• Talk with the Doc: Dr. Lindsay Appel, OB/GYN

    Welcome to “Talk with the Doc” – a new series brought to you by Love Wellness that has our favorite medical professionals answering our health questions and addressing curiosities and common misconceptions.

    With women’s health issues on the minds of 50% of the American population (not to mention women worldwide), we felt it appropriate to have a straight-forward, no B.S. chat about our vaginas with an award-winning OB/GYN. Meet Dr. Lindsay Appel, OB/GYN at Mercy Medical Center in Baltimore, MD.

    Hi Dr. Appel!  Thanks for chatting with us today.  Can you tell us the most common reasons that women come in to see you at your practice?

    As an OB/GYN, I see women for a variety of reasons including pregnancy, annual exams, and “problem visits”.  One of the most common reasons for a “problem visit” is concern about vaginal itching, irritation, dryness, and changes in vaginal discharge.

    Do you find that for a lot of women yeast infections and BV are a common, recurring problem?
    I often see women who are being diagnosed and treated for multiple yeast and bacterial infections in a single year.  Many times, the diagnosis is being made based on symptoms only or in an urgent care setting.  Women come to me feeling frustrated with constantly feeling uncomfortable or requiring multiple medications.
    If so, why do you think that is?
    For one, there are a lot of products (soaps, lotions, lubricants) out there that are marketed towards women that contain harsh chemicals which can increase the risk of vaginal and vulvar irritation.  The vagina has naturally occurring bacteria which helps keep it clean, and using products that contain ingredients that decrease “good” bacteria can increase infection rates.
    keepintouch What works for them?  A lot of women get trapped in a cycle of using an antibiotic for one issue, then needing an antifungal for an issue that occurs because of antiobiotic use, and so on.
    Sometimes, I see patients who are diagnosed with a bacterial infection based on symptoms alone and then treated with antibiotics.  As soon as they finish the antibiotic treatment, a yeast infection develops and antifungal medications is prescribed.  As a physician, its important to me to know what I am treating before I treat it, which can decrease unnecessary use of antibiotics and/or antifungal medications.  Eliminating the use of harsh chemicals in the vagina is essential to improving vaginal health.  Also, increasing natural bacteria in the vagina using oral probiotics is very helpful in reducing infection rates.
    Can you give us your opinion on the use of boric acid as a treatment for the relief of yeast infections and BV?
    Boric acid suppositories are an excellent alternative for women who have failed traditional treatment methods for bacterial and yeast infection or suffer from recurrent infection.  One of the difficulties I have had in prescribing boric acid is that it often needs to be either purchased at a compounding pharmacy or made into a capsule by the patient herself which can be burdensome, especially because many women would like to be discreet when performing vaginal hygiene.
    Is boric acid safe to use during pregnancy?  While nursing?
    Unfortunately, there is very little data regarding the safety of boric acid suppositories in pregnancy or while breastfeeding.
    In general, what do you recommend to patients who are looking to improve their overall health?
    I often recommend the use of probiotics to help support naturally occurring gut and vaginal flora, and improve baseline vaginal health. In addition, I recommend avoiding products that contain harsh chemicals or glycerin because this can definitely increase the risk of vaginal infections, especially yeast infections.
    Do you believe that natural formulations are safer to use than drugstore brands? Do you find that patients have success with them?
    Again, there are a lot of products on the market that contain harsh chemicals which can increase the risk of vaginal irritation and infection.  Using gentle, natural formulations on the external vagina can decrease irritation and infection risk.  I have seen many women with improvement in symptoms simply with eliminating harsh detergents, cleansers, and lotions from their regimen.
    We know that the vagina cleans itself internally.  Used externally, are pH balanced cleansers and wipes made with natural ingredients safe to use?  A lot of women, and doctors for that matter, have different opinions about this and we wanted to get your thoughts.  There is a lot of confusion regarding the correct use of these products. 
    Yes, when used externally, it is safe to use pH balanced cleansers and wipes.  When used internally, these cleansers can actually change the pH and decrease the “good” natural bacteria in the vagina and increase infection risk.  Basically, when used internally, these products don’t allow the vagina to be self-cleaning.
    Would you recommend Love Wellness to your patients who are looking for natural alternatives to improve their overall health?
    I would absolutely recommend Love Wellness to patients.  For many women, talking about their vaginas and/or vaginal hygiene causes them to feel embarrassed or afraid that it is taboo.  I think it’s great that Love Wellness is encouraging women to play an active role in maintaining vaginal hygiene in a natural way.  It’s also great to have a more accessible resource for boric acid vaginal suppositories.
    Thank you for your time and support, Dr. Appel!  We wish you the very best.

