• Why You Should Own a Pair of House Shoes

    Do you own a pair of house shoes? I didn’t for the longest time, but because I’m MY OWN WOMAN (hello, ladies) I decided that I wanted a pair. Doing what I want to do is the best part of being a grown-up. So, I began the hunt for a really original pair until I stumbled upon a pair that are SO comfortable that I wear them constantly. I’m also thrilled they aren’t a pair of slippers, because getting dressed in real clothing is important, duh. I tend to work from home a lot, so getting dressed like a real adult can be especially important because going down a road of constant PJ action just isn’t so good for the brain.

    So YES, house shoes are a thing. This pair, the Margeret from Kork-Ease, obviously, may be worn outside and of course I do, because why would I not? They’re alternatively hip and that’s why I like them. A flat lace-up shoe is everywhere right now, but one that feels a bit off-duty such as these really ease in to any outfit, whether it’s one at home or for the weekend at brunch. 

    I’m especially into Kork-Ease right now because of the #OriginalYou movement they have going on. Their styles are unique, and perfect for the individual woman who knows who she is, what she wants. So go get ’em and be original!

    As you can see, I’m excellent at being a fully-dress, house-shoe wearing adult taking a moment out of my busy day to relax and reflect on how many emails I have sitting in my inbox. 

    Another exemplary shot of why a chic and comfortable house shoe is important – because they make your Instagram photos look way more dope when all you have is your beige-colored house house as a back-drop. I love how moody I’m making it all seem here. Definitely doing ME, ME, ME.

    One more lounging shot for the win! Look at that spread from toe to top of head. Impressive, I think.  But – in all seriousness I love these shoes and that’s why I wrote this post. I don’t really like being barefoot around the house all the time, especially with a puppy who tracks in dirt from the city. These have never given me a blister, look cute with pretty much anything, and have soles that are literally bouncy they’re so comfortable. I think they are an original approach to a house shoe (or anytime shoe) and perhaps you’ll feel the same way with them on your feetsies. Do you, girl – the #OriginalYou.

    I highly recommend.  Until next time, gals.

    You can get these dreams for $130 from Kork-Ease right here.

  • Is Both Fashionable and Comfortable Footwear A Thing?

    We all have that pair of shoes that we love, we wear them to a fancy dinner, but literally must hobble from Uber to event. At the event, you always look for the closest bench, or search out your table and just stick to it all night. You’ll stand up for a full-length photo of course, but in reality, your feet are dying inside.

    Since moving to New York 5 years ago, I’ve learned the hard and painful way about which footwear options suit me best. The answer is that the most comfortable ones are the dopest…but that doesn’t always lead to a stylish choice. When athleisure became a thing a few years ago, I breathed many sighs of relief for my feet. They had spent YEARS squished into 5 inch heels during my Los Angeles days, and I was thrilled to put the horror behind me. The good news is, in 2017, there are footwear brands that are on the same page as I am, churning out styles that are cloud-like in comfort, but also look gewwwwd walkin’ down the street.

    When it comes to choices, I like to be original. Style is unique to the individual and there is something so satisfying and powerful when you get to make choices – especially fun fashion ones! I’m especially into Kork-Ease right now because of the #OriginalYou movement they have going on. I love everything they have, and perfect for the individual woman who knows who she is, what she wants. So go get ’em and be original!

    Par exemple – peep these sky blue wedges called the Lawton from the Kork-Ease brand – one of the good ones I’m talking about the combine style and comfort.

    I could get from the East Village to Tribeca in these in no problem (about 2 miles). The soles of the shoes have this cushion-like padding that makes it feel like you’re standing on one of those funny kitchen mats that are super comfortable. Know what I’m talking about? All of the shoes from Kork-Ease are comfortable in this way (I own a few pairs) and they’re some of my favorite walking shoes.

    I like that a wedge such as the Lawton is really versatile – a shoe that can assist when wearing a pair of high-waisted 70s jeans to get you off the ground – and a shoe that is fit to be shown off with a pair of cropped pants or a skirt. These would even look great with just a bathing suit and a button down lounging next to the pool (can’t wait for summertime obviously).

