• Street X Street: Saint Mark’s Pl.

    You know the drill: we dissect the city block by block.


    Amongst the sea of $5 sunglasses, Saint Marks Place has much to offer. I’ll admit, I was turned off at first glance by its blatant tackiness. However, once I headed further East, I found myself pleasantly surprised. Can’t judge a book by its sidewalk salesman now, can we?

    _MG_2702Porto Rico Importing Co. @ 40 Saint Marks Pl.

    There are few things in this world I consider better than coffee. If coffee and I were dating, I would be the pathetic, clingy, and over-attached girlfriend who tries to move on to better, healthier caffinated drinks, but always ends up coming back. Especially when Porto Rico Importing Co. serves up a cup of joe for only $1.50.


    DF Maven’s @ 37 Saint Marks Pl.

    Serving up vegan ice cream made purely from your choice of almond or coconut milk, DF Maven’s is simply where you need to be. Honestly, there really is no excuse not to run there right now. They sell this exquisite dark chocolate flavour with NO SUGAR ADDED which you can get atop a divine GLUTEN-FREE SUGAR CONE.
    _MG_2705Search & Destroy @ 25 Saint Marks Pl.

    Truth be told, we were too creeped out by the window display to go in, but they sell used & vintage goodies! It’s probably super cool in there if you can summon the courage to get pass the Chucky-esque dolls in the store window. _MG_2706Grand Sichuan @ 19-23 Saint Marks Pl.

    There’s average Chinese food delivery and then there’s Grand Sichuan. Republic and Grand Sichuan have been my absolute go-to’s for Asian food cravings since I moved from Canada two years ago.

    _MG_2714Spot Dessert Bar @ 13 Saint Marks Pl.

    Little story about Spot Dessert Bar. When I was a freshman forced to live with a complete stranger, I had my differences with said stranger. While I wasn’t quite down with her Tumblr-ing into the wee hours of the morning, I was so down for her recommendation of Spot’s Green Tea Lava Cake. Thanks, she-who-shall-not-be-named, you changed my freshman year in OH so many ways.

    _MG_2716Yoga to the People @ 12 Saint Marks Pl.

    I don’t know about you, but I simply can’t afford to do yoga on a regular basis especially in New York with its hefty price tag. Luckily, there are companies like Yoga to the People who re-emphasize the essence and purpose of the practice by making classes donation-based. In order to make it accessible to everyone, they don’t have a rigid payment system. Whether you give one dollar or give nothing at all, they still welcome you with open arms. YTTP has six locations total across NYC. By the way, if you live in Seattle, Berkley, San Francisco, or attend ASU, you’re also in luck!

    We love the mantra they have posted on their website:

    mantra2 (1)
    _MG_2718St. Marks Comics @ 11 Saint Marks Pl.

    Dubbed the “Holy Grail of comic-book classics” by the NYT, it’s a cultural landmark of Greenwich village.

    _MG_2694East Village Social @ 126 St. Marks Place

    Serving up good old-fashioned comfort food, East Village Social specializes in buckets of bacon, chicken tenders, and an excellent happy-hour. Plus they serve their drinks in mason jars, which us ladies stereotypically love.

    _MG_2695Boxkite @ 115 Saint Mark’s Pl.

    The cutest coffee shop there ever was. Boxkite is the ideal place to curl up with a book or a laptop (they offer WiFi), if you’re just as work-obsessed as we are. People come here for the atmosphere just as much as they do for the afternoon jolt.

    _MG_2696Crif Dogs @ 113 Saint Mark’s Pl.

    Forget the rinky-dink cart on the corner. Crif Dog is the only place you should be going to fulfill your dog needs. With sixteen hotdog creations, the sky is seriously the limit. We’ve always wanted to try the ‘Tsunami Dog’: dog, bacon-wrapped, teriyaki, pineapple, & green onion. This place definitely warrants a visit or five, but who’s counting?

    _MG_2700Café Mogador @ 101 Saint Marks Pl.

    I travelled to Morocco during my semester abroad this past April. I’ve always loved Moroccan cuisine and ate it often because I had Moroccan friends. Coming back to the US, Café Mogador is where I go to when I need my tagine fix. It may not be Morocco, but it’s close enough for me.

  • Street Style: Prince St.


    Kickin' It .gif Style

    Be warned: New Yorkers are not the nicest. They always have some place to go, somewhere to be, and something to do. Interruptions for pictures? Um, no paparazzi, please!

    Chris, Paige, and I were in for a rude awakening and a much needed thickening of the skin when we stood faithfully on the corner of Prince Street and Crosby Street this past Sunday. As we took turn asking fashionably late and exquisitely dressed (a.k.a model off duty-esque) city dwellers to stop and strike a pose, we were both politely and rudely declined.

    Even though it felt like searching for needles in a haystack, we found five fantabulous looks. Yes, I said fantabulous. Yes, I still use that world. But come on now, these folks deserve the compliment. Not only did they stop to give Chris a whirl, but they defied the not nice New Yorker odds.


    It was only after Niki walked away that we realized she’s Niki Pikington. The hands down amazing illustrator whose work you HAVE to check out here. Anyway, what’s not to love about her look? Her hair done half up, She has on the whole black ensemble, not to mention the dainty and bar necklace, and the metallic shoes. Deuces!


    See Irene’s Stella McCartney platforms? Paige kind of freaked out when she saw them. Irene and Jasmine were killing it with their front button denim skirts—which, by the way, are a thing again!


