• It’s Always Tea Time with Kusmi Tea

    Pinky up, Princess!

    A self-proclaimed coffee addict, I also enjoying drinking tea. Despite the many visit-worthy coffee shops that proliferate New York City (*cough* foam art *cough*), I think it’s calming—if not relaxing—to sip tea from a mug at home.

    Tea has a wide range of health benefits. When consumed, it works to fight free radicals in your body. Depending on the tea, it can also help you lose weight and reduce the chances of both heart attacks and strokes.

    A fan of Kusmi Tea (I discovered the brand a while back at Bloomingdale’s – you can also purchase on Kusmi Tea’s website) I’ve gifted plenty of their tea sets to family and friends who enjoy their packaging as much as I do!

    Kusmi Tea has a variety of tea blends, including Russian, herbal, traditional, and citrus. The tea comes in both loose leaf (perfect for at home brewing) and individual bags (ideal for on the go)! My favorite flavors are Jasmine Green Tea and Genmaicha!

    They also have these ultra-delicious shortbread cookies!

    Do you drink tea? If so, what brands and what blends?

  • Fall in Love with Teak & Twine- Holiday Gift Guide

    Good morning, LoDown fam!

    Can you feel the holiday spirit now that we’re approaching mid-December? I, for one, am totally enjoying all the festivities—the holiday music, holiday drinks, holiday markets, and all around holiday cheer!

    Leading up to Christmas, I will be sharing some of my holiday gift guides with y’all. Today, we’re going to start off with the cutest gift boxes ever from Teak & Twine! I had such an amazing time chatting with founder, Torrance Hart, about how Teak & Twine came to life!

    The Maple Leaf

    The Maple Leaf

    Can you tell us about yourself and what sparked the idea of Teak & Twine?

    I’ve always had an entrepreneurial streak and a love for beautiful packaging. When I looked at options for welcome gifts for my own wedding two years ago, I wasn’t seeing what I was looking for—gift boxes where each product [inside] was beautiful in and of itself, and aesthetically cohesive with the other contents to create a unified color scheme and look. So, I started buying products I had loved for years and putting them together in unique color combinations on Instagram… and the rest is history!
    The New Home

    The New Home

    How do you decide which brands to work with?

    I look for two things: highest quality products and gorgeous packaging! The product is the most important—if it’s chocolate, it has to taste delicious. If they are candles, they need to smell and burn beautifully. I tend to gravitate toward more simple packaging, clean lines and graphic fonts are my favorite! Most of the products we carry are made by hand in small settings and I love that too!
    The Lavender Field

    The Lavender Field

    Of all the curated gift boxes, which box is the most popular?

    The Peony… but The Birthday and The Lavender Field are close behind!

    Do you have personal favorites?

    Yes! The Tuxedo and The Evening are my two favorites!

    Tell us about your custom boxes!

    We have so much fun putting together our custom gifts!  Our goal with each gift is for the giver to say, “wow, that gift is so ___!!” That’s the best compliment! When we’re working on a custom project, we love hearing all about the recipient: their favorite colors, hobbies, activities, foods, where they live… anything that can help us get a feeling for their personality and aesthetic. We create and send a photo of our gift to the client and go from there. We’re always happy to make tweaks until it’s 100% perfect!

    Custom Box

    Custom Box

    What was the most unique box you’ve put together?

    We got a request once for a custom gift for a “self-described computer nerd who doesn’t drink alcohol or eat sugar.”  If you’ve seen any of our boxes, that’s a challenge!  We ended up having so much fun with it: we included some unique handmade mugs I had found in Austin (since he was really into tea) and tracked down some wrapping paper inspired by computer graphics!  He loved it!

    What do you love most about Teak & Twine?

    My amazing team! I love seeing our studio bustling – the energy is amazing! I am so lucky to have found the best group of girl bosses to work with – all of them are detail focused and client focused which I love… plus they are SO much fun!


