Behold My Famous Mango and Guacamole Recipe!

You Guac My World

So Let's Avocuddle

Yes, you heard me the first time: mango guacamole.

It’s a no-brainer, really. I love mangoes and I love avocados. There’s no reason not to put the two and two together. I mean, after all, it does take two to mango 😉 .

With spring here and summer just around the corner, you’ll be inclined to invite your girl squad over for some quality bonding. Treat them to my famous, top-secret, never before shared guac. I promise, for all you amateur chefs out there, it’s the next best thing to ramen.

Disclaimer: If you’re more of a Netflix and Wine kind of gal, this dip is also perfect for a party of one.


5 ripe avocados
2 ripe mangoes, chopped
3-4 limes, to taste
1/2 red onion, diced
cilantro (optional)
salt and pepper, to taste
lemon pepper (optional)

What To Do:

Combine all your ingredients in a mixing bowl. I like to start by scooping out my avocado and mashing it with a fork before adding the chopped mangos and diced onions. After mixing the avocado, chopped mangoes, and diced onions, season your guacamole by adding  the cilantro, salt, and pepper. Since I don’t really like cilantro, I substituted that with lemon pepper. In terms of lime, you can add as little or as much as you want. Remember, all of this really just depends on your taste buds and those of your friend’s. Once you’re satisfied with your consistency, scoop the guac out into a serving bowl, cut two thin slices of lime for garnish, and call it a day!

Do you have any food puns to share? I’d love to hear it them! Also, take pictures of your mango guac and tag us on Instagram at @thelodownblog!