    It’s not everyday a girl can pull off leopard print, let alone animal print. Adriana taught us a thing or two about how she keeps her daring choices effortless!


    Sabrina and Victoria have the tribal accents nailed. Ooo, and matchy matchy. Their opposite blue-white and white-blue outfits complete and compliment each other’s.


    Anna’s got the edge. Backpack? Check. Sunglasses? Check. Hair in a bun? Check. Platform clogs? Check. Sleeveless cardigan, elongating V-neck top, and flowy skirt? Check, check, check. You’re winning in our books, girlfriend!

    Do tell us which look you like the most. We had a hard time choosing. Oh, and if you’re in Chelsea this weekend, and you happen to see us clambering about for street style shots, be sure to say hi!

  • Miansai Store Visit


    Miansai Flagship Store @ 33 Crosby St., New York, NY 10013

    Everything’s Handmade

    When They Say Handmade, They Mean Handmade

    Nestled in the lower end of Crosby Street, between Broome Street and Grand Street, sits one of our favorite jewelry flagship stores, Miansai. Pronounced my-ahn-sigh, the brand, founded by Michael Saiger, made its fashion mark with nautical-inspired wrist wear. Since its conception in 2008, Miansai has grown to include its own line of stationary, bags, bath and home products, and shoes.

    Last week, Chris, Paige, and I decided to pop in for a visit after shooting Street Style. Not only did we wish we could afford everything in the store (because how cool would it be to have matching team bracelets?) but we also felt it impossible to leave because the brick-and-mortar’s aesthetic, complete with a beverage bar, was simply too hard to say goodbye to.

    Please enjoy your exclusive look at the all the eye candy—window-shopping at its finest à la Chris Klemens Photography. Whether it through our own eyes or Chris’ lens, we stared at the immaculate arrangement for what seemed like days on end. You can pretty much bet your bums we were all wiping away trails of drool by the time we left. #NoShame


    Women’s Screw Cuffs. Lo has the rose gold one!


    Simple, dainty, rings and earrings? Yes, please, because they’re SO easy to pair with everything. Talk about effortless.


    These unisex watches? Bomb.


    More of a DIY kind of person? They’ve got you covered too. Mix and match your own hook bracelet.


    Here they are up close.


    That journal though. Everything here’s perfectly arranged for a bird’s-eye Instagram shot.


    Chris may or may not have looked a little too longingly all the men’s bracelets. You can see why.

    Please let us know what you think of the store if you happen to stop by anytime soon!

  • Street x Street: 9th St.

    You know the drill: we dissect the city block by block.

    In the spirit of Back to School week, I thought I’d share with you one of New York’s best kept secrets. Ninth Street, for the NYU-ers who dare to venture past First Avenue and into Alphabet City, is a goldmine.

    As an alumna of the violet institution, I’ve walked up and down this unassuming street plenty of times. Whenever I pass by, while happy, sad, rich, or poor, I always stop to ogle at the ever-changing window displays. It’s become both a comforting and cathartic ritual.

    Ninth Street holds a special place in my heart. It was here my best friend and I pretended to shop for $500 antique mirrors we were too broke to afford. It was here my sister and I bought matching emoji rings. And, it was here, and still is here, that I buy my boyfriend the occasional card. Romance, eh?

    So, without further ado, I welcome you to my East Village haven.


    Cadet @ 305 E 9th St. • Pinkyotto @ 307 E 9th St. • Mud @ 307 E 9th St.

    Cadet is a menswear line that captures the “spirit and nostalgia of post-war America.” Whether you’re shopping for a friend, a loved one, or yourself, you’ll definitely find a collection that champions clean lines and crisp aesthetics.

    Shopping at Pinkyotto is like picking through your best friend’s closet. They curate a a combination of Uptown fancy and Downtown chic.

    Paige, our Marketing Director, swears by Mud‘s Iced Chai Lattes. She doesn’t have them from anywhere else.


    Verameat @ 315 E 9th St.

    Verameat is the jewelry store where my sister and I got our emoji rings. Owner and jewelry designer, Vera Balyura, individually handcrafts each ring, earring, bracelet, necklace, and brooch from 100% recycled sterling silver or 14 karat gold.


    Meg @ 312 E 9th St.

    I love Meg. I love the store so much that right before closing hours sometime in the middle of March, I came here to buy a beautiful ancient greece-inspired silk dress for my uncle’s wedding in July. The purchase set me back a bit, but the dress was so worth it.


    duo @ 337 E 9th St.

    duo features modern clothing and accessories. They house a lot of independent designers and vintage selections.


    Cloak & Dagger @ 334 E 9th St.

    The clothing at Cloak and Dagger is both curated and designed by Brookelynn Starnes. She has styled for fashion houses like Valentino Prada, and Zac Posen and has also styled celebrity clients. She focuses specifically on intimate details, self-designed patterns, and luxury fabrics.


    Flower Power Herbs and Roots @ 406 E 9th St.

    Please walk into Flower Power just to smell the place. They’ve got shelves and shelves of homeopathic herbal remedies. Oh, and telling you how nice and accommodating their staff are is telling you the understatement of the year. So nice. SO nice.


    Pink Olive @ 439 E 9th St.

    The stationary at Pink Olive is to die for. There is everything from journals to flash tattoos to even confetti bombs. There’s also an extensive collection of cards that is so unique it puts Hallmark’s to shame.


    The Upper Rust @ 445 E 9th St.

