• The Sleeve Detail

    I am a student at The Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. Throughout my undergraduate career, I have learned so much. In fact, I have taken countless classes that explain the fashion industry as a business and I’ve also taken classes that study sleeves in great detail—yes, sleeves.

    Do you know how many different sleeve styles there are?

    Here’s a hint: there’s more than one. To name a few, there’s the Bell, Peasant, Puff, Bishop, Juliet, and Dolman. Yup, you’ve guessed it. The list continues.

    Sleeve details are one of my favorite trends. The trend is currently dominating fast fashion and I LOVE IT! I personally prefer wearing a great sleeve in either the spring or summer season so that it doesn’t get lost behind my jackets or coats. Bring on the warmer weather, Mother Nature! A detailed sleeve is truly an epic fashion statement.

    I generally like to think of the sleeve as an added accessory. When wearing a shirt that includes this trend, I avoid bracelets or rings to keep the focus on my top rather than my jewelry. I also try not to spend a lot of money when purchasing a shirt with this dramatic concept because I prefer to invest in staple or basic pieces. One typically wears this type of shirt a few times before it is quickly remembered by friends and family. I can only get away with wearing it so many times before I look like a serial outfit repeater. Yes, the struggles of a true fashion gal.

    If I haven’t already sold you on the sleeve detail trend I will now. A sleeve statement can be worn on a dress or a jacket too! It does not have to be strictly limited to tops.

    The dramatic sleeve is a chic look—picture yourself with a sleek updo and fitted pants, with that perfect sleeve hanging over each hand. Here are of few photos of me braving yesterday’s snowstorm wearing a Zara striped bell sleeve top!

    With Love,
    Ashley Attianese
    Image result for instagram icon@ashleyattianese

  • Oscars Best Dressed 89th Academy Awards

    Hollywood may have given its nods to the film industry’s very best at last night’s 89th annual Academy Awards, but I’m here, this morning, to give my opinions on the evening’s best and worst-dressed stars.

    More often than not, the glamour—front and center—on the event’s red carpet is enough to make any at-home viewer ooh and ahh in anticipation for the night to come. Unfortunately, however, the oohs and ahhs can also turn into ewws.

    Here’s my lodown on the night!

    Best Dressed

    Olivia Culpo: Custom Marchesa gown which was made to support @Water to shine a spotlight on the global water crisis.


    Image result for hailee steinfeld oscars

    Hailee Steinfeld: She nailed it, this dress is incredible, effortless, perfect gown. She proved a soft, floral, pretty gown can make such a bold statement on the Red Carpet. Wearing Ralph and Russo Couture.


    Sofia Carson: Hollywood glam redefined, wearing Monique Lhuillier


    Jessica Biel: Wearing Kaufman Franco, in a very slim fitting glitter gown. This amazing Tiffany And Co necklace truly makes a statement as well as adding the perfect finishing touch.


    Alicia Vikander: This gorgeous, romantic Louis Vuitton gown looks impeccable on her, the simple tiered lace and ruffle detail makes a large statement. She made a great choice with the minimal makeup and bold diamond necklace


    Worst Dressed

    Rapheala Neihausen: The garden of flowers that should not have bloomed on the Red Carpet. Wearing Marchesa


    89th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals : News Photo

    Helen Lasichanh: This was a awful from head to toe. very odd choice for the Oscars.


    Leslie Mann: This Zac Posen dress may have not been the best choice for the Oscars but it would be a perfect Beauty And The Beast dress up gown.


    Image result for Allison Schroeder oscars 2017

    Allison Schroeder: She may have tried to go for a patriotic look but she should have done America a favor and wore something else. Wearing Leanne Marshall


    Janelle Monae: Her Elie Saab dress has way to much going on. There is a lot of potential for this gown if it had a few pieces such as the sides, and belt taken off. Less is more!


