At Home Iced Coffee


I’ll admit, I’m quite the iced coffee addict. Coffee, plus cold and sweet, what’s not to love? The perfect cup is hard to find, but making it yourself? Well, that’s not so hard!Β Here’s a few fool proof steps for making the perfect cup at home.

At-Home Iced Coffee

1. Coffee

2.Β 1 Tsp. Simple Syrup

3.Β Milk or Cream

1. Brew coffee using a French Press or coffee maker.

2. Divide into Mason Jars or Cups remembering to leave room for ice cubes and cream.

3. Refrigerate coffee (will last up to 3 days).

4. Combine ice cubes, coffee, and simple syrup and mix for the perfect iced coffee!

Difficulty Level: Easy

Time: 15 minutes

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