    Ah yes, the antique store with antique-y things I can never afford. Everything here looks perfectly staged for a closeup on Instagram. Hey, Ker, if you’re reading this, the promise still holds. I’ll buy us that ridiculously expensive floor length mirror whenever I save up enough money!

    What did you think? Will you be visiting Ninth Street between First Avenue and Avenue A anytime soon? Let me know because I want to hear what you about it!

  • Street x Street: Elizabeth St.

    You know the drill: we dissect the city block by block.


    Elizabeth Street

    We’re not just talking about the East Village when we say that the Lower Eat Side is THE place to be at the moment. With such a close proximity to Williamsburg and DUMBO, the neighborhood is steeped in arts culture. It’s no surprise then that it’s home to some of the best restaurants, boutiques, and galleries in the entire city. And the street style? Well, it’s pretty damn amazing, too. After our stroll down Crosby Street last week, we’re excited to show you our go-to’s on Elizabeth Street. Count the number of places you’ve been (or plan on visiting!), and let us know in the comments below…


    Tacombi at Fonda Nolita @ 267 Elizabeth Street

    Tacombi has several locations around the city, but its Elizabeth Street location is our favorite by far. Not only are its tacos and cocktails some of the best in the city, but its decor? If you’re an Insta fiend, you’ll want to head over ASAP. With a converted VW bus parked inside and a fully stocked bar serving up spiked horchatas, you’ll feel like you’re on a Mexican beach in no time. Plus, if you’ve followed our obsession with Bradley Theodore and are a fan yourself, you’ll have the opportunity to see the artist’s rendition of Vogue creative director Grace Coddington.





    Babel Fair @ 260 Elizabeth Street

    There’s certainly no shortage of boutiques carrying contemporary labels in NYC. But how many can you name off the top of your head that carry international labels? Does Babel Fair come to mind? It should. With a wide range of options including Korean denim and Aussie street style brands, its dedication to showcasing world talent is unmatched.


    A.B. Biagi Cafe, Gelato & Sorbet @ 235 Elizabeth Street

    I scream, you scream, we all scream for….gelato. Okay, that was lame. The point is that Biagi’s is well worth a shout. Combining Italian recipes with Brazlian flavors, you’ll find both typical flavors like cafe, cinnamon, and hazelnut in addition to flavors like acai, white chocolate & bergamotto, and goat cheese, orange peel & anis.


    Le Labo @ 233 Elizabeth Street

    The Nolita/Bowery area has become somewhat of a hotspot for fragrance shops. One of the more popular destinations includes Elizabeth Street’s Le Labo. Here, you can find everything from fine fragrances, candles, and body products (lotions, shower gels, oils & bar soaps). It’s the perfect spot to treat yourself and your loved ones—the holidays are coming up if you’re catching my drift…


    PUBLIC Restaurant @ 210 Elizabeth Street

    Besides a small flag outside of the restaurant, there isn’t much that indicates the existence of PUBLIC on Elizabeth Street. It’s not to be missed though. Heirloom tomato panzanella, quinoa pancakes, kimchi waffles, venison burgers… It’s not your typical menu, but it’s definitely a feast in all senses of the word. A major plus? It’s a favorite of the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times, and for eight years in a row, it’s been awarded a Michelin Star.


    Valley Nails @ 198 Elizabeth Street

    We included Valley Nails in our best nail salon round-up several months ago, and we’re very happy to reintroduce them. A go-to destination for music festival ready nails, reservations at Valley go fast. Our advice? Plan out your manicures, and secure a spot early on.


    Erica Weiner @ 173 Elizabeth Street

    A fan of antique jewelry? Erica Weiner is your girl. You’ll find vintage-inspired pieces alongside jewelry that she and her business partner Lindsay have collected throughout their travels. Right now, we’re loving Erica’s serpent drops, synergy earrings, and two-headed snake rings.


    Black Seed @ 170 Elizabeth Street

    Ah, the illustrious New York City bagel. Ask any New Yorker about their favorite shop in the city, and you’re sure to get a passionate explanation telling you why their favorite shop is THE bagel shop to visit. If you ask us, Black Seeds trumps them all. Hand-rolled and wood fired? Yas.


    The Butcher’s Daughter @ 19 Kenmare Street

    This is definitely not the first time that we’ve mentioned the Butcher’s Daughter. In fact, we included it in our NYFW restaurant round-up last year. Now, with fashion week quickly coming up on September 10th, it’s the perfect time to get acquainted with the Butcher’s Daughter vegan menu. While the restaurant is technically on Kenmare Street, its market is actually on Elizabeth Street and is home to some of the most delicious natural juices and smoothies.


    Egg Shop @ 151 Elizabeth Street

    Another NYFW favorite, the Egg Shop has been serving up delicious egg sandwiches and other egg-cellent (I had to use this…) creations for over two years. Be a part of this LES must-visit. It’s the one thing you’ll do this week that you definitely won’t regret.

    And that’s Elizabeth Street… what street should we focus on next? Let us know below…

    Featured image: Rag & Bone at the intersection of Houston St and Elizabeth Street—the shop’s Elizabeth Street wall is an ever-changing mural. It was home to a mural by Hisham Akira Bharoocha at the time we photographed Elizabeth Street. When we went back several days later, BuffMonster had taken over with Green Villain. That’s New York City for you: ever-changing and ever-surprising.

    Photography by Chris Klemens

  • Street Style: Elizabeth St.

