• Four Fitness Games You Have to Play

    Hi Everyone!!

    When with friends, games are a great way to get the night started. When solo? Well, they’re just as great a way to pass time!

    So why not get a workout in by playing a game?

    Playing fitness games are the perfect way to stay healthy and fit all while having fun. Here are four games you can play by yourself, with your friends, or even at your next family get together.

    Feel free to customize the moves in each game to make the workout best for you, your friends, or your family.

    Deck of Cards Strength and Cardio Workout

    Number of reps = number on the card. J=11, Q=12, K=13 and A=14.


    Red Cards: Strength
    Diamonds = Push-Ups
    Hearts = Lunges
    Diamond Face Cards = Plank Up/Down
    Hearts Face Cards = Squats
    Black Cards: Cardio
    Spades = Burpees
    Clubs = Butt Kickers
    Spades Face Cards = High Knees
    Clubs Face Cards = Jumping Jacks into Squat

    Flip a Coin Core Workout

    Every move is performed for 30 seconds.



    High Knees
    Bird Dogs
    Plank Jacks
    Mountain Climbers
    Russian Twists
    Plank V-Ups
    Mountain Climbers


    Bicycle Crunches
    High Plank
    Full Sit-Ups
    High Knees
    Oblique Crunches
    Bicycle Crunches
    Full Sit-Ups
    Plank Jacks

    Repeat 3x

    Full Body UNO Workout

    *Number Cards – Must complete the number of repetitions indicated corresponding to the move associated with the color you pick up.

    _mg_1253Red = Squats
    Blue = Sit-ups
    Green = Lunges
    Yellow = Push-ups
    Skip = 30 seconds high knees
    Reverse = 30 second jumping jacks
    Draw 2 = Draw one card and perform the move TWICE
    Wild Draw 4 = 4 burpees
    Wild Card = Pick any move and complete 10 reps

    Roll The Dice Workout

    You only need 1 dice. 1st roll decides time, 2nd roll decides move.

    1st Roll

    1 = 1 minute
    2 = 20 seconds
    3 = 30 seconds
    4 = 40 seconds
    5 = 50 seconds
    6 = 60 seconds

    2nd Roll

    1 = Jumping Jacks
    2 = Burpees
    3 = Plank Up/Down
    4 = Bicycle Crunches
    5 = Squat Jumps
    6 = Mountain Climbers

    Get your sweat on and have FUN!

    Follow me as I play these games this week.

    Peace & Love,

    Emily Burkhardt


  • Find your runner’s high 3 different ways!

    Hi Everyone!

    Do you want to be happier? Get fit without spending any money? Relieve stress? Be high on life?

    Well, guess what? Running can make all of those wishes come true!

    My favorite thing about running is that you can do it anytime, anywhere. All you really need is your body and a great pear of sneakers. I, personally, like On-Running Clouds because they are designed to work for everyone.

    Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 1.16.17 PM
    Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 1.16.29 PM

    A marathon runner, I’ve come to realize that sometimes I achieve runner’s high and sometimes I don’t. That said, I want to help you reach that euphoric feeling as often as possible. This, however, will require you to push your body out of your comfort zone–far, but not far enough to feel defeated.

    I have built three different workouts for three different running scenarios. They include the gym on a treadmill, your local track, and the great outdoors. These workouts are designed to help get you to get “runner’s high” without putting too much stress on your body.


    Grab a friend and try this track workout together!

    Lap 1: Run

    Lap 2: Long Sides – Side Shuffle, Short Sides – Walking Lunges

    Lap 3: Run

    Lap 4: Long Sides – Sprint, Short Sides – Power Walk

    Lap 5: Run

    Lap 6: Long Sides – Grapevine, Short Sides – Power Skip

    Lap 7: Run

    Lap 8: Long Sides – Sprint, Short Sides – Power Walk


    Running in place at one speed for a long time can become very repetitive. Chances are, you might go a little crazy.  Here I’ve created a 10-minute interval training that you can repeat as many times as you would like. Remember:  the more time spent, the more miles traveled.

    3 min light jog

    30 sec sprint

    30 sec speed walk

    30 sec sprint

    1 min light jog

    30 sec sprint

    30 sec speed walk

    1 min light jog

    30 sec sprint

    30 sec brisk walk

    30 sec sprint

    1 min light jog


    Oftentimes, you’ll set out for a long run, still have endless miles ahead of you, and start to feel bored. Turn your workout into a game!

    Make a killer playlist and do the following:

    • New to running? Run during the chorus and walk the rest of the song.
    • Avid runner? Run the whole song, however, pick it up and sprint during the chorus.

    Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 1.27.16 PMMake sure to STRETCH before and after each run. I have found myself very sore after a run because I didn’t take the time to stretch and loosen my muscles. You don’t want lack of stretching to trigger your mind that running isn’t fun!

    Follow me for more fitness tips and motivation!

    Happy Running!

    Peace & Love,
    Emily Burkhardt

  • Six Tips for a Healthy Vacation

    Hi Everyone!

    Vacation (or “vacay” as I call it) is the perfect time to relax and hit the reset button on our hectic daily lives.

    At the same time, however, vacay often comes with plenty of opportunities to indulge in not-so-healthy activities opposite from your usual routine.

    Because you’ve worked so hard to earn your much-deserved time off, the last thing you need is to stress about ways to stay healthy. Why ruin feeling amazing in your own skin just because you’re in a new place?

    Check out these six tips for ways to stay healthy while traveling!


    Walk everywhere! There is so much to see and do when you are in a new place. Make nature your playground–take a hike, go for a run, or ride a bike to soak everything in. Get around town with your own two feet! When I am traveling I always pack a pair of sneakers, ditch public transportation and soak up the atmosphere.


    I always allow myself one treat a day.

    I always allow myself one treat a day. It could be a meal, dessert or even a frozen drink from the tiki bar. It will satisfy your cravings and meet your body’s vacation needs! Always follow up your not-so-healthy treat with something healthy. Ate a crazy chocolate filled croissant for breakfast? Make sure to have a big, refreshing salad for lunch.



    I don’t travel without snacks. My go-to snack is an RXBAR. They’re made of few, healthy ingredients that are extremely filling. Real meals, however, require some more planning. I always brow through menus and YELP before heading to the restaurant. I plan out exactly what I’m going to have beforehand to avoid any mind-wandering, last minute, unhealthy impulses.


    IMG_8298Search the area you are visiting for fun free workouts. I was just at LOCKN’ Music Festival in Virginia where they had free yoga every morning. I made sure to take full advantage of this! Traveling with friends or family that don’t want to workout? Find a fun restaurant or venue that has live music where you can go get your groove on and burn calories while having fun!


    IMG_4807Make sure to drink plenty of water. And no, drinking bottomless mimosas or rosé does not count as hydrating just because it contains water. At the same time, it is totally OK to have few alcoholic beverages. Try not to drink away your daily calorie intake by going for something nice and light. My go-to drink is a white wine spritzer with just a little bit of wine and extra spritzer. It allows me to have a few drinks with my friends and family without feeling the calorie guilt.


    Find restaurants in the neighborhood that are farm to table or use ingredients from local farms.

    The ingredients spend less time in transit, which keeps the product as fresh as possible. Unlike their processed counterparts, they retain a good amount of nutrients. Step outside of your comfort zone and try new meals!


    Are ready to vacay the healthy way? Book your next trip and ENJOY!

    Peace, Love & Happy Traveling,

    Emily Burkhardt

  • A Dozen Fitness Tips For Your Busy Work Week

    Hi Everyone!

    _MG_0282Be honest. How many hours a day do you spend sitting?

    With people saying, “sitting is the new smoking,” we have to take a stand and change this unhealthy habit!

    Prolonged periods of immobility can be detrimental to our health. When slammed with work, however, it can be difficult to find that extra time to move our bodies. Thankfully, I’m here to save your work day with some creative ways to get your blood flowing. Best of all, these little activities are so simple that they’ll blend effortlessly into your daily routines.

    Here are 12 ways to secretly work on your body while at work.

    1. _MG_0279Ditch the elevator. Instead of taking a quick ride up to your desk, get your heart rate up by taking the stairs whenever possible.
    2. Skip the email. What? Less emails? YES! Take a trip over to your co-worker’s desk to explain a task or idea. A little face time doesn’t hurt!
    3. Squeeze. Yes, squeeze your muscles. Select a muscle group, squeeze and hold it for 10-15 seconds, then let the tension go. My favorite muscle group to squeeze is my inner thighs. I press my knees together, squeeze, and repeat up to 15 times.
    4. Tap your toes. Get those twinkle toes moving under your desk. Have fun with this–two feet together, alternate left/right, quick taps and slow taps. You are a tap master. Make it even more fun and “draw” the whole alphabet with your legs.
    5. _MG_0283Bathroom JacksNo one in the bathroom with you? Great! Do 10 jumping jacks before walking back into the office.
    6. Take your meeting on the road. No, really! Try to walk and talk with your coworkers. Take your next meeting outside. Not only will you get your blood flowing, but you will also get a healthy dose of vitamin D.
    7. Tension be gone. Shrug your shoulders up to ears and release them. Add tension on the way up and release the tension on the way down.
    8. Activate your core. Lean back in your chair at a 45 degree angle, engage your core, and lift both feet slightly off the floor.
    9. _MG_0295Don’t sit, squat! Hover right over your chair so it looks like you are sitting. Joke’s on your coworkers! You are getting that extra burn without making a scene.
    10. Hips don’t lie. Sitting for a long period of time can wear on your hips. A) Sit back in your chair B) Bring your right food over your left knee C) Place your left foot on the edge of your chair D) Lean your body weight into your left heel. Then, switch legs and repeat.
    11. Get up, stand up! I challenge you: for every 30 minutes you are sitting, stand for 5! Whether you are walking around the office for 5 minutes, or just standing getting work done at your desk.
    12. Stretch. Whenever you can, just stretch!