    About Dr. Appel, OB/GYN: 

    Dr. Lindsay Appel earned her medical degree and completed her Residency in the Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Reproductive Sciences at the University of Maryland School of Medicine where she received multiple awards, including recognition for excellence in teaching. 

    Dr. Lindsay Appel has participated in several OB-GYN research presentations at professional conferences, including the American Congress of Obstetrics and Gynecology Annual Clinical Meeting.

  • Have You Tried This Doctor-Recommended Yeast and BV Relief?

    Make like NSYNC and say it with me: Bye bye bye!

    Suffering from a yeast infection or BV? Suffer no more. The Killer is made of a naturally occurring mineral found in sea water and gently yet effectively relieves oneself of pesky female infections (especially chronic ones).

    Previously only available with a prescription, we’re now bringing you 100% medical grade boric acid (that’s the mineral we’re talkin’ bout) as an over-the-counter remedy.

    The Killer works by bringing your vaginal pH back to its normal state, killing off all the bad guys that are so tricky to get rid of!

    When used over the course of 7 days or as a spot treatment for a minor flare-up, this product is our favorite for relieving a vaginal yeast or BV infection that’s resistant to traditional methods, or for those suffering from chronic infections. Never insert a messy cream ever again!


  • What To Do When You Have a Problem “Down There”

    Okay, TMI time: I have had a yeast infection before.

    But is it really TMI?

    Haven’t most women experienced the discomfort once in their lives?

    I have one friend who insists she has never had anything “weird” happen down there —God Bless Her—but if you’re in the same category I’m in (UTIs, BV, and other mysterious ailments), you’re probably frustrated by the endless cycle of anti-biotic and antifungal treatments prescribed by your doctor.

    In fact, I often find that these “cures” exacerbate my problems. Why did I buy that damn Monistat in the first place? While marked “safe for women,” they’re filled with chemicals like propelyne glycol (a culprit on the Dirty Dozen list). Makes you wonder who gave these products the green light, doesn’t it? Bottom line: there’s a lot to be desired when it comes to feminine wellness.

    I’ve suffered long enough.

    A doctor once told me I “just have bad plumbing” and I should “learn to deal with the hand I’m dealt.”

    I’m sorry, but it’s 2016 and women’s health, including my own, cannot and should not be so cut and dry.

    Inspired by my personal frustrations with what’s readily available, not to mention the it-is-what-it-is attitude amongst some old-school medical practitioners, I’ve created Love Wellness, a new line of natural, doctor-recommended products that target common issues most women face down there.

    The collection includes products that work on their own and together to relieve treatment-resistant, tricky infections. They also help to maintain health from the inside out. Best if all, women can finally clean their bodies safely with pH balanced wipes and cleansers.

    The Killer (boric acid suppositories) and Good Girl Probiotics

    The Killer (boric acid suppositories) and Good Girl Probiotics

    Developed based on the recommendations of medical specialists and nutritionists that have helped me conquer my “bad plumbing” over the years, Love Wellness features a line of solutions that are natural. Our Killer, for example, features boric acid, a mineral found in seawater that is used to treat yeast infections when go-to traditional methods fail. Our favorite OB/GYN, Dr. Lindsay Appel, notes that

    “Boric acid suppositories are an excellent alternative for women who have failed traditional treatment methods for bacterial and yeast infection or suffer from recurrent infection.  One of the difficulties I have had in prescribing boric acid is that it often needs to be either purchased at a compounding pharmacy or made into a capsule by the patient herself which can be burdensome, especially because many women would like to be discreet when performing vaginal hygiene.”


    Besides compounding boric acid, we’ve also formulated doctor-recommended probiotics made with the same bacteria that naturally occur in the vagina to help maintain good gut health.

    Fun fact: did you know that the gut is the home of the our immune system and has a huge influence on what’s happening in the vagina?

    That said, if the bacteria is compromised, whether in the gut or the vagina, you can expect things to be thrown off.

    Do It All Wipes and pH Balancing Cleanser

    Do It All Wipes and pH Balancing Cleanser

    Our pH balanced products, on the other hand, are great ways to help maintain cleanliness. Made with soothing coconut oil, our Do It All Wipes  are perfect for cleansing on the go and our all-natural pH Balancing Cleanser is great for both quick and long showers.