    Last but not least I wanted to touch on the monochrome-esque-ness of this outfit. I usually go for all-black ensembles, but the blue on these Kork-Ease is just such a pretty color that I felt it would compliment these Easter Blue cropped pants and dusty-blue duster jacket for my stroll through the city. I’ve been loving putting together outfits created from a single color family.

    You can get these great wedges for $165 at Kork-Ease by clicking right here. Be You, the #OriginalYou!

    To read my interview with Kork-Ease and learn more about the #OriginalYou movement, visit their blog here.


  • The Sleeve Detail

    I am a student at The Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. Throughout my undergraduate career, I have learned so much. In fact, I have taken countless classes that explain the fashion industry as a business and I’ve also taken classes that study sleeves in great detail—yes, sleeves.

    Do you know how many different sleeve styles there are?

    Here’s a hint: there’s more than one. To name a few, there’s the Bell, Peasant, Puff, Bishop, Juliet, and Dolman. Yup, you’ve guessed it. The list continues.

    Sleeve details are one of my favorite trends. The trend is currently dominating fast fashion and I LOVE IT! I personally prefer wearing a great sleeve in either the spring or summer season so that it doesn’t get lost behind my jackets or coats. Bring on the warmer weather, Mother Nature! A detailed sleeve is truly an epic fashion statement.

    I generally like to think of the sleeve as an added accessory. When wearing a shirt that includes this trend, I avoid bracelets or rings to keep the focus on my top rather than my jewelry. I also try not to spend a lot of money when purchasing a shirt with this dramatic concept because I prefer to invest in staple or basic pieces. One typically wears this type of shirt a few times before it is quickly remembered by friends and family. I can only get away with wearing it so many times before I look like a serial outfit repeater. Yes, the struggles of a true fashion gal.

    If I haven’t already sold you on the sleeve detail trend I will now. A sleeve statement can be worn on a dress or a jacket too! It does not have to be strictly limited to tops.

    The dramatic sleeve is a chic look—picture yourself with a sleek updo and fitted pants, with that perfect sleeve hanging over each hand. Here are of few photos of me braving yesterday’s snowstorm wearing a Zara striped bell sleeve top!

    With Love,
    Ashley Attianese
    Image result for instagram icon@ashleyattianese

  • This Is How You Ace Street Wear Athleisure FTW

    Shhh! I have a secret to share with you. If you don’t already participate in this world-wide trend, grab your workout gear because leggings are so “in.”

    Comfortable AND trendy? Yes, girl! These two words are currently redefining modern fashion. How amazing is it that you can roll out of bed, throw on a pair of Lulus, run out the door, and still be fashionable?

    Athleisure, casual clothing designed to be worn for both exercising and general use, has spotlighted brands like Adidas, Nike, Tory Sport, Fabletics, Alo, and Lulu Lemon. Pair your sports bra with a leather jacket, some pants, heels and voilà! You’re ready to walk out the door.

    As easy as that sounds, however, there’s still an art to dressing street chic. Baggy shirts and baggy pants, for example, create a generally sloppy look. Heels and sweats, on the other hand, can very much say “I’m doing the walk of shame.”  The idea is to mix and match pieces to avoid looking messy. If you’re wearing a looser shirt, try a fitted pair of pants. If you want to look edgy, accessorize with fun jewelry.

    Should you need inspiration, celebrities like Gigi and Bella Hadid and Rhianna are known for their effortless street wear!

    With Love,
    Ashley Attianese
    Image result for instagram icon@ashleyattianese

  • How to Make the Most of Your Winter Outfit Look Good, Feel Good, and Do Good!

    As much as you’d like to pack away your winter coats, don’t just yet! It’s crucial you make the most out of your last few chilly-weather outfits.

    We all know the trick to dressing for colder weather—layering (and lots of it!) No, I don’t mean layering in sweatpants and hoodies. Although, I’ll admit that the frostiness is a perfect excuse to wear all things comfy. But, if you actually take the time to get dressed, I promise you’ll be more ready (and productive) to take on any windy, winter day.

    Look good, feel good, and do good. Adopt this mantra stat!