    Long story short–keep your body moving ALL DAY LONG!

    Follow me this week as I stop by a few offices in NYC and bring these tips to life.

    Peace & Love,

    Emily Burkhardt

  • 12 Questions We Had to Ask Kayla Itsines


    Hi Guys! I recently got the chance to ask Kayla Itsines, Instagram’s fitness superstar, a couple crazy questions. I may or may not have fangirled ?

    1. We noticed you head tilt a lot in your photos. Where did you pick this up? Do you have a “better” or “preferred” side? I personally like the left side of my face. Ha!

    Haha! Really?! I haven’t noticed this! I’m definitely going to pick up on this from now on though!

    2. What is your least favorite exercise move?

    I don’t really have a least favorite exercise move, but I do love burpees! Commandos might be my least favorite?

    3. If you had to choose between something greasy and delicious and something super heathy and nutritious for your last meal on earth, which way would you go?

    Definitely the healthy and nutritious option! I actually find those foods to be delicious! Deep fried and greasy foods tend to make me feel sick so I’ll go the healthier route any day. This can still include a big bowl of pasta with a tomato-based sauce or a healthy homemade burger!

    4. What’s your favorite botched pronunciation of your last name?

    “Its-fitness.” I think it’s hilarious!

    cc21d40b-4f6a-42f7-ad54-5bb6091d0964 copy5. How many days a week do you eat mango? What’s the most creative way you eat of cook it? I’m so jealous because I’m allergic!

    Oh no! I’m so sorry you’re allergic! If I could, I would eat it every day! I always make sure to have a large variety of foods in my diet so I don’t eat mango every day, but if I could, I definitely would! I actually eat it in the simplest way. Here, let me show you a photo!

    6. Are we ever going to see your own line of non-itchy workout tights?

    I love that you know this about me! I can’t give a way too much, but I would love to work on creating my own activewear line!

    7. How do you choose which before-and-after picture to share on your Instagram? So many people tag you in their progress photos. It must be tough to pick!

    I know! I love reading the girls’ inspirational stories. It is so tough to pick! I don’t necessarily “choose” between any transformations. When I read an amazing story or see an inspirational transformation, I always want to share it with my followers. I just upload those pictures next!

    8. Finish this sentence: “A day without exercise is a day…

    …I’m spending on rest and recovery! I believe it’s so important to listen to your body and to rest when needed. I always try to do at least one rehabilitation session a week where I spend my time stretching and foam rolling. I also love to relax and take a hot bath.

    9. Do you follow the Sweat with Kayla program day-to-day or do you modify your own workouts? Do you do multiple workouts a day?

    Yes, of course I follow my Sweat With Kayla app. I train exactly the same way BBG girls do. I complete three to four of my 28-minute resistance training sessions a week and alternate LISS (Low Intensity Steady State) and HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) the remaining days. I also try to fit in at least one rehabilitation session a week.

    10. How do you keep your tennis shoes so clean?

    Haha! I am such a clean person! I actually put my shoes in the washing machine to make sure they stay white. I’m not really fussing about anything, but I do love white shoes! I actually feel my style isn’t great when it comes to putting an outfit together. I like to think that my white shoes help balance everything out.

    11. As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

    I always wanted to help people and be involved in some form of sports. That’s why I decided to study PE (Physical Education) teaching. I deferred from university to focus on my personal training course at the Australian Institute of Fitness and I guess I never looked back! I know it sounds cliché, but I feel so blessed to be able to turn my passion into a career.

    12. Last question! What is next for you?

    I have so many exciting projects that I’m working on for the BBG community including new products and updates to my app so that the girls will always have access to the best product possible.

  • The Couple That Sweats Together, Stays Together!

    Hi Everyone!

    Love is love is love is love, so why not fall in love while sweating together?