    Before you go wild on me here, note that WE KNOW the vagina is self-cleaning.

    Internally it takes care of itself. Nothing in our line aims to change that. The cleansing products we’ve created are for external use only. They take care of the skin and surrounding area a woman may wish to wash.

    So, Lo, how safe is it to use externally?

    According to Dr. Appel,

    “When used externally, it is safe to use pH balanced cleansers and wipes.  When used internally, these cleansers can actually change the pH and decrease the ‘good’ natural bacteria in the vagina and increase infection risk.  Basically, when used internally, these products don’t allow the vagina to be self-cleaning.”

    In short, it’s okay to use a little more than warm water externally when the product is natural and pH-balanced.

    Perfect Condition Vitamin, Good Girl Probiotics, and Blue Tea

    Perfect Condition Vitamin, Good Girl Probiotics, and Blue Tea

    All in all, my overall goal with Love Wellness is to provide women with natural alternatives to cure what ails them.  There’s a movement among women, especially in online communities (one that I hope jumps beyond the internet), to turn to natural products and ingredients to help maintain longterm health and treat chronic infections.  We’re taking that mindset to the masses with our collection and we believe that what we’re offering provides a 360 approach to do so.

    We’ve already received countless notes from new customers who are having great results.  One of my favorites is below, from Sarah W, a Clinical Psychologist:

    “I just wanted to take a moment to express how incredible your products have been for me. I’m 31 and have been prone to chronic infections for the greater part of my adult life. I’m very sensitive to most medications, and I’ve often felt like my doctors have been quick to prescribe strong steroid medications that only exacerbate the issues I’ve had. I purchased your boric acid, probiotics, cleansing wipes, and vitamins, and in less than a week my body is feeling better than it has in years. I’m a psychologist and appreciate the importance of a holistic approach to health, and wanted to sincerely thank you for creating a really incredible line of products for women like me. I wish you the best of luck with your business and will encourage all of my friends to try your products!”

    Sarah, we’re so excited to have you on board and we appreciate your support in spreading our message of good, natural health for all women!

    If you want to give Love Wellness a try, use my favorite coupon code, LADYLOVIN for 15% off your purchase!  Thanks for tuning in.


  • Will Probiotics Make Your Vag Happier?

    Happy Vag, Happier You!

    Did you know that good bacteria occurs naturally in the vagina and helps keep things happy down there? They maintain pH levels and fight infections, so consider them a girl’s best friend.

    We’ve formulated ours to have 1 billion CFUs per capsule.

    When you’ve had an infection or your pH is out of whack, your bacteria count is low so recolonizing what’s happening there helps get your groove back. Insert them vaginally for spot treatments when necessary and take them orally everyday as well. Why? Because it’s been proven that the gut is the home of the immune system so maintaining a healthy link between your vagina and your gut is critical for consistent wellness.


  • Why You Should #TakeCareDownThere

    If you’re already working out, eating right, and taking care of your face, why wouldn’t you #TakeCareDownThere? 

    As a woman who has suffered from tricky feminine health issues, creating Love Wellness has been a personal goal of mine for some time.  Up until now, maintaining good feminine health hasn’t been a straightforward endeavor due to a lack of resources available—from educational materials to clean, natural products formulated to specifically address a woman’s unique biology.


    Love Wellness is here to change the status quo for good, driven by a personal mission to gain control over my body and health.

    We’ve created issue-specific, high-quality formulations made from natural ingredients that relieve women of infections like yeast and BV, and go a step further to address the root causes behind the most common issues women face.


    Delivered in a system of steps, the Love Wellness line erases infections, cleanses without disrupting pH, delivers superior probiotics and nutrients that help to maintain feminine wellness, and allows women to get intimate without worrying about harsh topicals disrupting their natural environment.  Our products are simple, safe, natural, and doctor recommended.  Best of all?  They actually work.


  • Why You Need a Little White Dress

    Dress to Impress

    In a Little White Dress!

    While the Little White Dress isn’t exactly the Little Black Dress, it’s still a summer staple perfect for any occasion–day or night. Think of it as the necessary warmer weather counterpart to its formidable older sister. Both, in my opinion, are impossible to live without.