    Aren’t the boxes breathtaking? Don’t forget to check out the rest of the Teak & Twine collection. There is something for everyone, even for him

  • Help Haiti Through Simbi, a Company Full of Love

    Hi Everyone!

    As you all know, I love helping individuals find, achieve, and live their greatest amount of happiness. I usually do this through fitness, but today I’m channeling my positive vibes through jewelry!

    Simbi, a socially responsible accessories line entirely handmade in Haiti, is a personal favorite company of mine. They strive to bring clean water and sustainable jobs to the people of Haiti through a portion of their proceeds. With the unimaginable scale of suffering left by Hurricane Matthew, there is no time like the present to support Simbi’s cause.

    screen-shot-2016-10-14-at-12-21-25-pmIf you’re always on the go, Simbi offers statement pieces that are perfect for going out or for going to the gym. Their clay bracelets, made from pure clay harvested in the mountains of Haiti, are 100% organic, vegan, and biodegradable. Best of all, the purchase of one clay bracelet supports 15 sustainable jobs and provides 10 gallons of clean water to Haitians in need.

    This October, Simbi will be concentrating their relief efforts in the cities of Les Cayes, Jeremie, Port Salut and a plethora of other smaller coastal villages heavily damaged by Hurricane Matthew. Because the southern region of Haiti experienced a catastrophic destruction of crops and a near wiping out of livestock and clean water supply, there’s a good chance that starvation and cholera will only proliferate as a result.

    Simbi‘s founders, Lori and Birgit, are saving, improving, and empowering Haitian lives as best they can and I want you to join them and me in their inspiring mission. You can get 15% off their jewelry with the code: THEHEALTHYHUSTLE.

    Strive to do more for the infants, mothers, and families in Haiti that need us. Wearing Simbi embodies power, unity, and compassion through jewelry!

    Peace, Love & Support Haiti,

    Emily Burkhardt


  • Hey, Vogue…We Need to Talk

    TTFN: Ta Ta for Now

    It’s official. My personal relationship with Vogue has come to an end. As a longtime reader of the fashion bible, both online and in print, I have decided that today marks the end of an era.

    With fashion week in full swing–New York, London, Milan, and now Paris–editors, influencers, and celebrities alike have been photographed at a plethora of stylish venues. Instead of getting caught up in the excitement, however, I find myself sitting at home incredibly frustrated with a recent article published on Vogue.com.

    Instead of using their influential platform to spark creative discussion, Sally Singer, Creative Digital Director of Vogue, and Sarah Mower, Chief Critic of Vogue.com, have chosen instead to name call bloggers with insults like “heralding the death of style,” “pathetic,” and “desperate.” Despite the poor taste in word choice, I was most turned off by Singer’s comment on dichotomy of collections she saw in Milan. “Schizophrenic moment,” she said, shortly followed by, “that is never good.”

    As a physician specializing in psychiatry, as someone who devotes her time, energy, and soul into treating patients who DO suffer from a mental illness, I found Singer’s statement to be offensive, stigmatizing, and incredibly uninformed.

    Who even edits Vogue.com? Perhaps a physician should be added to the masthead. If it’s not okay for Singer to ever describe the new collections as having a “cancer moment,” in what world is it okay for her to loosely trivialize mental illnesses?

    While I highly doubt Anna Wintour will ever stumble across my post, I do hope someone brings this dire matter to her attention . For now, I plan to put away all of my previously cherished issues. Insensitivity is not a joke and I’m here to take a stand.

    Until you grow up, Vogue, until you learn not to use such insensitive language, this is goodbye.


    GUYS.  So excited.  So, so, so excited.  On this week’s episode of my LadyLovin‘ podcast I got to welcome my friend Stephanie Mark, the co-founder of The Coveteur on the show!


    Stephanie Mark, Jilly Hendrix, Greta Titelman, Lo Bosworth (from left to right)

    We chatted about everything: start-up world, scary people, body image issues, relationships, and what we like to wear in the bedroom.  It’s a great episode so please give it a listen and subscribe!

