• Four Ways to “Fall” Back

    …and ease back into your routines

    The coming and going of Labor Day, the reintroduction of Pumpkin Spice Lattes, and the start of New York Fashion Week means one thing and one thing only:

    Fall is back!

    Whether you’re in school, going about your day job, or simply hopping back into the routine of things (goodbye summer Fridays), readjusting is extremely important. With longer days officially behind us, it’s time to get your body, mind, and soul back into tip top shape.

    Invest in an Agenda

    Keeping a calendar, electric or hardcopy, is the perfect way to kick your butt into high gear. Those still looking for “the perfect one” will find plenty of options at a stationary store.

    September happens to be the month for newly-released planners.

    Being organized with both your work and personal life can help maximize your schedule and increase productivity. When contemplating whether to stay low or check off a million and one tasks from your to-do lists, consult your agenda, prioritize, and find a balance. After all, there’s no time like the present to get a crackin’ back into the swing of things.

    e6cbd010887425-560ed1f8ab784Get Your Juices Flowing 

    For most of us, myself included, summer was the definition of too many barbecues and not enough exercise. Back when I was a student (Ahh! I feel old now!), I would register at my college gym the second I arrived on campus.

    Make a plan to get back into your fitness routine! Sign up for local classes or ask a friend to be your gym buddy.

    We are successful when we are accountable for our actions.

    Set Your Alarm

    If you work from home and are able to schedule your own work hours, then taking a little extra shut eye, on the occasion, is not a problem. But, like any student making it to her morning class, it’s still important to rise and shine.

    I usually plan my mornings to make myself more productive. Blocking out hours to take a workout class or minutes to run errands have helped me get back into my routine.

    Back-to-School Shopping

    Just because you’re a working girl doesn’t mean you can’t indulge in the thrills of back-to-school shopping. September is the month of fashion–shows, trends, and magazines.

    Why miss out on such an exciting ritual?

    Treat yourself to a few pieces just as you would the beginning of a school year. It’s all part of the routine, right? ?

  • How To: Sweat In Style + Giveaway!

    Enter to Win!

    Working out is never a bummer when you’re rocking sweet new gear at the same time.  Or, perhaps you’re more of an athleisure type of lady instead, running errands and picking up an almond-milk latte in your fitness tights and a leather jacket.  Whatever the case may be, fresh gear is always a must – especially as we head into a new season.


    Wearing Lorna Jane’s Luxe Wrap Pant & Lauper Excel Tank

    I’ve been a fan of Lorna Jane for years.  I love the versatility of the fitness line for women: all kinds of pieces in all kinds of colors, with cuts and shapes that are flattering to all.  We’ve done a few giveaways before together and with the weather getting chillier we thought it would be fun to line another up for you, dear reader, right this very second!

    I’m obsessed with the Luxe Wrap Pant pictured above – they’re absolutely perfect for a stroll around the neighborhood paired with nice kicks, or for layering on top of tights for when you’re heading out the door in cold weather.  Very Alexander Wang vibey, right?

    My favorite new top is the Lauper Excel Tank – finally, a crop tank from a fitness line that isn’t too short or revealing!  My prayers have been answered!  I want it in like 7 more colors (can we make that happen, LJ? Hint, hint!).


    Next question I ask myself often: how many pairs of tights are too many?  Well, when they’re the Be Seen Ankle Biker Tight the answer is NO AMOUNT, EVER.


    Lorna Jane Be Seen Ankle Biker Tight

    Like, I’m sorry but how dope are these!  They are everything!  Sexy cut-outs, mesh, black, tight, long?  Hello, gym!!!!  Hello, every place in New York City and beyond!  Hello, Shanghai!



    Lorna Jane Tough Girl Active Jacket

    Moving on to some jackets I’m loving right now…the one pictured above is for tough ladies only (you). The camo print on the Tough Girl Active Jacket literally changes my mood as I bound down the street towards my pilates studio.  I feel bold and in charge – the right way to feel on the way to a workout, or anytime really!


    Lorna Jane Night Runner Active Jacket

    Finally, lets throw a little COLOR into this mix, shall we?  My favorite piece from all the new goodies on Lorna Jane right now is the Night Runner Active Jacket.  Its cozy, with a nice mesh lining on the inside that’s perfect for layering on top of literally anything.  I love the bright blue color, too.