    With Love,
    Ashley Attianese

  • Why You Should Invest in a Choker

    Fashion’s “It” Necklace

    Has a definite chokehold on me

    If you haven’t already noticed, the choker trend has been on quite the rise. And, truth be told, I’ve had my breath held, unsure of how successful it would all turn out. You see, chokers remind me of my 10-year-old self–a period in time when I thought I could pull off anything because no one courageous enough to tell me otherwise.


    As I sit here, typing away, casually glancing at the six different choker necklaces that hang precariously on my jewelry tree, it’s no secret I’m sold on the marvelous comeback of my favorite 90’s style. Thank you, thank you, Kourtney K.



    Today’s chokers are a huge improvement from their black, stretchy, twisted, plastic wire counterparts. In fact, we’re talking a revolution of velvet, leather, beads and pearls. I mean, they accessorize any outfit, even bathing suits!

    So, if you have yet to purchase one, browse below for some of my favorites. Treat yourself! It’s totally worth it. Your 10-year-old self might even thank you 😉

    Feature image via Modage Styles



    I don’t know about you, but when I think slip dresses, I think of my first job as a sales assistant at a fashion boutique in Westport, Connecticut. ODDZ was the place to shop in the good old 06880. In fact, I owe my high school senior superlative, “best dressed”, to the boutique. It was there that I learned the importance of styling and of first impressions. As brutal as the “stock days” were, the hard work was worth it because I was allowed to style the window mannequins. That being said, I could dress away as I pleased as long as I layered as much as possible.

    Enter: the slip dress. Free People was a highly sought after brand at the store. We’d buy from them a ton of slip dresses, particularly this one bodycon style that came in a variety of colors. To be honest, I probably own one of each color, thanks to my employee discount. Quite frankly, I loved them so much, I even bought one for my current roommate, Brooke.

    Twinning in our infamous slip dresses!

    Brooke and I twinning in our infamous slip dresses!

    You’re probably thinking why would Brittany buy the same slip dress in different colors, I mean, they’re just slip dresses, right? Wrong. Slip dresses are extremely versatile. They function as a crucial layering piece (trust me, I am speaking from experience). At the same time, slip dresses also look amazing without anything on top of them. The easiness to it all is probably why it’s becoming such a hot trend for 2016 both on and off the runway.

    Browse some of my favorites!

  • Ready, Set, Velvet!

    Velveteen Dreams

    When I Think Velvet...

    When I think velvet, I think velour Juicy Couture sweat-suits—my middle school uniform. Yes, I was a sucker for them.

    Fast forward to the now-me, velvet and I still get along quite nicely, probably because it IS one of Winter 2016’s most popular trends. My first velvet purchase since the infamous Juciy outfits was dun, dun, dun: a romper—big surprise there. It’s navy blue and will definitely be worn many times this season with or without a pair of black tights. Trust me, it’s an awesome look anyone can pull off.

    Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

    Voilà! Here I am wearing the romper at Turtle Bay.

    Velvet is amazing for all women of all ages. Why? Becase there are velvet dresses, rompers, pants, tops, blazers, and hats galore. This year, velvet is making its comeback (hello 90’s!) and is, without a doubt, here to stay.

    Toss out Save those Juicy sweats for a rainy day with Netflix. Seriously though, browse some even better velvet inspo!


    Calligraphy by @bristlesprouts


    This year Pantone decided to spice things up with two colors of the year: Rose Quartz and Serenity. If you watched the Golden Globes the other night then you’re well aware that Katy Perry said Rose Quartz represented love. Now who doesn’t love, well, love?

    Personally, I prefer pink over blue. I guess because I’ve always held on to that “girly-girl” side when coming into my style. Honestly, though, finding Rose Quartz and Serenity-inspired outfits that successfully work was difficult because these colors are super soft and a tad bit basic. Anyway, here are some of my top looks to help you get a started on the trend.


    When trying out a new trend, I like to go all out.  Why not pink out every aspect of your outfit? Pink is the new pink, right?