    LISTEN to The Coveteur on LADYLOVIN’ HERE

    Photo via TheCoveteur.com – an image of Paloma Elsesser’s Closet.  P.S. You can listen to Paloma’s episode of LadyLovin’ HERE.

  • Happy Independence Day!

    the News at Noon

    Welcome to the News at Noon, our daily round-up of what we’re reading from around the web shared everyday around lunchtime. We’re also throwing in a dope quote on the daily because, why not? Leave your favorite articles and quotes in the comments!


    “No Guts,

    No Glory.

    No Legend,

    No Story.”



    Could #Hiddleswift Be Fake? Here’s One Woman’s Conspiracy Theory // E! ONLINE

    A California-Based Comedic Genius Pranked the Public with Fake Animal Facts at the LA Zoo. Pray Tell Your Favorite // BORED PANDA

    Pass the Test or Be Punished: Hostage Crisis Leaves 28 Dead in Bangladesh Diplomatic Zone // AP NEWS

    ISIS Claimed the Bombing That Killed More Than 140 in Baghdad // NY TIMES

    What Exactly Is Serum? // INTO THE GLOSS

    Meet the Guy Behind the Soul Cycle Bike, the Peloton Bike, and Equinox Apparel // RACKED

    The Skies Are Shining down upon Us. SPF Mists Are a Thing, Folks! // VOGUE

    The Moms You Need to Follow on Fergie’s New Single MILF$ // ELLE

    Ultimate Fashion Reads  for Sunbathing // BUSINESS OF FASHION

    Here’s Why Organic Milk Has a Longer Shelf Life Than Regular Milk // HUFF POST

    Happy 4th of July, Y’all!

    XXOO, LO



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  • Attention Brides! Meet NYC Wedding Photographer, Cynthia Chung!

    (Photo: Cynthia Chung)

    Cynthia Chung Photography

    Forever frozen in time
    Here she is! Cynthia Chung!

    Meet Cynthia!

    Cynthia, or really, Cynthia Chung to newly-engaged lovebirds and brides-to-be, has this energetic soul that can brighten up anyone’s day. Her willingness to listen, her never-ending fountain of encouraging words, and her outgoing personality make her my favorite wedding photographer and all around friend. 

    With wedding fever in the air, I thought there was no time like the present to introduce you to the mastermind behind Cynthia Chung Photography. In fact, I even managed to wrangle out a few posing tips! If there’s anything you can learn from this truly creative soul, it’s that the right wedding photographer makes the world of a difference.

    (Photo: Cynthia Chung)

    So, Cynthia, how long have you been a wedding photographer for? Why don’t you tell our readers what inspired this career.

    I’ve always loved to create art with different mediums as a young child. I loved to draw, paint, and create things with my hands so, naturally, I enrolled in a specialized art high school in New York City, Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts. After receiving my camera from my father on a summer trip to Hong Kong, I enrolled in every photography class I could [there].

    Back then, digital photography was still a very, very new technology so I learned how to roll, develop, and enlarge black and white films. I became obsessed. [Then], at 16, one of my teachers saw my enthusiasm and [found] me an internship with a high-end wedding photographer. That was how I was introduced to this field.

    Then on, I knew I wanted to do wedding photography. I enjoyed the fast-paced [picture taking] and the beautiful locations and venues. So, I decided to pursue photography in college. After graduating from the Rochester Institute of Technology, I began working full time at an ad agency then through a few different life circumstances, then decided to freelance full time. It’s been 5 years since I’ve been doing wedding photography full time!

    What’s so special about photography? 

    I love that photography has the ability to bring you back to a [specific] moment in time, whether it a funny, sweet, embarrassing, candid, or just plain awesome [one]. [Regardless the] moment, the best part is knowing that it was forever frozen in time through an image.