    SO – if you’re digging LJ as much as I am right now, why not enter this sweet little giveaway below?  No reason I can think of not to!  The giveaway is open until October 28th and we’ll notify the winner by email. Good luck!

    a Rafflecopter giveaway





  • Blondes Have More Fun

    …and I’m Having an OK Time

    Chronicles of a Hair-Dyer

    Wednesdays are reserved for adventures.

    Hey, LoDown fam! It’s Chris again, the sad sack of garbage who brought you the juice cleanse story. I’m back because you all enjoyed reading about my agony (how dare you). On this particular adventure, I will explore the world of hair dying. Now, I won’t be talking about going to a salon or whatever people who have money and time do to get their hair professionally done because that would be too simple and too easy. I’m talkin’ about sitting on my bed while my friend, who is visiting, has no time to think of an excuse to get out of helping me. Ah, friendship.

    But first, where are my manners? Allow me to give you some backstory as to why I dyed my hair. A few months ago, I stole a MacBook from the Apple Store and ended up killing a man to get away and needed a new identity. Just kidding, although that would probably make for a much better adventure—maybe next month?

    In all seriousness, I’ve wanted to dye my hair white for so long because I just wanted to do something crazy and live on the edge. Naturally, I turn to hair dying for that rush of adrenaline. I know, I know. I’m WILD!!!! One day, I thought long and hard, which means maybe 2 minutes tops, about it and realized that it’s only hair, and as the great Drake once said, “YOLO”.

    To be honest, I went into this process like Helen Keller went up stairs—very blindly. I couldn’t have known less when I walked into Ricky’s NYC to get an buttload of hair bleach (yes, buttload is an actual form of measurement) and a bunch of other miscellaneous stuff. Back at my apartment, my room suddenly felt like the set of Breaking Bad because my friend Dori and I were mixing chemicals with other chemicals in a very small space.

    Here are all of the chemicals I put in my hair...science is cool!!!!

    Here are all of the chemicals I put in my hair…science is cool!!!!

    #friendshipgoals or me not giving her any other options? Basically the same thing...

    #friendshipgoals or me not giving her any other options? Basically the same thing…

    After 45 minutes and tolerating the feeling of each hair being plucked out one by one, I washed the first round of bleach out only to find that I looked like a mass-murdering Ed Sheeran to star in a redundant Marvel film coming out early next year. At this point, I was saying what my mom probably said at my birth, “WHAT THE F%$K HAVE I DONE”?

    My "Ed Sheeran just landed a role as a villain in a Marvel film" look

    My “Ed Sheeran just landed a role as a villain in a Marvel film” look

    I am a goddamn trendsetter, guys.

    I am a goddamn trendsetter, guys.

    After recuperating, we did a second round of bleach to get my hair even lighter. At this point, it felt as if every Boy Scout troop ever created was having a bonfire on top of my head. Fun! I washed that out and toned my hair with a “Pale Ash Blonde” color, which to me translated to “a bunch of adjectives all describing the same thing” but that is neither here nor there. By now, I was happy with the color, mostly because it didn’t feel super yellow blonde and because I had left behind my role in the upcoming Marvel film. Looking back on it now, with a head full of dead white hair, I hate the color “Pale Ash Blonde” created.

    Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset

    The outcome of the “Pale Ash Blonde”, or as normal people call it: “Gray blonde”

    You may be asking, “But Chris! How did you get your hair white?”. Fantastic question, *insert your name here*. The secret to getting your hair as light as possible without fully killing it is using Shimmer Light’s purple shampoo and conditioner. I leave the conditioner in for 3-5 minutes. It’s crazy how well the conditioner turned my hair white/slight purple tint.

    You also may be asking, “But Chris! Was it worth it?”. Okay, first of all, you need to relax with all these questions. But yes, I couldn’t feel happier and more myself with my new hair. I look at old photos with my brown hair and I feel like that isn’t the real me. I am so much more confident and have learned to really live for myself and not worry about what other people think, which hasn’t ever really been an issue for me. My message to you would be to just do it if you’re thinking about dying your hair. It’s hair. But also, it’s really difficult hair to maintain. I was thinking I would just dye my hair and everything would be great, but it’s a lot of maintenance, which is something I absolutely despise.

    Finally! My hair is so white, it can talk back to cops (Photo by Alivia Latimer)

    Finally! My hair is so white, it can talk back to cops and get away with it (Photo by Alivia Latimer)

    I can’t believe I just wrote a whole adventure about my hair, but it’s happened and there’s no turning back now. Let me know in the comments which hair color you like better and also what color you would want to dye your hair!