    As a New Yorker, you learn a thing or two about living here. First: this city is the definition of rough and tough. Second: the only way to come out alive is with a friend guiding you and helping you live it up. This is where we come in. We’ve given you an inside look at the places that are essential to treatin’ yo self in our guide The City. Now, with our new series Street x Street, we’re kicking it up a notch and dissecting the city—you guessed it—street by street. Greenwich Village, Chelsea, Upper East Side, FiDi, East Village, SoHo… we’re hitting up all the neighbourhoods to give you a New Yorker’s view on the city we call home.

    Inevitably, and in true city fashion, we’ve run into some of the coolest New Yorkers with A+ style while shooting out in the streets. We saw flatforms, denim dresses, colorblocking, and mules when we walked down Crosby Street last week. This time around, we ran into winged backpacks, leather leggings, tie-dye, and rose-colored glasses. If you aren’t inspired already, this is what you should get out of this week’s round-up: this is a call to action. Nothing is too crazy or too loud so why not embrace it? Break out your crazy, because in this city, you have to stand out to fit in.


    Rainbow hair, winged backpacks, spunky headphones, suede platforms, and black slip dresses. What’s not to love?

    Adding a pop of color to the NYC uniform, and literally looking at life through rose-colored glasses. Here for this.

    Adding a pop of color to the NYC uniform, and literally looking at life through rose-colored glasses. Here for this.


    Taking festival style to the streets. This is the epitome of west coast vibes meeting East Coast cool.

    When you're dancing with leather leggings, we have nothing but respect. Keep on keeping on.

    When you’re dancing with leather leggings, we have nothing but respect. Keep on keeping on, Jodie Fox.

    Are you loving it? Share your thoughts with us below, and look out for the full Elizabeth St guide later this week. We’ll be sharing our go-to’s including an oh-so-cool restaurant with the best tacos and spiked horchata. Know what it is? Tune in on Friday… ✌️

    Photography by Chris Klemens

  • Street Style: Crosby St.

    As a New Yorker, you learn a thing or two about living here. First: this city is the definition of rough and tough. Second: the only way to come out alive is with a friend guiding you and helping you live it up. This is where we come in. We’ve given you an inside look at the places that are essential to treatin’ yo self in our guide The City. Now, with our new series Street x Street, we’re kicking it up a notch and dissecting the city—you guessed it—street by street. Greenwich Village, Chelsea, Upper East Side, FiDi, East Village, SoHo… we’re hitting up all the neighbourhoods to give you a New Yorker’s view on the city we call home.

    Last Friday, we took you for a walk down Crosby St. for our new #StreetXStreet series. When our photographer Chris and I were shooting this piece, we couldn’t help but stop these women for an impromptu street style shoot. So, if you ever see Chris and I approach you on the street, don’t be scared. We just really like your outfit.

    _MG_1457__1439308000_108.30.214.71 (1)

    Joyce: flatforms + reflective sunnies


    Alexis: denim + killer boots

    Briannah: colour + more colour


    Grace: straw hat + vest + Balenciaga


    Betty: silk + floral + mules

    Photography: Chris Klemens // Introduction: Daise Bedolla

  • Street x Street: Crosby Street

    You know the drill: we dissect the city block by block.

    A quaint side street tucked away in the heart of SoHo, Crosby St. features an array of boutiques, hotels, and other goodies. Let’s take a walk, shall we?


    Rachel Comey @ 95 Crosby St

    We’re definitely going to be investing in a few pieces from Rachel Comey for that tricky transition between Summer and Fall. The color palette, fabric, and hemlines are the perfect combination for when we are eager to abandon our summer dresses, but it’s still too warm for wool sweaters. One of our favorite outfits? Dark denim culottes, a turmeric-coloured blouse, and black ankle booties. We may just have to stop by the designer’s shop and play a little dress-up.



    MZ Wallace @ 93 Crosby St.

    In NYC, going from work, to the subway, to the gym, to happy hour with your besties requires a very, very durable handbag. MZ Wallace’s design philosophy is just that. Monica, designer and co-founder of the company, explains the brand’s first and most important priority:

    “We began the company 15 years ago with the goal of designing lightweight, fashionable bags. Constructed with custom developed nylons and Italian leathers, the collection is designed with the idea that function and style can, and should coexist.”


    Crosby Street Hotel @ 79 Crosby St.

    Favourite of the stars, Crosby Street Hotel is a the definition of chic and wins for best location, accessible to the heart of SoHo but far enough removed from the hustle and bustle of Broadway. They have a full-service restaurant, The Crosby Bar, where they serve one of the city’s best afternoon teas, perfect as a means to celebrate a special occasion. On top of all of that, they have a rooftop garden on the twelfth floor where they grow insanely fresh, seasonal produce.



    Soul Cycle @ 45 Crosby St.

    Not much has to be said about the extremely popular fitness cult that is Soul Cycle. And for a very good reason: it’s a killer workout.



    Jean Shop @ 37 Crosby St.

    Sure to satisfy every one of your denim needs, Jean Shop houses styles for both men and women.



    Miansai @ 33 Crosby St

    Venturing into Miansai for the first time, we were beyond thrilled to see seriously cute jewelry. Founder and Creative Director Michael Saiger founded the handmade jewelry company in 2008 in Miami. Since then, their collection has expanded to feature styles for both men & women. Our favourites? The mini-hook chain bracelet, modern-screw cuff ring, and the thin fish-hook necklace. As a secondary thought, they should really publicize what incense they use because wow did we want our apartment to smell like it.