    Even though the color white is hardly a fan favorite, its magical slimming properties close to none, the LWD comes in a plethora of styles. Chances are, you’ll find one that flatters your body type.


    Worn at a cookout or rooftop brunch, a LWD will keep you feeling cool and light as the temperature continues to rise.
    Here are a few of my favorites!
    Feature image via Clochet
  • Everyone Needs a #ScrubDay

    Hello, Gorgeous

    So you want to know what’s up with a #ScrubDay?  It’s a day just to reset – to do what you love, eat well, get some exercise, and get down with a facial scrub in an effort to find your head to toe radiance for the week ahead.

    I like to do a weekly #ScrubDay on Mondays, the day of the week that most people hate but I choose to love.  Mondays don’t have to be the worst if you see them in a new light, as a day of opportunity instead of the marker of a long week ahead.  If you feel your best on a Monday, then Tuesday, Wednesday, and so on will flow by just as nicely.  Here are my #ScrubDay activities – leave me yours in the comments below!



    My favorite scrub is the classic: St. Ives which is why I’m excited to be working with them!  I love the original Fresh Skin Apricot Scrub but I recently picked up other varieties like Even & Bright Pink Lemon and Mandarin Orange Scrub (for polishing) and the Blackhead Clearing Green Tea Scrub.  I love how each of them smells and I have a scrub in every bathroom (including the bathrooms in my beach house for guests to use).  It’s fun to hear about and see the glow my friends enjoy from the products I’ve left them.

    I scrub more than once a week but Monday definitely is my favorite #ScrubDay because it helps get me into my week in a really nice way.




    Getting out the door to the gym early on a Monday morning is critical not only for my day but for my week.  Exercising at the start of my week resets the tone for the rest of it and makes it easier to keep moving everyday afterwards.  I always notice that if I take a few days off it’s so much harder to maintain my regime so I make a point to get my butt in gear on #ScrubDay (plus it feels great to scrub after a great workout).

    Get Outside!!!



    Getting outside and enjoying part of the day is something I love to do.  I recently took up gardening (I know, I’m really am turning into my Mother and I love it) and it’s a quiet part of the day I spend with myself reflecting on what’s going on in my life.  I have a little garden on the roof of my building in Manhattan and a small vegetable garden at our beach house.  Taking care of plants, growing them, keeping them alive, and reaping the benefits of that care through healthy vegetables provides me with a quiet pleasure and understanding of the earth that calms my mind and soul.  If you haven’t tried gardening, give it a go!

    Eat Well!!!



    Eating really well is a huge part of my #ScrubDay Mondays.  If I don’t start the week off on the right food when it comes to nutrition, chances are I may give in to eating delicious Chinese food from the restaurant next door more than once a week.  A healthy and energy boosting smoothie is my breakfast of choice on a Monday morning that’s full of berries, a small handful of almonds, and a scoop of protein powder.  I avoid dairy and sweeteners in my smoothies because it’s easy to rack up hidden calories and go overboard on the sugar.

    Get a (Little) Done Up!!!


    After I’ve exercised and exfoliated to give my skin a soft, smooth base nothing makes me feel better on a Monday than allowing myself a few minutes to apply some minimal make-up so that I look and feel my best.  I’m a beauty lover and not afraid to tell the world that some mascara, blush, and an eyebrow pencil are powerful tools in upping my self-confidence.  Once I have a little bit of a face on I leave the gym and enter my day feeling powerful and great about what I’ve accomplished so far.  It’s okay to love yourself, people and if make-up is a part of that, more power to ya.


    So – that’s it!  A #ScrubDay is a day for yourself, to re-energize your body and soul by taking really great care of yourself.  I love Mondays to be my #ScrubDay because I feel like it allows me to optimize my week mentally, but any day of the week (or many days) will do the trick also.  I’d love to know some of the ways you take care of yourself (maybe I’ll add them to my routine) so let me know in the comments!



  • How to Ace the Lingerie Trend

    Slip Me On

    And Strut!

    I don’t know if you’ve heard, but summer’s officially here! That said, I’m making a strong case for the lingerie dress trend.


    Before you chew my head off with a moan, groan, or “Britt, not the pajama style again,” hear me out! Slip dresses are tasteful, chic, and super comfortable to wear in the scorching summer heat. Your sweat glands will thank you. While pajama tops may have been “a thing” this past fall, slip dresses and street style lingerie have just upped the wear-what-you-wear-to-sleep-but-now-wear-it-out ante.