    Team Brown? Team White? Team Who-Gives-A-F%$K-About-My-Hair-Color?

    Team Brown? Team White? Team Who-Gives-A-F*$K-About-My-Hair-Color?

    Blondes Have More Fun
    Thoughts on my hair color?
  • Fall Manicure Spotlight

    Mani Madness

    Best of Fall Manicures

    Hands up, we want to see those nails! We’ve loved seeing what shades everyone is embracing this season after sharing our picks of the best fall nail colors (my nails are currently coated with O.P.I.’s ‘Malaga Wine’).

    As the temperature drops lower and lower, we also want to share some of the best manicured hands we’ve seen over the last couple of months around the web. From model Gigi Hadid, editor-in-chief Eva Chen, blogger wunderkind Kristina Bazan and many other It girls, make sure to take note of their nail techniques– we’ll definitely be trying out a floating manicure for ourselves soon! Take a peek for yourself and tell us if you’re not headed to the nail salon afterwards:

    Gigi Hadid

    We’re diggin’ model Gigi Hadid’s two-tone nails. For a similar look, try a black nail polish contrasted by a deep color of your choice like Gigi’s pine green.

    Photo: Gigi Hadid

    Photo: Gigi Hadid

    Kylie Jenner

    We’ve professed our love of Kylie Jenner’s style and make-up routine in the past (head here for a tutorial on Kylie’s fierce beauty look). She’s not one to shy from being bold (hello, claws!), and she’s not one to follow the rules (pastels year-round? why not?). Girlfriend is killin’ it.

    Cynthia Sakai

    May your nails as daring as your jewelry. Take a cue from Cynthia Sakai, whose marble nails are the definition of perfection.

    Eva Chen

    Eva Chen is a beauty guru. As the editor-in-chief of Lucky magazine, Eva’s got the dish on the best beauty looks of the season. This fall, she’s festive with confetti nails. Party on, Eva– we’re right behind you!

    Photo: Eva Chen

    Photo: Eva Chen

    Alexa Chung

    We have been mesmerized by It girl Alexa for the longest time, and she’s finally released her own collection of polishes for Nails, Inc. Imitating fabrics and recreating textures (leather, cashmere, silk and sequins!), it’s no wonder she’s rocking them all at once.

    Kristina Bazan

    Kristina’s nails look just as amazing as the macarons she’s holding. Her manicure is similar to Gigi’s– a two-tone floating manicure in a classic monochrome pairing.

    What about you? Fill us in on the details of your fall manicure in the comments below!

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  • 5 Best Lip Colors for Fall

    Photo: Terry Richardson

    Photo: Terry Richardson


    The 5 Best Lip Colors for Kiss-Worthy Lips

    At the Lo Down, we’ve never been ones to follow the rules. No white after labor day? Yeah, right! The same goes for our lipstick. We know that sticking to the seasonal palettes is recommended, but when there are so many shades to choose from, why should we limit ourselves? To quote Drake, #YOLO.

    This season, when we think of lip colors, there is one word that goes through our minds– supersaturated. That’s why we’re obsessing over Tory Burch’s velvety rich “Pretty Baby.” It’s bright, peach hue is made better by its luxe fretwork case. So art deco!

    Even though we’ll be rocking orange lips all around town, expect to see us in classic reds, too. Marc Jacobs’ chrome lip crayons are ones for dreams, and we’re just as in love with the names. Our favorite? “Pop Rock in Strawberry Red.” With this lipstick in tow, dare to be daring.

    If you’re looking for a more subdued lip, put yourself into Laura Mercier and Bobbi’s Brown’s trusting Hands. We’re personally planning on stashing “Sheer Brown Rose” and “Italian Rose” in our bags alongside Dior’s “Dior Addict in Sheer Bubblegum Pink.” With a color this stunning, there is no better word than “addicted” to describe it. You can never have too many options, right?

    What is your go-to color this season? Share in the comments! Kisses!