    Saturdays NYC @ 31 Crosby Street

    It’s hard to sum up the concept of Saturdays NYC and it has best been described by the company itself:

    “Determined to suit a lifestyle occupied with surfing, living and working in New York City, Saturdays began selling boards and wetsuits as well fine art and other lifestyle accessories.”

    Inside, you’ll also find the most adorable counter-top café serving up our favorite cold brew in the city from La Colombe Torrefaction. Their website is also definitely worth checking out with an online magazines & much, much more.



    Paintbox @ 17 Crosby St.

    Salon of choice of Lo, Paintbox is the modern-day manicure salon. Forget everything you know about nail salons because this is absolutely nothing like it. Founded by Eleanor Langston, who previously worked as a beauty editor, Paintbox works to offer a curated set of designs and colours every season based on current trends.



    Maiyet @ 16 Crosby St.

    While their pieces are on the pricey side, there’s no denying that this store is absolutely gorgeous. Many pieces from the current collection are hand-beaded and totally fit the bohemian trend we are oh-so obsessed with.


    NOMO SOHO Hotel 9 Crosby St.

    (previously known as the Mondrian SoHo)

    A simply gorgeous hotel featuring an equally gorgeous dining area. With huge chandeliers, dim lighting, this place oozes ambiance. Previously known as the Isola Trattoria Bar & Crudo, the dining hall is now dubbed the NOMO Kitchen & Library Bar. It’s the perfect venue for celebrating one of your best girlfriend’s birthdays.


    (via NOMO SOHO Hotel)

    Please venture down to Crosby St., these wonderful establishments await you.

    What street should we do next? Leave it in the comments below!

    Photography: Chris Klemens

  • Full Moon Fest Will Be A Food Heaven

    We’ve often heard that a bad day in NYC is better than a good day anywhere else, and we’re here to tell you… this couldn’t be more true. Even on the worst of days (think: humidity & crowded subways), we couldn’t imagine living anywhere else. With this in mind, meet our new series, The City, in which we’ll introduce you to the best of the concrete jungle. From restaurants, museums, and everything in between, these are the places you need to know whether you’re a New Yorker yourself or simply visiting. 

    If you’ve been keeping up with our recent venture down to Broadway Bites, you know that it’s no secret that we’re obsessed with all things food. For those of you who missed out on all the lobster rolls and Momofuku cookies, there’s still one more chance for you to sample some of New York City’s most celebrated restaurants before the summer is up. Enter Full Moon Music Festival, taking place this year on August 1st from 3:00pm to sun rise at the Brooklyn Mirage. With panoramic views of the beautiful Manhattan skyline, an eclectic lineup with the likes of Mothxr, Yelle, Oliver Nelson, and Tensnake headlining, and top vendors like CanalMile End/Black SeedLa CrepeBattery HarrisNorthern Tiger, and Tacombi, you can treat yourself to both a dinner and a show.

    sushi2Tired of the same old fare of chicken nuggets and french fries? Wind down the last of festival season with a twist on traditional festival food. For the first time ever at a music festival, Uma Temakeira will be making every New Yorker’s dreams a reality by serving its famous sushi burritos. Renowned for their cone-like sushi hand rolls, the classic sushi burrito will be made with fresh salmon, tuna, spicy tobanjan mayo, julienned carrots, and tempura all wrapped up in a sheet of crisp nori.


    Below, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite vendors and what the they’ll be serving up at the Full Moon Festival. If you’re dying to make it out to the Brooklyn Mirage next Saturday for the Full Moon Fest, tickets can be purchased online here. Just don’t take too long to think about it… there’s a limited amount, and they go f-a-s-t so be sure to pick one up before they’re all sold out.

    FMF Ice Cream

    Bar De Jar Homemade Ice Cream Sandwiches

    Bagel Sandwiches - Black Seed

    Black Seed Bagel’s wood-fired bagels with smoked salmon

    Mile End Deli - Kale Tabbouleh

    Mile’s End kale tabbouleh salad

    Tacombi Taco x2

    Tacombi’s carnitas tacos

    Text by Summer Lin / Introduction by Daise Bedolla / Photographs courtesy of Full Moon Fest

  • My Food Roadmap to Montauk

    The moment summer sets in on the East End city dwellers, including myself, make the mass exodus to The Hamptons most weekends from late May to early September.  The escape from the grit and grime of the humid city is a welcome respite, allowing me to take in the cooler sea air and get into nature, sparkling S.Pellegrino in hand.

    My favorite part of escaping the city to Montauk?  The opportunity to cook in a big kitchen in our summer rental for my boyfriend and friends, relying on goods from my favorite places along Old Montauk Highway on the way from the city to our summer hideaway on the beach.

    This past weekend I made a delicious, spicy bouillabaisse (a summer favorite of mine) with a fabulous Caprese Salad made special by the best mozzarella on the East End, and washed it all down with ice cold S.Pellegrino.  This meal combination is one of my favorites during the summer, allowing me to utilize the fresh fish, veggies, and fruit available at my favorite stores and stands in The Hamptons.  The best part about a bouillabaisse?  It essentially cooks itself once you have some of the baseline elements in place.  Lets get into this recipe as I share where I shop along the way!


    Red Horse Market

    74 Montauk Hwy, East Hampton, NY 11937

    (631) 324-9500


    Red Horse is seriously the best.  My friend Kate, a New York native and visitor to East Hampton for the past 25+ years, introduced me to this roadside market with a cult following.  Why is this place so popular?  It’s all about the cheese, baby.  Specifically the mozzarella which is quite literally out of this world.  It’s hand twisted on-site by Pasquale Langella and sells out every day.  EVERY DAY.  Best to get there early, as this delicious mozzarella plays a critical role in the Caprese Salad featured in my weekend menu.

