• Why You Should Invest in a Choker

    Fashion’s “It” Necklace

    Has a definite chokehold on me

    If you haven’t already noticed, the choker trend has been on quite the rise. And, truth be told, I’ve had my breath held, unsure of how successful it would all turn out. You see, chokers remind me of my 10-year-old self–a period in time when I thought I could pull off anything becauseΒ no one courageous enough to tell me otherwise.


    As I sit here, typing away, casually glancing at the six different choker necklaces that hang precariously on my jewelry tree, it’s no secret I’m sold on the marvelous comeback of my favorite 90’s style. Thank you, thank you, Kourtney K.



    Today’s chokers are a huge improvement from their black, stretchy, twisted, plastic wire counterparts. In fact, we’re talking a revolution of velvet, leather, beads and pearls. I mean, they accessorize any outfit, even bathing suits!

    So, if you have yet to purchase one, browse below for some of my favorites. Treat yourself! It’s totally worth it. Your 10-year-old self might even thank you πŸ˜‰

    Feature image via Modage Styles

  • DIY Chokers

    I wrote off chokers when everyone started rewearing those plastic ones from the 90’s. To be completely honest, I wore one, without fail, from the ages of six to nine. Actually, I still have it! It’s in my baby box right next to the onesie I wore home from the hospital. Even so, I just don’t think they’re that tasteful. Since chokers are here to stay for this season at least, I figured I might as well experiment and make room for them in my style. Here is what I learned:

    1. Don’t wear a choker for the sake of wearing a choker. Make it work.
    2. Layering is your best friend. Combine thin ones with different fabrics or cascading gold chains.
    3. Don’t spend $15 on a choker that you can make with a quick trip to Michael’s.

    Seriously, go to Michael’s and buy ribbon/rope/whatever your heart desires and voilΓ  a DIY! I bought suede ribbon, velvet ribbon, and leather cord.


    Velvet ribbon with earring.


    Suede ribbon with earring.


    Suede Ribbon Tied 3x


    Short necklace tied extra tight = choker!


    Chain belt, wrapped.

    In case these don’t do it for you, here are some other options that are TLD-approved.


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