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  • Quirky Bags of the Season

    Fall/Winter 2014 Streetstyle photographed by Tommy Ton during the S/S 2015 presentations in September

    Fall/Winter 2014 Streetstyle photographed by Tommy Ton during the S/S 2015 presentations

    Keep It Quirky

    Statements in the Form of a Bag

    When I think of “quirky,” I immediately think of Saturday Night Live’s “Being’ Quirky with Zooey Deschanel” skit. It’s both clever and funny– two adjectives that aren’t necessarily tied together in the fashion world. Clothes can be clever (extremely clever à la Alexander McQueen or Hussein Chalayan), but funny? Well, more often than not, fashion tends to take itself seriously.

    Betsey Johnson, for one, has always been a true believer in creating a party with her collections, but recently, we’ve seen even more designers take on this philosophy. Moschino’s Jeremy Scott created Barbie’s dream collection and sent Charlotte Free down the runway in roller skates last month for the spring and summer 2015 presentation (a season after sending purses resembling McDonalds’ happy meals down the catwalk). What could be more fun than that?

    As we watch the fashion world lighten up and throw the party philosophy into the runways and the street style scene, we can’t help but think of unique ways to inject some personality into our own outfits. Thankfully, quirk is suddenly everywhere. With help from Olympia Le-Tan, Moschino, Chanel, Anya Hindmarch and Charlotte Olympia, we can all pick up a few tips to make the everyday extraordinary.

    Take a cue from these leading figures and add that je ne sais quois to your ensembles with just one simple accessory– your purse.

    Olympia Le-Tan

    In the couple of years that she has been designing, Le-Tan has established herself as the queen of quirk (and rightly so). With collections that take inspiration from magic (“I Put A Spell On You” for F/W 2014), sailors (“A Girl in Every Port” for S/S 2014) and the Sound of Music (“Schnitzel with Noodles” for F/W 2013), accessories are Olympia Le-Tan’s forte. She is especially known for her embroidered clutches that resemble best selling novels like The Great Gatsby, The Catcher in the Rye and Lolita.

    Olympia Le-Tan's magic-themed book clutches

    Olympia Le-Tan’s magic-themed book clutches

    Olympia Le-Tan's matchbox clutches

    Olympia Le-Tan’s matchbox clutches


    Perhaps the best-known house around the world, Chanel continues to make strong statements and social commentary in fun and innovative ways. Take the fall and winter 2014 collection, for example. Complete with clutches, shoulder bags and purses resembling shopping baskets, milk cartons, candy bags and meat trays, Karl Lagerfeld recreated an entire grocery market inside the Grand Palais in Paris to present the collection. So ladies, this season, don’t forget– shopping baskets are also fashionable outside of the grocery market.

    Chanel Brass Shopping Basket Purse

    Chanel Brass Shopping Basket Purse

    Chanel Embroidered Candy Purses

    Chanel Embroidered Candy Purses


    Chanel Milk Carton Purses

    Chanel Milk Carton Purses

    Chanel Packaging Tray Bags

    Chanel Packaging Tray Bags

    Charlotte Olympia

    Charlotte Olympia’s designs are everywhere and most notably on people’s feet (you haven’t forgotten about her brilliant velvet kitty flats have you?). Olympia is not a one-trick pony though. Her bags are just as clever, playful and chic as her shoes. This season, her main inspiration comes from the Far East with beautifully designed clutches resembling Chinese takeaway boxes, lanterns, and even Panda bears. Whatever your mood, just remember that outfit inspiration can come from every possible source, you just have to keep an eye out.

    clutches by Charlotte Olympia

    clutches by Charlotte Olympia

    Shoulder bags inspired by Chinese food cartons by Charlotte Olympia

    Shoulder bags inspired by Chinese food cartons by Charlotte Olympia


    The new Moschino is everything. Even Miley Cyrus approved Jeremy Scott’s redesign of the brand with her collaboration this September. As a lover of all things pop culture, Scott gave a nod to the fast food industry (Happy Meal, anyone?) and the ultimate fashion doll (Hey, Barbie!) with his ultra-chic bags. So, whether you want to splurge on McD’s or throw it back to the doll days, your bag is the ultimate statement. We just have one question: Are you lovin’ it? 

    McDonald's inspired purses by Moschino

    McDonald’s inspired purses by Moschino

    Moschino Barbie-inspired backpack, shoulder bag & clutch

    Moschino Barbie-inspired backpack, shoulder bag & clutch

    Moschino Barbie-inspired clutch in pink

    Moschino Barbie-inspired clutch in pink

    Anya Hindmarch 

    Seems like both Karl Lagerfeld and Anya Hindmarch were on the same brainwave when designing their fall and winter collection for 2014. Or maybe they were just hungry at the time? In any case, quirk comes in the form of clutches and handbags reminiscent of McVities biscuit packages and Kellogg’s cereal boxes. When I look at them, I can’t help but be nostalgic as I think about eating Frosted Flakes for breakfast as a kid. Surely, these bags are part of your complete (fashion) breakfast. As Tony the Tiger would say, “They’re Gr-r-reat!