    The mozzarella isn’t the only hot item there however – the market is completely stocked from the top to bottom with delicious salads, sandwiches, and drink options.  I like to pick up a few bottles of S.Pellegrino here and the herbs that I’ll need: the basil for the salad, and bay, parsley, thyme, and tarragon for the Bouillabaisse.

    Hampton Seafood Company

    17 Race Lane, East Hampton, NY 11937

    (631) 324 – 9224


    Once you hit Red Horse, instead of hopping back onto Old Montauk Highway take a right onto Cove Hollow Road towards the East Hampton Train Station.  Here you’ll find Hampton Seafood Company, a favorite of mine for the freshest fish on the East End.  Their daily selects come off of their own boat in Montauk and it’s best to call ahead to get an idea of what’s available.

    For my bouillabaisse I make my own fish broth (it’s truly delicious) as the base and then add the meat from the fish (always choose a lean white fish), mussels, and clams.  I get all three of these items at Hampton Seafood, calling ahead so my order is ready once I arrive.

    Montauk Farmer’s Market

    The Village Green

    Thursdays 9am to 2pm

    Montauk Farmer's Market

    Next stop on my road to a delicious meal is the Montauk Farmer’s Market.  I tend to drive out East on Thursdays and lucky for me, the market is open that day.  The market continues to grow every summer and is a really friendly community experience that’s truly delicious.  The focus here really is on local, seasonal produce and goods and I love to pick up the remaining items on my grocery list here: shallots, leeks, tomatoes, and garlic.



    [ingredients title=”Ingredients”]

    • Bones, Heads, Trimmings of 2 lean white fish (about 3 to 4 lbs)

    • 1 cup of shallots, sliced thin

    • 1 cup leek, sliced thin

    • 1 cup white wine

    • Butter

    • Water

    • Bay Leaf

    • Parsley Sprigs

    • Thyme

    • Black Pepper

    • 42 oz (1 1/2 cans) San Marzano Whole Peeled Tomatoes

    • Pinch of Red Pepper

    • 1 Large Fennel Bulb, sliced thin

    • 6 garlic cloves, minced

    • 1/2 onion, sliced thin

    • 2 White fish cut into 1/2 inch pieces

    • 20 mussels

    • 20 clams

    • 1 potato (cut into small cubes)

    • Salt

    • Pepper


    [directions title=”Directions”]

    1. The soup base of a bouillabaisse is essentially a well-flavored fish stock.  There are variations on fish stock based on personal preference.  I prefer the classic French way with no carrots in mine.  The prepare, dress a fish by removing the fins, scaling it with the back of a knife, open the belly to remove the gills and intestinal tracts, and rinsing the belly cavity.  At this point you’re ready to remove the filets from both sides of the fish.  Once that’s done, put wrap them and refrigerate.  Take the bones from the fish, the head, and fish and set aside.

    2. In a medium heat pan, saute leeks and shallots in butter for about 5 minutes until they begin to get soft.  Add the fish bones and continue to cook for a few more minutes.  Deglaze the pan with white wine, add 2 bay leaves, parsley stems, 3-4 sprigs of thyme, and black pepper.  Add enough water to just cover the bones and let simmer gently for 30 minutes.  Every once in a while, use a spoon to skim fat and residue off the top of your stock.  Once the 30 minutes are up, strain through a damp cheese cloth over a tight strainer.  Hold to the side.

    3. For the bouillabaisse we’ll use a large, tall pot.  Saute minced garlic, onion, and fennel in butter for 10-15 minutes until the begin to soften.  Add a bit of red pepper flakes, but go easy here – just a few too many and your soup could be ruined.  Add tomatoes and continue to cook gently for a few more minutes. 

    4. Add your fish stock, along with a bunch of tarragon and allow the soup to simmer on low for about 45 min.  At this point add your potato and season your soup with salt and pepper.

    5. Finally, add your fish pieces, mussels, and clams.  Cover the soup for 3-4 minutes until the mussels and clams open up and you’re ready to eat!




    Caprese Salad

    [ingredients title=”Ingredients”]
    • 3-4 Large, Heirloom Tomatoes

    • Fresh Mozzarella, sliced

    • 10-12 Basil Leaves

    • Olive Oil

    • Balsamic Vinegar

    • Salt

    • Pepper

    [/ingredients] [directions title=”Directions”]
    1. Wash and dry basil leaves and tomatoes and cut into slices.  Slice mozzarella.

    2. Put your salad together by stacking all the elements: tomato, then mozzarella, then basil leaves. 

    3. Drizzle with Olive Oil, Balsamic Vinegar, salt and pepper.


    The combination of the spicy and filling bouillabaisse, the delightfully fresh caprese salad, and crisp, refreshing S.Pellegrino makes a perfectly European meal for a summer weekend spent in The Hamptons.  Enjoy my food roadmap as you make your way out there this summer.  Here’s to eating beautifully!

    This post is sponsored by S.Pellegrino® Sparkling Natural Mineral Water.

  • Add The Gansevoort Market to Your List of Places to Visit

    We’ve often heard that a bad day in NYC is better than a good day anywhere else, and we’re here to tell you… this couldn’t be more true. Even on the worst of days (think: humidity & crowded subways), we couldn’t imagine living anywhere else. With this in mind, meet our new series, The City, in which we’ll introduce you to the best of the concrete jungle. From restaurants, museums, and everything in between, these are the places you need to know whether you’re a New Yorker yourself or simply visiting.