    Read More

  • How to Style Your Winter Shoes

    Winter is coming…

    …to an end so let’s make the most of our seasonal shoes! If you haven’t already (I know, I know, the season’s almost over), weatherproof your boots. Doing so will keep them clean and wearable all season long!

    While a snow boot may seem like it’s dragging your entire outfit down, the right pair can actually add glamour to an already chic outfit. As I often tell my friends, a practical mid-calf snow boot is the way to go. Pair it with a trendy bottom—think leather pants—and your practical outfit will be immediately elevated!

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  • Oscars Best Dressed 89th Academy Awards

    Hollywood may have given its nods to the film industry’s very best at last night’s 89th annual Academy Awards, but I’m here, this morning, to give my opinions on the evening’s best and worst-dressed stars.

    More often than not, the glamour—front and center—on the event’s red carpet is enough to make any at-home viewer ooh and ahh in anticipation for the night to come. Unfortunately, however, the oohs and ahhs can also turn into ewws.

    Here’s my lodown on the night!

    Best Dressed

    Olivia Culpo: Custom Marchesa gown which was made to support @Water to shine a spotlight on the global water crisis.


    Image result for hailee steinfeld oscars

    Hailee Steinfeld: She nailed it, this dress is incredible, effortless, perfect gown. She proved a soft, floral, pretty gown can make such a bold statement on the Red Carpet. Wearing Ralph and Russo Couture.


    Sofia Carson: Hollywood glam redefined, wearing Monique Lhuillier


    Jessica Biel: Wearing Kaufman Franco, in a very slim fitting glitter gown. This amazing Tiffany And Co necklace truly makes a statement as well as adding the perfect finishing touch.


    Alicia Vikander: This gorgeous, romantic Louis Vuitton gown looks impeccable on her, the simple tiered lace and ruffle detail makes a large statement. She made a great choice with the minimal makeup and bold diamond necklace


    Worst Dressed

    Rapheala Neihausen: The garden of flowers that should not have bloomed on the Red Carpet. Wearing Marchesa


    89th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals : News Photo

    Helen Lasichanh: This was a awful from head to toe. very odd choice for the Oscars.


    Leslie Mann: This Zac Posen dress may have not been the best choice for the Oscars but it would be a perfect Beauty And The Beast dress up gown.


    Image result for Allison Schroeder oscars 2017

    Allison Schroeder: She may have tried to go for a patriotic look but she should have done America a favor and wore something else. Wearing Leanne Marshall


    Janelle Monae: Her Elie Saab dress has way to much going on. There is a lot of potential for this gown if it had a few pieces such as the sides, and belt taken off. Less is more!


    With Love,
    Ashley Attianese

  • Who Doesn’t Love a Good Sock Heel? Especially These Ones!

    The weather in New York has been incredibly unpredictable this past week. One day it feels like spring, and the next day I’m quickly reminded we’re only halfway through winter. At least the sun is now setting a little on the later side. It’s been quite nice taking Blue out on his evening walks when there’s still light out!

    Like I mentioned in my last post, I’m a comfort-first kind of girl. On days when I’m not too sure how the weather’s going to hold up, I always opt for an ensemble that’s smart-chic—one that will keep me warm if the temperature suddenly drops, or one that can also be modified the other way if the weather miraculously warms up.

    When conquering the unpredictable, I layer.

    Given how nice and toasty I already was in my Wolford turtle-neck bodysuit and trusty Levi’s jeans, I probably could have done without my Theory tweed wrap coat. But, with the weather in mind and errands to run, I couldn’t leave my apartment without a soft, comfortable jacket, that pulled everything together and elevated my otherwise casual look.

    These Christian Louboutin sock heels, are, in my very humble opinion, to die for—mainly because they’re super comfortable to walk in. Yup, you read that right the first time! Louboutin heels are beautiful, yes, but comfortable? Not always. I couldn’t resist picking up this pair when I realized I could actually move around in them!

    Oh, and style trick! If you’re more on the petite end of the human height spectrum, cuff your jeans! The little extra touch makes a big difference. Your jeans will look like they were made for you.