    Here’s how to incorporate my favorite (and one of this year’s hottest) trends, the bell sleeves, while also attempting that Rose Quartz look. Add a matching clutch and vintage earrings to complete the outfit.


    I don’t know about you but I am so obsessed with over-the-knee boots. I racked up three pairs by Christmas. Pair a fun pink dress with those over-the-knee’s and complete it with a clutch.


    You can never go wrong with a sheer blouse, so go ahead and pick a Serenity-inspired one! I chose black distressed jeans and a long gold chain to add some edge to the pastel look.


    If you know me, you know that rompers are MY thing. The amount of rompers I own is legitimately unhealthy but I can’t help it, because they are the perfect go-to outfit, casual or fancy. Mix and match Serenity with some Metallic for an amaze look. Then, add some heels for a night out on the town!

    Image via Pantone

  • New Year’s Day Outfit Guide

    The Morning After

    The best cure to a NYE hangover? A New Year’s Day brunch, of course! Oh, and an outfit for the day that is easy and effortless—basically one that doesn’t give away how tired you actually may be. After a long night filled with dancing and drinks (or just drinks and the ball drop on TV), you’ll want to feel as good as possible the morning after NYE, trust me.

    Since it’s the vey first day of the year, why not go out with a bang? Assuming you looked amazing on the last night of the year, what is one more day? I mean, the way you start 2016 is key.

    Below, I’ve put together some options, most which are on the more comfortable side but still brunch appropriate. Nothing more perfect for a Bloody Mary. Happy New Year!

    Photography Via Strawberry with Lemon



  • New Years Eve Outfit Guide


    Drop the ball on style

    New Years Eve is all about ringing in the new year with nothing but style and, of course, lots of champange—so why not rock the best combinations of sparkle and glitter while celebrating the new year? From a wild night out with friends to a low key night with your significant other, let’s still make sure your outfit turns some heads!

    I’m all about the glitz and glam this New Years Eve. Sequin shift dress with some killer heels totally get my vote.

    Below, I’ve selected some of my favorite NYE pieces. Take your pick! There’s everything from a glitter dress, top, to even jumpsuit. Whichever you decide upon, be sure to raise your glass and welcome 2016 with your best self. Cheers!

    Photography via Topknots & Polkadots

  • Holiday Hairstyles 2015

    Hair We Go Again

    Listen up people, we are just days away from Christmas! Since you all know that I’m always on my A game when it comes to planning looks in advance, I hope that maybe, justttttt maybe I’m rubbing off on you and you too. Actually I’d be super proud if you already have a holiday outfit planned with a potential makeup look to match.

    There is, however, one last thing we need to cover—your hairstyle, duh! I mean behind every fabulous outfit and flawless face is a perfected hairstyle. Whether it an up-do or simply worn down, a hairstyle can pretty much make or break all that you’ve achieved to stand out as Ms. Fashionista.

    I’ve picked three easy-to-copy tutorials to help bring your entire look together. Why not try them out now so you don’t miss a minute of the champagne toasting and hors d’oeuvres?





    Photography via Huckleberry Love

  • Listen Up, Party People!


    Holiday Outfit Guide


    With winter weather in the mid 50’s, it’s hard to believe we’ve already begun holiday celebrations. Truth be told, the funky weather has me convinced Mother Nature is trying to pull a fast one.

    That said, the warm spell shouldn’t impede your cheerful mood because it’s done quite the opposite for mine. Despite the weather, there’s still no time like the present to go shopping for yourself and your loved ones.

    This week, I’m cramming for my last two finals. The realization that I’m about to become a second semester senior at Manhattan College is also beginning to sink in. Uh, real world here I come? Ha!

    For both studying motivation and procrastination, I’ve put together a few of my favorite holiday party looks. Pick one of these dresses and there’s no way you won’t be the belle of the ball at your upcoming festivities!


    Photography via Funzine


  • TURKEY DAY 2015


    Thanksgiving is a time to catch up with family and friends. If you’re like me, you’ve been waiting months for the day to finally arrive. There is no shame in preparing yourself way in advance for all the familiar and unfamiliar faces, the incredible food, and of course, the grand entrance (aka your perfect outfit).