    What’s the latest New York City backdrop to blow up on Instagram? The Gansevoort Market, of course!

    The 8,000-square-foot storage space at 52 Gansevoort St turned foodie destination is Meatpacking’s new hot spot. Home to 22 unique vendors, the food-hall serves everything from tacos to sweatpants—yes, sweatpants.

    As self-proclaimed gourmands, our photographer Chris and I surveyed the scene all while sampling the most exotic offerings. Food and trinkets aside, we have to say that this place, one o’clock on a Wednesday afternoon, beats any day at Chelsea Market. The space is bustling, sure, but nowhere near overwhelmingly crowded. It is perfectly okay to tuck your elbows away because no shoving, sweating, or grunting is needed to weave through crowds of people.

    So, if you’re ever in the neighborhood doing touristy things—ahem, the Highline and Danzinger Gallery—you might as well skip the mass and head on over here. Your stomach and patience will thank you. Seriously though, they’ve got lobster rolls sans the crowd. Can I get a holler?

    Have you been? Will you be going? Leave us a comment because Chris and I want to know! Or, tag us anywhere on social with our @thelodownblog handle.

    Photography: Chris Klemens // Introduction: Daise Bedolla

  • You Have to Try Broadway Bites Before It Closes

    We’ve often heard that a bad day in NYC is better than a good day anywhere else, and we’re here to tell you… this couldn’t be more true. Even on the worst of days (think: humidity & crowded subways), we couldn’t imagine living anywhere else. With this in mind, meet our new series, The City, in which we’ll introduce you to the best of the concrete jungle. From restaurants, museums, and everything in between, these are the places you need to know whether you’re a New Yorker yourself or simply visiting. 


    It’s no secret that we love New York City. It’s a crazy, obsessive and passionate love, but you already knew that. I mean, considering the number times we’ve said we love New York, it’s truly a wonder that we haven’t been promoted to New York City ambassadors (We’d like to join your club please, TSwift!). That being said, even though we’re crazy obsessed and passionately in-love, even we have to admit that some parts of the city are simply untouchable. Every New Yorker will tell you that the magic of Times Square wore off after the first few times. It’s beautiful from a distance, but up close? We couldn’t name the last time we went there out of our own will. Every once in a while though, amazing people come around to make you appreciate the classic spots that make New York City well… classic.

    Take Greeley Square Park, for example. Lately, we’ve been finding ourselves there more and more thanks to Urban Space’s mouth-watering local market Broadway Bites, which brings together the best food NYC has to offer in one easily-accessible location. Craving a lobster roll from Red Hook Lobster Pound for dinner and a cookie from Momofuku Milk Bar as dessert? You can find them both at the market.

    Below, we’ve scouted the vendors that you have to try before Broadway Bites leaves Greeley Square Park for the year on July 26th. Expect: lobster rolls from Red Hook Lobster Pound, rice balls from Arancini Bros and arepas from Palenque Colombian Food among the lot.


    Oh, and if you really can’t make it to Broadway Bites before its closing date, first of all: what are you doing with your life? And second, not to fear… Urban Space has you covered with other local pop-up markets. Hit up Penn Plates at Penn Plaza (running now through November 5th) or Madison Square Eats (running from September 4th through October 1st). And please, make sure to run not walk there.

    Find Broadway Bites at Greeley Square (33rd Street and Broadway) from 11am to 9pm daily through July 26th. We’ll see you there!


    Brooklyn Wok Shop

    Red Hook Lobster Pound

    Red Hook Lobster Pound




    Zha Pan Asian



    Momofuku Milk Bar

    Momofuku Milk Bar

    Gelato Ti Amo

    Gelato Ti Amo



    Taco Bono

    Taco Bono

    Photography by Chris Klemens

  • Midsummer Flower Crown

    Flower Girls

    DIY Midsummer Flower Crown

    Going to a music festival? Flower crown. Going to a bridal shower? Flower crown. Bohemian-inspired wedding? Flower crown. We’ve seen the popular hair accessory appear in everything from festival style guides to clothing stores in recent years. And while Lana Del Rey’s trademark, petal-adorned style may have propelled flower crowns into the mainstream back in 2012, the accessory actually dates back thousands of years.

    If you’ve been dying to rock a flower crown yourself (and haven’t already), your time has come with the Swedish Midsummer Festival taking place on June 19th in Manhattan’s Battery Park. Sponsored by Consulate General of Sweden, the Festival, which originated in Sweden as a way to celebrate the summer solstice, will feature outdoor activities such as decorating and dancing around a midsummer pole, listening to traditional fiddle music by the American Swedish Institute, playing traditional Swedish games, and of course, making your own flower crown. Whether you’re heading down to Battery Park on Friday or throwing a bash of your own, we’ve come up with a few tips and tricks on how to create your own Midsummer flower crown.

    What You’ll Need:
    Two to three different types of fresh flowers, trimmed to 3-inch stems
    Floral cloth wire
    Floral tape
    Greenery, one to two different types trimmed to 3-inch stems
    Garden scissors

    1. Measure the floral wire to your head in order to determine the length of your crown. Bending the wire into a circular shape, use the floral tape to bind the overlapping sections, using your garden scissors to cut off any excess wire.

