event with Echo at Bloomingdales at their 59th Street location on December 3rd in the evening.  I’m going to be styling every person that comes and help them to pick out holiday gifts at the event – so if you’re in NYC, please come!  In addition to their online sales, for every purchase made at the event Echo will make a donation to Together We Rise.

    Together We Rise is a non-profit organization comprised of former foster youth and motivated young individuals to bring resources like new bicycles, school supplies, and suitcases to foster children in need.  Sweaters, caps, gloves, and beanies are included in that list of things these young people need, and it’s so easy to help a lending hand by participating in the Share the Warmth campaign with Echo.  Here are some of my favorite Echo items right now – and remember, with each purchase you make, Echo will donate a similar item to Together We Rise!

    Skinny Scarves



    Beautiful Gloves



    Warm Scarfs



    Great Beanies



    Shop More to Share the Warmth


  • Street Style: Washington Square Park


    Kickin' it .gif style

    Chris and I scoured the park for some fall-savvy wear. Here were some of our favorites looks:


    Cam‘s studious-but-laid-back swag,



    Fashion Blogger Ilona‘s (of RouteLondonNewYork) killer knits,



    Michael‘s chill get-up,



    Model Antonia‘s camel-colored coat,



    And, Adharsh‘s iced-coffee. Just kidding, he looks pretty fly too.

  • Street Style: Houston St.


    Kickin' it .gif style

    This past week, Chris and I happened upon some mighty fine fashion folks while out and about Houston Street. Here are five of our favorite fleek and fly outfits.


    Pam nailed the rocker-chic vibe. High-waisted pencil skirt with a cropped motto jacket? Genius.



    Kaitlyn-Renee looked so calm and collected outside Gasoline Alley Coffee. We have to say, while we’re usually unsure about what we think of ponchos, she did hers justice.



    Jessica looked like a ray of sunshine. Floral patterns can be overwhelming to wear, but she honed her style perfectly with a pair of slouchy boots and a fedora.



    We’re all about Wing‘s monochromatic get up. They complement his tattoos, don’t you think?



    Who better to end this week’s Street Style with than The Cut‘s Editorial Director, Stella Bugbee? After spotting her Apiece Apart blouse from two blocks away, Chris insisted I chase after her for a .gif. Her outfit, metallic oxfords and all, was totally worth our hustle.

  • Street Style: Union Square


    Kickin' it .gif style

    With fall weather in full swing, Chris and I decided to hit up Union Square for the best array of autumn wear. Here are five of our favorite looks:


    We’re totes digging Adrienne‘s moto jacket ensemble. Note to world: she CAN pull off Birkenstocks.



    Hey, hey, Emma! We’re really feeling the 90’s vibe. Embroidered bomber, cardigan, graphic tee, and black booties? It could be a lot for most people but girl, you pull it off. #WERK



    A E S T H E T I C S as eff. Jaycob, we see you. We’re also big fans of your Instagram!



    Deuces, Sydney! Black and white chic is SO up our alley.



    This is what Taylor Anne wears to do laundry. Ugh, TOO COOL.

  • Street Style: East Village


    Kickin' It .gif Style

    Monday is never an easy day to shoot street style, let alone get out of bed. But, these amazingly stylish people Chris and I passed while scouring the East Village brought their A game. Ch-ch-ch-check them out.


    The epitome of suave and cool, Chris had the whole leather gym bag, model-off-duty look down to a T.



    Femme fatale, Dani, knows the way to our hearts. #AllBlackEverythang



    Straight out of the bathhouse and incredibly put-together, Mackenzie gives us a twirl.



    Steph, we’re all about your sleeveless trench, ripped jeans, and nike frees!



    Lisann, we see you. The hat, the nails, the lip are all matching in maroon.


  • Street Style: W. Broadway

    As Chris and I posted up on the corner of West Broadway and Prince Street at around 4 p.m. yesterday, I could not have been happier. Sleep deprived, yes, but still happy. Why? Because the temperature finally dropped and I was able to wear a sweater without shvitzing (Yiddish for sweating, you learned something new today). Best of all, the people of New York agreed with me. Everywhere I looked, people were being to enjoy their time outdoors with jackets, hats, and layering.

    We also took note that the intersection was a prime dog-watching corner. So prime that we may or may not be launching a NYC dog street-style feature. Stay tuned.

    Without further ado, I present you the joyous and stylish people of W. Broadway!

    The insanely sweet and clearly stylish Kylee Campbell (Instagram: KyleeCampbell) of CatchMeDancing.com, we love her site!


    Denise (Instagram:_Dee_M) was just the ball of energy we needed & she’s scary flexible, seriously go see her Instagram.


    Marianna (Instagram: MariannaGose) clearly knows the power of a solid pair of loafers.


    An oversized silk shirt dress & sneakers? Stephanie understands the importance of comfortable dressing.

    3  Erika’s totally effortless bob seriously makes me wanna go chop off all of my hair.

  • TheLoDown