    If wearing skimpy sleepwear outdoors freaks you out, take a deep breath. Know that when done right, the style can elude sexy sophistication. Pair a lacy top with denim bottoms, a leather jacket, and a nice pair of gladiators. Voilà! You’re good to go.


    Still wading the waters? Opt for a silky camisole!

  • Denim Pieces You Need This Summer

    Denim is the holy grail of summer dressing. Why, you may ask? Because it’s easy to dress both up and down! Everything goes with denim, even denim. Like, hello, Canadian tux!

    Of all the denim-inspired pieces available this season, I’m truly inspired by Gucci’s assortment of embroidered detailing, especially their denim jackets! Popping one on is, without doubt, the best way to stand out in a crowd!

    Denim Jackets


    & Other Denim Gems


    Which is your favorite? Comment below 🙂

  • 3 Summer Hairstyles You Have to Try

    Summer Hair, Don’t Care

    (Okay, Maybe We Should All Care a Little 😛 )

    Summer hairstyles can be tricky create and maintain but they don’t always have to be. Here are three of my favorite looks that pair well with just about any outfit!

    The Top Knot

    If you ask me, the half up, top knot bun is the hottest summer hairstyle this year! My favorite celebrities and fashion bloggers have been rocking it for quite some time now and I’ve been enthusiastically recreating their looks. The best thing about this hairstyle, besides the easiness, of course, is that it works with any and every hair length and type—short, straight, wavy, or curly. Not only does it require minimal product for both creation and maintenance, but it’s also a look that stays put regardless the weather.


    The Double Dutch

    Who would have guessed that braids would make their way back into the limelight? Definitely not me! We have Kim and Khloe Kardashian to thank for the revival though. If you’re looking for a do that will stay put under the scorching summer sun, look no further. The double dutch French braid, while a slightly more time-consuming hairstyle, is one that will last under the June heat and transition cleverly into a more sophisticated look at night.


    The Beach Wave

    Because summertime is all about natural, no makeup makeup and easy effortless hair, my go to style, aside from the top knot bun, is letting my strands fall naturally. Beach waves are a classic, tasteful look that are easy to create and maintain. Depending on your hair type, you might not even need a curling wand!

    Will you be trying out any of these summer hairstyles? What is your go to? Let me know in the comments below!

    Feature image via Tone It Up

  • 4 Ways to Cope with the Pressures of Social Media

    How To Fight FOMO

    Wellness Wednesdays With Blare June

    It’s no secret that many of us enjoy scrolling through our carefully curated Instagram feed of fashion bloggers and style influentials. In fact, our voyeuristic tendencies rarely stop there. Oftentimes, we also enjoy watching exclusive behind-the-scenes Snapchat stories posted by models like Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner.

    The days of looking to only our most stylish, fashionable, and trendy friends for restaurant and clothing recommendations have since been replaced by the option to seek inspiration elsewhere. In this new social media era, we look towards the “Insta-famous” for guidance on what to cook, what to eat, what to wear, and where to travel.

    While there is no denying the many benefits of our vasty improved communication platforms–like how else would you stay in touch with you dear Aunt Lucy?–the endless information that constantly snowballs our way can be overwhelming. It’s not just envying the supposed glamorous life of head cheerleader from our small town that we have to worry about. Instead, we’re reminded by millions of people, those we don’t even know personally, about trips around the world we have yet to take, workout trends we have yet to try, and that engagement ring we have yet to receive.

    What happens when looking at the lives of others starts to affect our own mental well-being and leaves us feeling bummed?

    Here are 4 ways to cope with the pressures of social media!



    (Art: Courtesy of The Beacon)

    “Highlight Reel”

    It’s important to remember that when we scroll through somebody else’s feed, whether it a friend’s or a stranger’s, we are only getting a glimpse of his or her life. In some ways, our quick forays, might not even tell us the situation’s whole truth.

    Because we are all in control of how we wish to be portrayed online, we must not forget that others are afforded the same luxury. In the same way that it’s easier for us to post an adorable picture of a newborn than it is to cough up stories of exhaustion and sleepless nights, it’s equally effortless if not second nature for others to write statuses about their dream homes than the sweat, blood, and tears that went into building it.


    When comparing our “highlight reels” to those of others, we must not forget that there is more than meets the eye. Come on now, we’re all guilty of taking more than one shot for that perfect picture. Next time you’re scrolling through someone else’s glamorous photo feed, think his or her lighting and filter options. Then, chuckle a little, pick yourself up, and move on.