    My other half, Zach, and I love to sweat as a team. It makes us feel more connected because we enjoy helping each other achieve the goals we set for ourselves. Our biggest accomplishments, both emotional and physical, are realized when we encourage each other to try new moves, activities, and workouts. To avoid an otherwise normal and boring routine, dare your partner to get out of his or her comfort zone! You’ll see positive results in your relationship and respective bodies.

    They say, “The couple that sweats together, stays together.”

    There’s no time like the present to replace that ice-cream trip with a trip to the gym. Once you and your partner realize the bedroom isn’t the only place to get sweaty palms, hearts racing, and a mutual shortness of breath, the two of you will be amazed by how intimate a 30-minute workout can be.

    Make sure to take those 15-30 second breaks, in-between activities, to bring your heart rates down, if you need them!

    Here’s the workout:

    30 Minute Couple’s Cardio


    Lateral Shuffle

    Get your muscles warmed up and hearts pumping right off the bat. Face each other, get down low, and shuffle back and forth in unison.

    60 seconds

    _MG_0159Jumping Jacks with Toe Taps

    Your standard jumping jacks with a little tap of love. Alternate tapping your partner’s foot as you raise your arms in the air.

    60 Seconds


    While one partner is lying down on his back for sit-ups, the other partner is holding his feet doing push-ups.

    45 seconds and switch. Repeat 2x.

    _MG_0185Jump Squat Plank Switch

    One partner is holding a plank, while the other partner is jumps over his plank into a squat.

    45 seconds and switch. Repeat 2x.

    _MG_0192Glute Raises

    Find a true connection with your partner by placing your feet against each other’s. Feet are connected and legs are at 90 degrees. Apply pressure and raise your booty off the floor.

    60 seconds

    _MG_0199Wall Sit/High Knees

    Find a wall. One partner goes into a wall sit with his hands straight out, parallel to the floor. The other partner goes into high knees, bringing her knees above her partner’s hands.

    45 seconds and switch. Repeat 2x.

    _MG_0208Plank and Army Crawls

    One partner starts in a full plank while the other partner army crawls under his plank. Once she is done with her army crawl, she gets right into a plank and her partner runs around and army crawls through. Continue to rotate until the 60 seconds is up.

    60 seconds

    _MG_0224Climb and Crunch

    One person is on the ground for crunches while her partner holds onto her knees. Once ready, she starts the crunches and her partner starts his mountain climbers using her knees for balance.

    45 seconds and switch. Repeat 2x.

    _MG_0235Plank Up & Down with High Five

    Alternate from high to low plank with a high-five to your partner in-between.

    45 seconds on – 15 sec rest. Repeat 2x.

    _MG_0236Core Twist and Pass

    Russian twists with a twist!? Grab a weight and pass it to your partner as you both go side-to-side. The weight will go in a full circle. Switch directions for the second round.

    45 seconds. Repeat 2x.

    _MG_0245Partner Burpees

    Start by standing face-to-face, then, hit the ground, kick your feet out, complete a push-up, bring your knees in, and jump back up. Finish each burpee with a high-five.

    60 seconds

    _MG_0247Partner Plank

    End with this, trust me. One partner is down in a plank while the other partner planks on top in the opposite direction (feet on back, hands on ankles). Finish this workout by feeling connected in more ways than one.

    60 seconds

    Workout complete!

    You are officially high on love. Don’t forget to stretch together to end on the right note!


    I will be using these moves all week long. Follow me to see them in action!

    Peace & Love,

    Emily Burkhardt


  • Here Are Four On-The-Go Workouts You Have to Try!

    Hi Everyone!

    Time to hit the ground running with a few on-the-go workouts!

    Crazy work schedule? Traveling around the world? At the beach drinking rosé with friends? Or just a master of excuses for why you don’t have time to workout?

    Don’t worry! I have the perfect solution. I created four 15-minute workouts that will get your heart pumping and muscles burning. All you need to do is find 15 minutes in your day to dedicate to your body.

    Wait…15 minutes to a quick endorphin high? SIGN ME UP!

    With just a park bench and a smile, you can sky rocket your heart rate with my arm, leg, booty, core, or HIIT workout. The possibilities and combinations of mixing and matching all four routines for a 15, 30, 45 or full 60-minute workout are endless. YOU pick what you want work on to look and feel amazing!