    (Photo: Cynthia Chung)

    In a world of photographers, how do you make yourself stand out? What’s your niche? 

    I believe that if you [devote] yourself to your passion and your art, your personality will shine through. That is what [ultimately] draws people to your work. The GIFs that I create are never planned out! It just happens organically, and people really love them, and love having it as part of their wedding day memory collection.

    Ooo! Show us one of your favorite GIFs!

    Here is a 3-set GIF made with different frames of the couple coming into the middle for a kiss. It’s super cute!

    (GIF: Cynthia Chung)

    When photographing your clients, how do you help them feel comfortable? 

    I love getting to know my clients. When I get to know them as people, I get to understand their personalities and what makes them laugh. This has been the key factor in getting some great candid shots is having them feel comfortable around me as a friend first then as a photographer.

    Do you have a signature shot? Or does the relationship and chemistry between the two partners speak for themselves?

    Before any session, I always let my couples know that their personality runs the show. My job is to be able to capture their authentic chemistry and relationship–no two sessions are ever the same. However, I do have control over the settings and location of the shots. I always love a really rugged, industrial setting for a backdrop. I always love looking for an “unusual” spot that most people wouldn’t see as a “good photo spot” but I compose the shot creatively so that the end result is a photo that is super interesting to look at.

    (Photo: Cynthia Chung)

    What posing advice do you usually give your clients? 

    Being relaxed is so vital! When I see them stiff or a little uncomfortable, I have them take a few deep breaths or I tell them a joke. Then, we all restart the pose. I love to tell them is to ignore me completely. [They should] enjoy the moment to themselves. I’ll just be in the background shooting away!

    Do they ask you to Photoshop certain things? Where do you stand in terms of photo editing certain things (body part, etc.)?

    Of course I make every effort to photograph the couple in flattering angles. They’re beautiful in real life and they will be beautiful in their photographs. I don’t Photoshop anyone’s body or body part. As a documentary photographer, I tell my couples that I’m going to keep things as real as they are.

    Okay, question: is the whole “bridezilla” thing a myth?

    A wedding day can be a super stressful day. Anyone can lose their cool in high-stress situations. To be honest, all of my brides have been exceptionally great to me.

    (Photo: Cynthia Chung)

    Engagement photos vs. wedding photos, which do you prefer? 

    Hmm, they’re both different and they’re both fun in their own way. Engagement sessions are obviously more chill and I can take my time to perfect the shot. Wedding days are a little more hectic, fun-on-the run kind of deal but exciting as well!

    Where are your favorite secret places for photo sessions? 

    The weirder and edgier the space, the more interesting and fun it is for me to make into gorgeous and interesting [backdrops].

    (Photo: Cynthia Chung)

    There’s currently a lot of hype surrounding how pricy/overpriced the wedding industry is. Do you have any thoughts on that? How would you advise couples on picking their photographer? Does it have to do with price?

    Haha, if you ask me, photographers don’t get paid enough! Photographers that are seasoned and experienced have all the knowledge and wisdom to navigate the wedding day so that everything goes smoothly. It’s not an easy task! We’re the photographer, the coordinator, the psychiatrist, the friend and helpful hand all day. All 8-14 hours, depending on the wedding schedule. So maybe I’m partial, but I think the price you pay your experienced photographer is worth every penny.

    How do you stay motivated in this kind of industry? 

    I’m motivated because I know that every time I go to shoot, there will always be a few shots that are SO awesome that I even surprise myself!  It could be a new angle, a new location, a shared moment between a couple, a shred of light that hits ever-so-perfectly–there’s always something that makes me go, “Wow. THIS is why I love my job!” That’s what keeps me going. It also really helps to live in NYC. Nothing is ever predictable here.

    Any other advice for those aspiring to be a photographer?  

    Work hard. Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you aren’t good enough or that your “vision” is incorrect. Stick with what draws you aesthetically and pursue, pursue, pursue!

  • 10 Times We Wished F. Scott Fitzgerald Was Our BF

    Zelda, you lucky betch.