    “An Option for a Reason”

    “Unfollow” and “Block” options can prove quite nifty. Other than using them to block a pervert or unfollow an ex, the buttons can also be used to help maintain your self-esteem. If at any point you find yourself feeling extra bummed reading about the lives of others, it’s totally okay to purge your follow list.

    Do not, however, make the decision impulsively. Just because you’re having a bad day and your cousin’s pictures from her recent trip to St. Barths is ticking you off even more, does not give you the all clear to press unfollow. Take a deep breath, put your technological device down, and go for a walk. It’s always good to take a break from social media before coming back to make a semi-permanent decision.


    (Art: Courtesy of Glasbergen)


    It’s natural for us to gravitate towards different types of feeds. Whether it food recipes, humorous quotes, or fashion posts, we all have our preferences and niches.

    Some accounts may bring you more happiness than others. Be attuned to your feelings. If a fitness guru makes you feel extra bummed about your body, try focusing on a different channel that boasts DIY projects of adorable puppies.


    While I would love to up and quit the pressures social media by hopping on a private jet to an exotic island, the option is not always there. That said, a holiday from social media is still always an option.

    If going on a hiking trip with friends, leave your phone at home. If hanging out at the park, try bringing a book. We don’t need to peace out completely to be on a break. In fact, it’s really just about being mindful of our frequency of use.

    While you may not see your friend’s adorable #OOTD immediately, know that her picture will still be there when you reconnect with your phone.


    Social media is an amazing tool to help us connect with others in ways we never could before. It allows us to receive news almost instantaneously and gain knowledge in a much quicker way than we could have in the past. At the same time, the platform does not replace face-to-face social interaction and it is vital we are mindful of that.

  • Not Your Average Father’s Day Gift Guide

    Happy Father’s Day, Daddy-O

    This one's for you!

    Buying for men is generally a tricky task. Because of that, Father’s Day gift guides are often speckled with their predictable coffee table books and clever gadgets. While those gifts, in their own ways, are great ideas, I believe our Dads deserve a little more thought. Instead of buying them a physical present, or in combination with a tangible gift, why not shake things up and do something different? Parents would much rather spend quality time making memories with their kids!


    Wine Tasting 101 at Chelsea Market 

    Quality time AND wine?! It doesn’t get better than this.


    Father-Daughter Date Night at Alta 

    My favorites from the menu:

    • Bacon Wrapped Dates & Olives stuffed with almonds
    • Lamb Meatballs charred red pepper sauce, soft cooked egg yolk, toasted sesame seeds, lebne
    • Braised Octopus, Carrot & Rainbow Radish Salad citrus cumin dressing, cilantro
    • Crispy Brussels Sprouts fuji apples, crème fraiche, pistachio nuts
    • Grilled Shrimp & Chorizo Skewer avocado mousse, warm garlic & sherry vinaigrette
    • Squid Ink Paella mixed shellfish, chorizo, preserved lemon, guindillas peppers & scallions
    • Red Wine Sangria is a classic here


    Promise to hop his favorite museums 

    He’ll love to do something culture-oriented with you. Pick a nice lunch spot to break up your visits. The Intrepid Sea Ari is a must-see. If you’re around the Museum Mile, we love Via Quadronno for a panini and an espresso. You’ll recognize this UES hotspot from the Gossip Girl days, but  you don’t have to tell him that’s why you picked it 😉 

    Some things you can pick up:

    If he travels a lot, have your siblings pitch in for the ultimate carry-on luggage, courtesy of AWAY Travel

  • How to Master the All White Everything Look

    I’m ’bout to kill ’em this summer

    I'm doin' all white everything

    In my fashion book, the infamous No White After Labor Day rule does not exist. Not only is the etiquette dated and out of style, but it is also too cumbersome and restricting to follow to a T. What are we New York City gals supposed to wear? Black on black under the unforgiving scorching hot summer sun? No thank you.

    I truly believe a girl can do no wrong when decked head to toe in white, especially during the warmer months. White is, by far, the chicest if not most flattering color when styled correctly. This past weekend, for example, I aced the look in a sheer white leotard, a white bralette, and white high-waisted jeans. Not to give myself a well-deserved pat on the back, but I think I looked rather effortlessly polished.


    Ta-Da! What do you think?