    On-The-Go Legs and Booty Workout

    20 Walking Lunges (10 each leg)
    20 Jump Squats
    40 Donkey Kicks (20 each leg)
    20 Side Lunges (10 each leg)
    40 Bridges
    40 Fire Hydrants (20 each leg)
    40 Single Leg Lifts (20 each leg)
    Repeat 2X

    On-The-Go Arms and Abs Workout

    30 Bicycle
    10 Push-Ups
    30 Mountain Climbers
    10 Tricep Dips
    30 Russian Twists
    5 Burpees
    30 Bird Dogs (15 each side)
    1 Minute Plank Up-Downs
    Repeat 2x

    On-The-Go Bench Workout

    15 Two-foot jumps
    10 Tricep dips
    30 Mountain Climbers
    30 Step Up with Knee Raise (15 each leg)
    10 Incline push-ups
    15 V-sit Crunches
    30 Single Leg Lifts (15 each leg)
    Repeat 3x

    On-The-Go HIIT Workout

    45 Seconds – Jumping Jacks
    Rest 15 Seconds
    45 Seconds – Squat Jumps
    Rest 15 Seconds
    45 Seconds – Mountain Climbers
    Rest 15 Seconds
    45 Seconds – Burpees
    Rest 15 Seconds
    45 Seconds – Lunge Jumps
    Rest 15 Seconds
    Repeat 3X

    I know I will be busting out a few of these workouts this week. Follow me for more tips along the way!

    What are you waiting for?! Get up, get out, and go work up a sweat!

    Peace & Love,

    Emily Burkhardt

  • Hi! My Name Is Emily and I’m Your New Trainer!

    Hi Everyone!

    My name is Emily Burkhardt and I am beyond excited to be joining TheLoDown team.

    Every week, from now until however long you’ll have me, I’ll be sharing with you some of my favorite exercise tips. But, before we get started, I’d like to tell you a little more about my life and fitness journey!

    Right now, I’m a certified personal trainer, an instructor at both Flywheel Sports and Beebe’s Buttcamp, and a brand ambassador for Lululemon and On-Running.

    My journey includes a lot of different jobs and experiences that have all brought me to this point in my life. The one thing that has always remained constant, however, is my desire to wake up in the morning and inspire others. In fact, I think of my mission as my true “job” in life and it brings me so much joy to be able to do it on a daily basis.

    When I am not in the studio or with my clients, I am traveling with my other half, Zach, finding live music to dance to, being a foodie, or training for my next marathon.

    Before jumping into the adult fitness world, I worked with children whose ages ranged anywhere from six weeks to six years old. It was while working with them that I learned the importance of muscles and kinetic energy in relation to the human body.

    You’ll often hear me say:

    Get yourself to class and I will take care of you from there.

    I think that statement really embodies my vision for everyone to make progress collectively instead of individually. Making people smile, regardless their age, is also another goal of mine. Setting this daily intention has allowed me to create a massive amount of positive energy that I bring to all my classes and client sessions.

    Screen Shot 2016-08-05 at 1.10.41 PMJust in case you couldn’t already tell, I’m super excited to see where we all go next! I get that for some of you, the general idea of staying fit may be more or less a chore or unwanted task, but I want to flip those feelings upside down and make fitness fun!

    If you promise to step outside your comfort zone, I’ll promise to always keep the workouts fresh and full of energy.

    Let’s all live a fun, fit life together!

    Peace & Love,


  • Outdoor Voices: Dipped Warmup Legging

    1_d08378c7-653d-42dc-9a25-4eefe8310afb_1024x1024We’re big fans of Outdoor Voices here at TheLoDown. Not only is the Soho store right around the corner, but we love their color blocking, cozy fabrics, and understated style.

    Today In Review we’ve decided to give their Dipped Warmup Legging a test run based on four important factors: style, quality, affordability, and how well they soak up sweat.  We took them out for a test jog along the West Side Highway as we sped down towards the Brookfield Place Equinox for a Sweat with Kayla “Resistance” work-out.
    Running in them was a delight: the fabric is soft and moveable, and doesn’t bunch up in weird places.  Burpees made the cut as well as the waist band didn’t move all around through all the jumping up and down.

    They’re of course stylish – we score them at 100 for that, obviously.  They do a decent job of masking butt sweat too.  The pants changed color a little in the areas we were really sweaty but nothing super noticeable or embarrassing.  You could grab a smoothie with a pal afterwards without feeling like you needed to change.

    1_01ed9558-ff07-4c3c-b299-9c0798881133_1024x1024The color options are nice here too, for those that like to collect leggings (I certainly do).  The Dipped Warmup Legging comes in 7 color options and are sizes XS-L.

    The only issue we raise: the price.  We know most luxury tights are around the $100 mark these days, but we wish they were a bit more affordable….simply because we want them in every single color.

    Outdoor Voices is located at 199 Lafayette Street in Soho & 606 Blanco Street in Austin, TX.

  • TheLoDown