    F. Scott Fitzgerald: the only man to make us melt with words.

    10 of the most romantic quotes from what’s safe to say was one of the best boyfriends of all time. 


    I want to know you moved and breathed in the same world with me.

    from Flappers and Philosophers

    He saw her before he saw anything else in the room.

    from One Interne

    You’ll understand why storms are named after people.

    from The Beautiful and Damned

    There are all kinds of love in this world, but never the same love twice.

    from The Sensible Thing

    You’re the only girl I’ve seen for a very long time that actually did look like something blooming.

    from Tender Is the Night

    They slipped briskly into an intimacy from which they never recovered.

    from This Side of Paradise

    I don’t ask you to love me always like this, but I ask you to remember. Somewhere inside of me there will always be the person I am tonight.

    from Tender Is the Night

    I can’t tell you just how wonderful she is. I don’t want you to know, I don’t want anyone to know.

    from This Side of Paradise

    I wish I’d done everything on Earth with you.

    from The Great Gatsby

    Gatsby looked at Daisy in a way that every young girl wanted to be looked at.

    from The Great Gatsby


  • Why I Love Snail Mail

    National Stationery Show 2016

    My Favorites from #NSS2016

    Happy Hump Day, everyone! Today we’re talking stationery. I recently attended the National Stationery Show, where stationery businesses showcase their newest products. Let me tell you, I was like a kid in a candy store, eyes wide and fingers twitching from all the papered goodness.

    Just in case you couldn’t tell, I’m in love with all things paper–stickers, notebooks, and cards. There’s just something about the tactility of it all, you know? The texture, the smell, and the vintage? I might be old-fashioned, but I still believe in snail mail. And while it may be a dying trend, I’m here to do my best to support it!

    After walking around for hours, meeting new people, and seeing new products, I definitely wanted to share with y’all some of my favorite stationery companies.

    Rifle Paper Co.

    You’ve probably heard of Rifle Paper Co. If not, now you get to. This stationery company is the very definition of whimsical and chic. Creative Director Anna Bond’s illustrations are to die for and they’re printed on anything you can think of–greeting cards, coasters, LeSportSac bags, phone cases, recipe boxes, and more. My favorite purchase from Rifle Paper Co.? Their 150th Anniversary Edition Hardcover Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland Book, with all-new illustrations by Anna Bond. Absolutely breathtaking, I must say.


    Just like their company name, I feel incredibly lucky to have stumbled across Hello!Lucky at the show. I mean, don’t these cards look super fun with their not-so-subtle pop of neon color? (*Please note that this picture does not come close to doing their vibrancies justice!) Their greeting cards are witty, punny, and downright amazing. If you or your friend is always spewing colorful, pun-filled thoughts, this is the perfect greeting card company for them/you.

    Our Heiday

    This family-inspired stationery company exudes sophistication and cheerful vibes. Our Heiday sells elegant and playful hand drawn  designs complete with floral paintings and lettered greetings. Their lovely illustrations are printed on greeting cards, notebooks, wrapping paper, and the like. Their Black Magnolias Wrapping Paper is my favorite (pictured in the photo as background).
    (Use code LOVESUMMER for 15% off  your purchases until the end of August)

    Underwood Letterpress

    Underwood Letterpress is all about snail mail. This letterpress stationery company is known for their color-coded vintage stamps and simple greeting cards that have a quirky touch of personality. I love that their greeting cards have an “illustrated” look. I think they make the cards feel more personal and handmade. Hop on the snail mail wagon, and start sending out letters again! Brownie points if you use vintage postage!
    (Use code SNAILMAIL16 for 15% off your purchases until July 15th)

    Inklings Paperie

    You definitely need some Inklings Paperie in your next event. This brand is definitely one of a kind for their unique scratch-off idea. Their products feature hidden messages that the recipient reveals once he or she scratches off a specific area like you would a lotto ticket. How fun! Their scratch-off series include greeting cards, customizable greeting cards (you get to write your own message and adhere the scratch-off sticker yourself), bridal and baby shower games, and so on!
    (Use code LOLOVE for 10% off your purchases for one year)

    Want to See More? Here Are More Stationery Companies Worth Checking Out...