    Imperialist Clutches & Handbags by Anya Hindmarch

    Imperialist Clutches & Handbags by Anya Hindmarch

    McVities biscuit-inspired clutches by Anya Hindmarch

    McVities biscuit-inspired clutches by Anya Hindmarch

    Now, tell me… Are you feeling inspired? When can we expect to see you donning a quirky bag of your own? Tell us in the comments below!

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  • Best Fall Nail Polish


    Shades of Cool

    Nail Polish for Fall

    When it comes to nail polish, the word “love” is an understatement. Here at the Lo Down, “obsessed” is more fitting– take it from our lovable founder whose covetable nail polish collection is one of dreams (and who has plans to create her own collection!).

    We don’t discriminate against colors or textures, but we are constantly on the lookout for the best new shades. Don’t worry– we aren’t ones to keep this valuable information under wraps. To your heart’s delight, we’re here to bring you the best fall nail polish to rock this 2014 season.

    Right now, we’re obsessing over:

    Essie’s “For the Twill of It” and “Limited Addiction”

    Marc Jacobs’ “Opaque Bright Tomatoe Red”

    Chanel’s “Eastern Light”

    O.P.I.’s “Lost on Lombard”

    Alexa Chung’s Fabric Effect collection for Nails Inc.  in “Silk,” “Cashmere,” “Lace” and “Sequins”

    Butter London’s “Matte Finish Shine Free Top Coat”

    Topshop’s “Domestic Goddess”

    Estee Lauder’s “Barre,” “Burnished Nude,” and “Lust”

    Dior’s “Carré Bleu 796”

    Deborah Lippmann’s “Take The ‘A’ Train”

    What color will your nails be rockin’ this fall? Share in the comments below!

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  • 5 Fall Fashion Must Haves


    Fall Fashion

    5 items your wardrobe needs

    It’s here again, the season we all know and love: Fall. So just what comes along with such lovely season? Cable knits, scarves, boots, coats, rich color pallets and so much more. Here’s a few things on our must-buy list that you absolutely must have to be prepared for the season ahead.

    5 Fall items


    1. The not-so-basic black bootie – You may already have two or three pairs of black booties in your closet from seasons past, so it’s time to upgrade.

    2. Statement earrings – It’s all about the statements, baby. The easiest way to dress up a basic look it with a brilliant pair of earrings.

    3. Printed blouse – Crisp and clean, yet still fun. A dainty printed button up blouse acts as the perfect layering piece, whether it’s over a tank on those warmer days or under sweaters on cooler days, this is definitely an item your closet needs this fall.

    4. Faux leather skirt – Dress it up, dress it down. Leather is not what it used to be. A great knee-length skirt is perfect for pairing with tights for the office, or go bare for a night out.

    5. Fun fur – Nothing says glamour quite like fur. This season fun and funky fur is everything. Ditch the traditional, and go with a fun pop of color.

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  • Best Boots for Fall

    Give Your Feet Some Love

    Rockin' Styles for Autumn

    Though many of us are still enjoying the summer weather and rocking sandals, gladiators and birkenstocks alike, the time is slowly dawning on us to transition into warmer shoes. Thankfully, boots are extremely versatile and practically come in every shape, color and texture imaginable. Start off the new season on the right foot and give your old pair the boot (literally).

    Think of adding some shine to your closet with a pair of glittery boots like these Saint Laurent glitter-dipped ankle boots. Pick your poison in silver, goldpink or black.


    Go dramatic with a pair of extra-long knee-high boots like these suede beauties from Miu Miu. Do you want even more knee? We’ve got you (and your knees) covered with a pair from H&M and another from Kate Spade. Or… add some dramatic pops with see through heels, metallic touches and double zippers.

    Whether you want to bring out your wild side with animal prints (thank you Isabel Marant!) or embrace the equestrian classics like these from Madewell, there’s a boot for one and all– we guarantee it.

    Check out and take inspiration from the best boots for fall below, and don’t forget to share with us which pair you’re coveting most in the comments!

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