    A minimal base or outfit is really the way to go.

    You can always dress your look up with accessories. I just grabbed a pair of Krewe sunglasses before heading out the door.

    Ear climbers are also a great way to add finishing touches. Mine are from Graziela Gems.

    So, yes, if you’re having a little trouble navigating the unpredictable—weather, obligations, and life—I hope this look will help you take fashion challenges off the plate.

    Let me know what you think of if you have any specific looks you’d like to see! x


  • Don’t You Love a Statement Coat? Street Style is Back!

    I have mixed feelings about winter.  I love snow—especially when it’s fresh and falling—but I hate when it sits on New York City sidewalks collecting dust, dirt, and grime.  I love the cooler weather because it lends to layering and experimenting with different fabrics, but I hate the extra windy days because it makes the temperature at least 10 degrees colder.  I love the five-or-so months it’s considered “appropriate” (if not necessary) to wear a coat.  Yup, I do!  No extra conditions, no “ifs,” no “buts.”

    I love a good coat.  Don’t you?

    If I described my style in one word, it would probably be “laid back.” “Chill,” in my opinion, has always been “in.” Minus the color palette and appropriate accessories (bags, jewelry, and shoes), I’ve always prioritized comfort. I am more confident when I’m comfortable with what I’m wearing. Often times, that’s a great pair of jeans, a soft sweater, and some nice kicks, but if I leave my apartment, I like to pull everything together with my outermost layer.

    In this outfit, I’m wearing an IRO mustard coat, a well-loved pair of Levi’s, and super cool green buckle heels from Paul Andrew

    Since moving to New York roughly 7 years ago, I’ve modified my fashion closet significantly.  While I’ve adopted everyone’s general preference for all-black clothing, I still keep statement pieces here and there to add occasional pops of color to any outfit I’m wearing.

    Statement coats, like this boxy over-sized one, are a great way to help keep warm, hide food babies, and pull a look together.  To keep with my low-key theme, I completed my outfit with rings from EF Collection.

    When in doubt, keep it simple, silly!

    For all you creatives, this outfit is perfect for work.  It’s elevated enough to show that you’ve put effort into what you’ve chosen to wear, but it’s also chill, laid-back, and all sorts of comfortable.  If you are stuck with a more rigid dress code for work, this option would also be great for weekend brunchings or afternoons out!

    I like to cuff my jeans because it elongates my petite frame and highlights my heels, but feel free to do you!  Experiment with style and comfort level.  Dressing as who you are is always a work in progress!  Just in case you’re wondering, I opted for a simple Theory nude silk blouse for a top that doesn’t take away from the coat!

    Anyway,  Happy Tuesday, everyone! Let me know what you think of this outfit!


  • run, run, run get moving, like, now

    I’ve been running again.  

    Not as in an easy jog around the neighborhood. I mean full out, heart-pounding, sweat-dripping, running. It feels excellent to be moving, to feel my body in motion, so alive, so powerful as I dart through the cobblestone streets of lower Manhattan. When’s the last time you really moved?

    As a newly minted 30 year old, I’ve been reclaiming hobbies of my youth that have fallen by the wayside with the passage of time. I was a cross-country runner in high school. If I tried really, really, hard I could get a mile behind me in under 6 minutes. Miles 2 and 3 of my races weren’t quite as fast as that first one, but hey, a girl could try. And now all of a sudden, after years of pilates and yoga, even in the brisk temperatures of a winter that’s closing in on us, running is joyful again.

    The best part of rediscovering something you love is the consideration of what to wear when doing said activity (at least if you’re a lady who lights up at the notion of new workout tights like myself). I have stacks of gear that fit the bill, but it sure is fun to treat yourself to a few new items to encourage the flow of motion. For me, I’m a lululemon lover, and for my runs I’ve turned to them to keep me protected from the elements so I can get out there, and just…enjoy.

    Sprinting through Tribeca in the Rest Less 1/4 Zip and Featherlight Tights.

    I love a new black tight, and the transparent panels on the back of the Featherlight, along with an enviable V-shaped crop at the ankle gives some edge to my new go-to. They’re thin without letting in the cold around you, so moving quickly doesn’t feel cumbersome whatsoever. Sweat-proof and quite flattering, I’m going to pick these up in the iridescent color as well.