    Ladyfingers Letterpress
    Bench Pressed
    Fox & Fallow
    Smitten on Paper
    Ramona & Ruth
    Leen Jean Studios
    Noteworthy Paper & Press
    Mudsplash Studios
    Smudge Ink

    Thanks A Brunch

    Thought I should end the post with some puns from ilootpaperie (mention THELODOWN at checkout for a free mystery card). Thanks (a brunch) for reading, LoDown fam! Most of these business are new and emerging start-ups, and it would be great if you can do our part to support them. Go forth and write a letter to a loved one or send some surprise snail mail. You’ll definitely make someone’s day! Let me know which greeting card is your favorite or if you have any thoughts about the idea snail mail in this modern tech-savvy era!

  • The Best of Topshop Right Now

    Of all fast-fashion, there are a few that reign supreme. In my book, it’s Zara and Topshop. Maybe it’s because they carry more of my style than other chains like H&M, but I’ve always been pleased with the quality and how on-trend the collections are, not to mention the prices. My summer plans are full of happy hours and rooftop dinners, leaving my wallet really pissed. Like any shopping-obsessed gal, I’m looking for a few items to freshen up my wardrobe. Enter Topshop for super cute and affordable pieces. I scrolled through their seemingly endless pages so you don’t have to. This is the best stuff at Topshop RIGHT now, shop away!


    Tops, Tees, & Knits





  • Out of the Blue: Why I Dyed My Hair

    Peek-A-Blue Hues

    To be honest, hair trends come and go so often that I haven’t been able to keep up with most of them. I’m pretty basic when it comes to my hair—it usually sits at lob length if not right under my shoulders and the colors are always a combination of browns with neutral highlights. I did get a balayage (a “paint job”) once, one of neutral ombres, but that was as fancy as I got.

    After learning, practicing, and perfecting the “process of hair” for roughly a year, one of my good friends, Victoria (@travelingchair), finally graduated from the Arrojo Cosmetology School. Other than the fact that she is one talented soul—a natural conversationalist if I do say so myself—she also has this incredible knack for all things hair. My official “hair bae,” Victoria was naturally who I sought out when I wanted to add a little bounce and personality to my locks. We ultimately decided on something a little “out of the blue.”


    The “before” shot of my two-day hair.

     My hair sits a little below my shoulders with some brassy balayage. Time to welcome in some new colors!


    Here’s Victoria bleaching parts of my hair before adding color to it! I’m really loving the tattoo on her wrist.

    Victoria taught me three things about coloring hair. One, it’s a process. Sometimes you don’t see results until much later on. Two, hair does not lift color. You either have to be okay with going darker or with bleaching your hair. Three, you shouldn’t wash your hair every day. To be very honest, number three has been especially tough but I’ve learned to embrace dry shampoo.


    Et voilà! Some hidden hints of blue!

    I decided on a turquoise blue hidden behind my ear on one side and a silvery blue along my bangs. What do you think? I’m debating a greener look next!


    Thanks, Victoria! I’m loving this subtle pop of color. Please check out her talented hair work on Instagram. You might be inspired to try a little out of the blue as well!

  • 13 Team-Approved Reasons to Spend More Moola

    Treat Yo Self

    You Know You Want To

    Itching to spend your hard-earned dough? Chris, Paige, and I have dropped our dollar bills on these these tried and true items. We’ve tested them out so you don’t have to.

    Shop away if your bank account permits!