    You can, of course, modify my look by swapping out my white pants for shorts, and leotard for flowy blouses. A white jumpsuit or little white dress will also do no wrong.

    Anyway, here are some of my favorite all-white looks.

    Feature image via Peace Love World

  • Why You Should Invest in a Choker

    Fashion’s “It” Necklace

    Has a definite chokehold on me

    If you haven’t already noticed, the choker trend has been on quite the rise. And, truth be told, I’ve had my breath held, unsure of how successful it would all turn out. You see, chokers remind me of my 10-year-old self–a period in time when I thought I could pull off anything because no one courageous enough to tell me otherwise.


    As I sit here, typing away, casually glancing at the six different choker necklaces that hang precariously on my jewelry tree, it’s no secret I’m sold on the marvelous comeback of my favorite 90’s style. Thank you, thank you, Kourtney K.



    Today’s chokers are a huge improvement from their black, stretchy, twisted, plastic wire counterparts. In fact, we’re talking a revolution of velvet, leather, beads and pearls. I mean, they accessorize any outfit, even bathing suits!

    So, if you have yet to purchase one, browse below for some of my favorites. Treat yourself! It’s totally worth it. Your 10-year-old self might even thank you 😉

    Feature image via Modage Styles

  • 5 Signs Your Anxiety Is Getting the Best of You

    How to Acknowledge Your Anxiety

    Wellness Wednesdays With Blare June

    Today, the modern woman juggles a demanding job, a busy household, a plethora of errands, and if time permits (gasp!), a social life. A result of wearing all too many hats, she is often exhausted if not overwhelmed by the endless chores of her everyday life. It doesn’t help, of course, that we, women, are conditioned to uphold this superhuman do-it-all image. Even worse, identifying and dealing with our anxiety—acknowledging the stress caused by our gung-ho mentality—falls to the very bottom of our bottomless to-do list.

    Still, as annoying as feeling nervous is, that jittery feeling is not only normal but also useful in certain situations. Imagine, for example, how difficult studying for a final exam or prepping for a big interview would be if you didn’t feel the slightest bit on edge. While there’s no question anxiety plays an instrumental role in helping us get our butts in gear, anxiety that goes unchecked can lead to idleness and impairment.

    Here are 5 telltale signs that your nerves may be getting the best of you:

    “I feel on edge.”

    Anxiety is not a black or white feeling. It often slides up and down a wide emotions spectrum. Even though we humans require a healthy dose of it to make it through our every day lives, there’s a fine line between what is actually considered “normal ” and what in reality is “disordered.”

    Anxiety is considered to be “disordered” when our worries consume a significant amount of our time causing impairment on our ability to function. While the feeling is hard to describe in words, people have gravitated towards terms like “on edge” and “keyed up” to express their stress.

    It is important to monitor our daily worries to identify potentially drastic changes in our feelings.

    “You are getting under my skin.”

    When our nerves get the best of us, we can often feel bugged by seemingly trivial events. Whether it the coffee line being too long or the ambient music blaring too loud, our ability to cope with everyday stimuli doesn’t function as regularly as it should.

    If you find yourself snapping at your partner or rolling your eyes at your friends–if you find that you’ve become that much more irritable and annoyed at the simplest things–it is a good time to take a deep breath and acknowledge your anxiety.

    “Sorry, can you please repeat that?”

    When we bite off more than we can chew, our minds often drift from the task at hand. A chance in concentration is often a clear indicator of increased stress levels. If you are having a difficult time focusing in class or watching your favorite show on Netflix, it may be time to seek help.

    “I need a massage ASAP!”

    The mind and body are interconnected vessels. When the mind is overwhelmed, the body react accordingly. When our stress levels rise, we may feel actual physical strain. Muscle tension, headaches and an upset stomach are symptoms that identify with stress.

    “If only I got more sleep…”

    When we feel overworked or overwhelmed, our sleep patterns can get disrupted. Naturally, this is your body’s way of telling you to slow down. Depending on the individual, it is vital we get an average of 6-8 hours of sleep per night. Lack of rest can immediately lead to muscle soreness and acute feelings of irritability. Not only may coping with everyday life feel extra difficult, but it may also feel impossible.


    If you or someone you know is suffering from any of the above signs, please seek or have them seek out help from a physician. It can get better. Next week, I’ll be discussing simple exercises you can practice to manage and alleviate your anxiety.

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