    2. Cover the base of the crown with your choice of greenery, usually aster flower or baby’s breath. Wrap the stems around the wire and secure them with floral tape.

    3. Using your flowers, create several flower clusters along the base of the crown, making sure to secure the stems into place using the floral tape. Use as many different types of flowers as you want—the more the merrier! To make sure the flowers don’t budge, be sure to wrap the tape around the stems several times. Continue layering flowers until the wire base is completely filled.

    There you have it, your very own Midsummer flower crown! Will you be rocking a floral headpiece this summer? Let us know in the comments!

    Featured image: Gallery Hip // Text by: Summer Lin

  • NYC Murals

    Now You See Them, Now You Don’t

    The City Guide: Murals

    We’ve often heard that a bad day in NYC is better than a good day anywhere else, and we’re here to tell you… this couldn’t be more true. Even on the worst of days (think: humidity & crowded subways), we couldn’t imagine living anywhere else. With this in mind, meet our new series, The City, in which we’ll introduce you to the best of the concrete jungle. From restaurants, museums, and everything in between, these are the places you need to know whether you’re a New Yorker yourself or simply visiting. 

    When you have a background like New York City at your steps, it’s especially easy to stop five (or fifty) times while walking down the street to capture everything from the buildings to the walls. Yup, the walls. Can you blame us though? In a city of millions, eight million to be exact, artists left and right have made their mark on NYC walls with murals. Some are political statements, some celebrate amazing figures, and others… well, they just look damn good on our social media feeds.

    From SoHo, Nolita, Chelsea, and every neighborhood in the city, we’ve scouted some of the murals that we LOVE to photograph (and take selfies with). Watch this space over the next several months — we’ll be updating it as we find more murals worthy of a snap. Just be warned… New York City moves quickly so you should too. Meaning? You should photograph them before they’re gone.

    Audrey Hepburn at 395 Broome

    Audrey Hepburn at 395 Broome Street

    Bleeding Hearts at 192 Mott Street at L'Asso Pizza

    Bleeding Hearts at 192 Mott Street (L’Asso Pizza)

    Murals 5

    6th Avenue and 17th Street

    Cara and Kate across the street from Bleeding Hearts at 192 Mott Street

    Cara Delevingne and Kate Moss across the street from Bleeding Hearts at 192 Mott Street

    Murals 11

    Kenmare Street between Mulberry Street and Mott Street

    VJ Day at Times Square at 25th Street and 10th Ave

    Times Square VJ Day at 25th Street and 10th Ave

    Harry's Corner Shop at 64 Macdougal Street

    Harry’s Corner Shop at 64 Macdougal Street

    All American Temper Tot at the Houston Bowery Wall (Corner of East Houston and Bowery Street)

    All American Temper Tot at the Houston Bowery Wall (Corner of East Houston and Bowery Street)

    Murals 2

    Hotel Chantelle at 92 Ludlow Street

    Murlas 7

    Albert Einstein at 15th Street and Washington St (Seen from the High Line)

    Murals 1

    Hotel Chantelle at 92 Ludlow Street

    Murals 9

    Intersection of Bleecker St and Thompson St

    Nick Wooster

    Nick Wooster mural at Hotel Chantelle at 92 Ludlow Street

    What’s your favorite mural around New York City? Leave the address below, and we’ll make sure to add it to the list!

    Photography by Chris Klemens

  • Kendall and Kylie For Topshop

    Try To Keep Up

    The Best From the Jenner's Topshop Collection

    By now, you’ve definitely heard of Kendall and Kylie’s capsule collection for Topshop. Otherwise, we’re going to assume you’re living under a rock… If you’re not keeping up (get it?) with the Jenner sisters’ latest design move, we’ve got you covered.

    Inspired by California and all ~West Coast vibes~ in general, it’s just what you’d imagine — floral prints, distressed denim and billowy tops. But somehow, and maybe it’s just because Kendall and Kylie injected a sense of effortless cool into the collection, it’s so so good. Leave it to Topshop to recognize their designing power (and massive public appeal).

    Browse five must-haves from the collection below, and while you’re at it, stop by Blo Bar’s pop-up shop at Topshop’s Fifth Ave location in New York City for a new summer ‘do. Curious? Check out the full event deets below!

    #1: When In Doubt, Vacation Sweater — Because who could argue with that logic?

    #2: Floral Print Cut-Out Jumpsuit — For those with #LegsForDays.

    #3: Ripped Denim Shorts — It’s basically a requirement that all California girls have to own a pair of ripped denim shorts, right?

    #4: Golden State of Mind Tee — California Vibes all the way.

    #5: Floral Print Shorts — Can’t commit to a romper? This is where shorts come in clutch.

    EVENT ALERT: Blo Blow Dry bar X Topshop — Topshop is parterning with Blo Blow Dry, Brooklyn-based nail salon Lady Fancy Nails and Melt Bakery to host a Summer Concession Pop-Up at their 5th Avenue shop. If you’re looking for a new summer ‘do, try out one of four hairstyles (or bring a picture of a style you’re looking for) from Blo in just 20 minutes. Dry styles are $30 so whether you’re feeling a summery braid or a bun fit for a garden party, you’ll be glam in no time. Lady Fancy Nails ($40) and ice cream sandwiches from Melt Bakery ($5) will also be available to create the perfect summer evening. The event runs Thursday, June 11th through Sunday, 14th. (12-7pm both days). Just book your appointment at blomedry.com, and you’re set to go.

    Featured photograph by Paula Ho

  • TheLoDown