    PicMonkey Collage 1



    Things that get us through the day



    PAULA: “I’m a huge fan of Everlane, especially the price transparency model the company stands behind. I’ve had their Slim Zip wallet for almost 3 years now—a record considering how quickly I go through my small leather goods. Still looks awfully new, doesn’t it? I recently bought their Modern Snap Back Backpack to use instead of my regular shoulder bags. It fits my 13-inch MacBook Pro, agenda, and cycling shoes rather nicely with room to spare.

    After three months, it’s safe to say that I am as in love with my Jawbone Up as much as I was when I first bought it. The sleek fitness tracker has helped me monitor my steps, heart rate, and sleeping habits. Overall, it has served as a stellar fitness companion.”

    PAIGE: “I was eating this vegan kale caesar salad when we were shooting. It ended up in the photo because I’ve been having the same meal throughout midterms—roughly 7 days. C’mon, shiitake mushrooms that taste like bacon bits? Next level shit.”




    Products we haul everywhere



    PAULA: “Now that I’m obsessed if not slightly paranoid with skincare, I’ve made it my mission to avoid getting sunspots and other unnecessary blemishes. As a result, I’ve gravitated towards sunless tanning products that can help me fake a sun-kissed glow. I came across James Read in my quest to find the perfect, super-easy-to-use solution to my pale skin woes. Their face and body products are made without parabens, sulfates, or phthalates. How amazing is that?

    Lano lips is an Australian beauty company that swears by the magical healing and hydrating properties of lanolin. After using their 101 Ointment to help heal a scrape on my upper lip from that one unfortunate time I accidentally fell on my face, I can say this product truly works wonders. Best of all, the products are for sale at a super affordable price point.

    For someone whose dewey makeup can get too dewey halfway through the day, I’ve found Too Cool For School’s Dear Brachisuarous Blotting Paper to be super helpful at minimizing the oily sheen around my t-zone area.”

    PAIGE: “I read about this lip mask online and ordered it from Amazon. It comes with the cutest applicator brush. I put it on every night and wake up with soft, plump lips. My friends realized how high maintenance I really am when I brought it on the plane with me when we went to Europe.”




    (and accessories) Chris Swears by



    CHRIS: “I love this Calvin Klein tee not only because the ‘C’ and ‘K’ serve as a nod to my initials, but because it’s also a graphic tee that pairs well with everything. I just love how it goes so well with black jeans, blue jeans, and anything really.

    Lately, I’ve been relying on this Adidas hair band. Because I’ve been going to spin class everyday, this band, with its rubberized inside, does an amazing job keeping my very long hair out of my face.”



  • Your Spring Break Checklist Simplified

    What to Pack

    Spring Break 101

    Hi, LoDown fam! Brittany, here, reporting live from a happy island!

    So, here I am, sitting by the pool in Aruba, where it might just be my last official spring break before entering the real world, soaking in the sun, sea, and salty glory. As you know, I’m the girl who’s all about being prepared outfit-wise. Some may call it low-key neuroticism, but I believe in the importance of knowing the in’s and out’s of what you may need to wear at a given time or place. Whether your next trip is a destination with friends on a booze cruise or a quiet weekend with loved ones, wine glass in hand and comfy lounge chairs near by, I’m here to help make packing easier.

    To be completely honest, packing has never been something I prided myself on. I either manage to do the best and most organized packing job with both a day and night outfit prepared for each day so that I don’t fuss, or I tend to fail and pack every single thing that I think I’d wear but end up not touching. So, please take it from me, the girl who swore she’d wear that dress, cover-up, and bathing suit, in the first if not second day of her trip—the girl who obviously ended up casting all three of those things aside—to pack lightly when I say pack lightly!

    Think simple and easy. You’re never going to see the people you meet on vacation ever again—unless you want to—so try to have the overall experience overshadow your destination wardrobe. Browse below for some of my top cover up, bathing suit, and nighttime outfit picks that will keep you comfortable all break long. Oh, and don’t forget about the sunscreen and moisturizer! You want a long lasting healthy glow, not a short-lived red-lobster glow 😉

  • TheLoDown