    Just Keep Running…

    …Just Keep Running…

    To stay warm up top, I LOVE the fittingly named Rest Less 1/4 Zip, especially in this festive pattern and lovely heather grey. It’s really warm without being overwhelmingly thick, just like the tights featured here as well.

    Cruising Down Collister Street.

    A Final Stretch…

    Take it from me, getting outside when it’s chilly is far more invigorating than it is daunting.  Whether you’re running, hiking, rowing, cycling, power-walking, snow-shoe-ing, or whatever-ing, just get out there, like, now.  For your many gear needs, check out some of my other faves from lululemon’s newest collection.


    Photography by Stephanie Cheng.

  • The Power of Pink with bodega flowers, crosswalks, and jelly shoes

    Give me pink or give me death.  

    Now, I know that pink is “in” right now – hello, Glossier ads and sweaters at Barneys – but it’s also my second favorite color (behind orange of course). I’m delighted at the multitude of affordable ways to incorporate soft shades of pink, blush, rose, and nude into my wardrobe as of late, as pink has always held a special place in my heart as the symbol of all things female, sexy, and mysterious.  Yea, I think pink can be mysterious.  A woman in pink most definitely gives you pause.

    Today I’ve paired a slick pair of light pink trousers with a long, navy coat for warmth against the brutal winds coming off the Hudson River, and a basic white turtleneck. To finish the look I’ve added a pair of clear, jelly sandals that are the opposite of sensible. Who needs comfort when you have the sauciest of shoes on your feet, daring the almost freezing temperatures to tickle your toes?

    Jelly, or Jam, These Shoes are Sweet.

    I’m off to the bodega in this outfit…

    …because whether you’re running a quick errand to pick up some of the city’s most affordable tulips, peonies, and baby’s breath or you’re heading into a meeting with your boss, a smart pair of trousers matched with an oversized coat really won’t do you wrong.

    Roses for the win.

    Home I went, flowers in hand, eager to get them into fresh water so they’d make it a day longer than anticipated.  I think they lasted for an entire week – not bad for bodega buds.  The sweetest part of my day and this outfit?  Shoe envy.

    Explore more ways to incorporate pink into your everyday look with some of my favorite pink pieces of the moment, right here…


    Photography by Stephanie Cheng.

  • Meet Carine Roitfeld’s Digital Director ray siegal, the maven of CR Fashion Book, talks work and love

    Hello, Gorgeous.

    Ray Siegal

    Ray Siegal is our special guest on Lady Lovin’ this week. She is one of those girls you dream of being friends with.  Brains for days, soft-spoken, tall, and beautiful.  She glides into Greta’s apartment wearing a

    tracksuit, turtleneck, and long trench coat,

    somehow making it all work, and instantly becomes the chicest woman in the room.  And no wonder – she has the background for it: 10 years of publishing experience under her belt that began in the fashion closet at Vanity Fair.  She is a writer, and instantly jumps into her story of her career, what led her to Carine Roitfeld, the French version of Anna Wintour, and how she manages the daily publishing of CR Fashion Book.

    She tells me she is one of two who manage the site,

    and I’m amazed at her obvious work ethic and love of her craft.  CR Fashion Book publishes up to 5 pieces of new content daily, and it’s an undertaking that would seem mammoth in size to most people.

    After we chat work life, we chat love life. The digital director is newly married to the man she has dated for 10 years, and she glows when she speak about him.  For more of Ray and her story, tune in to this week’s episode of Lady Lovin right here.


    The Lady Lovin’ podcast is your source for female empowerment.  I host alongside my two best pals Jilly Hendrix and Greta Titelman, tackling a variety of topics from Relationships and Sex, to Health & Wellness to Business and Start Ups.  Join us every Monday as we interview some of your favorite entrepreneurs, comedians, and activists and answer all of your “need to know questions”.  Lady Lovin’ is all about inspiring women to stay true to who they are, loving the skin you’re in and the life you live. New episodes every Monday on iTunes.
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