    Unbeknownst to most, choosing the perfect Thanksgiving wear is harder than it looks. You’ll need to wear something that perfectly hides the oh-so-dreadful food baby. To cleverly disguise your second or third (no judgment) serving of turkey and stuffing, I’d recommend a basic shift dress—suede or leather for edge. Otherwise, if you’re thinking pants, go for a looser top. Remember, the goal is to treat yourself and to look good while you’re at it!


    Photography via Wheretogetit

  • How To: Sweat In Style + Giveaway!

    Enter to Win!

    Working out is never a bummer when you’re rocking sweet new gear at the same time.  Or, perhaps you’re more of an athleisure type of lady instead, running errands and picking up an almond-milk latte in your fitness tights and a leather jacket.  Whatever the case may be, fresh gear is always a must – especially as we head into a new season.


    Wearing Lorna Jane’s Luxe Wrap Pant & Lauper Excel Tank

    I’ve been a fan of Lorna Jane for years.  I love the versatility of the fitness line for women: all kinds of pieces in all kinds of colors, with cuts and shapes that are flattering to all.  We’ve done a few giveaways before together and with the weather getting chillier we thought it would be fun to line another up for you, dear reader, right this very second!

    I’m obsessed with the Luxe Wrap Pant pictured above – they’re absolutely perfect for a stroll around the neighborhood paired with nice kicks, or for layering on top of tights for when you’re heading out the door in cold weather.  Very Alexander Wang vibey, right?

    My favorite new top is the Lauper Excel Tank – finally, a crop tank from a fitness line that isn’t too short or revealing!  My prayers have been answered!  I want it in like 7 more colors (can we make that happen, LJ? Hint, hint!).


    Next question I ask myself often: how many pairs of tights are too many?  Well, when they’re the Be Seen Ankle Biker Tight the answer is NO AMOUNT, EVER.


    Lorna Jane Be Seen Ankle Biker Tight

    Like, I’m sorry but how dope are these!  They are everything!  Sexy cut-outs, mesh, black, tight, long?  Hello, gym!!!!  Hello, every place in New York City and beyond!  Hello, Shanghai!



    Lorna Jane Tough Girl Active Jacket

    Moving on to some jackets I’m loving right now…the one pictured above is for tough ladies only (you). The camo print on the Tough Girl Active Jacket literally changes my mood as I bound down the street towards my pilates studio.  I feel bold and in charge – the right way to feel on the way to a workout, or anytime really!


    Lorna Jane Night Runner Active Jacket

    Finally, lets throw a little COLOR into this mix, shall we?  My favorite piece from all the new goodies on Lorna Jane right now is the Night Runner Active Jacket.  Its cozy, with a nice mesh lining on the inside that’s perfect for layering on top of literally anything.  I love the bright blue color, too.

    SO – if you’re digging LJ as much as I am right now, why not enter this sweet little giveaway below?  No reason I can think of not to!  The giveaway is open until October 28th and we’ll notify the winner by email. Good luck!

    a Rafflecopter giveaway





  • Buy Now: Preowned Luxury Handbags

    Like many of you, I’m a serious bag lady.  The rainbow of colors, materials, shapes and sizes really hit me where it hurts (my wallet).  Going into any department store can literally put my rent money in jeopardy in a nano second.  So what’s a financially savvy, fashionable woman to do in 2015?  Do a little research, of course!

    I came across Trendlee last week, an eccomerce site featuring luxury preowned handbags, curated and to put it simply: stunning!  I see a lot of lightly used bags and accessories on different sites across the web but Trendlee goes above and beyond through the quality of their selection.  Brands like Celine, Chloe, and Hermes are represented heavily – all at prices that are way, way below retail.


    The idea of purchasing someone else’s gear can seem like a risk but the quality of the bags on Trendlee are simply fantastic. I’ve been eyeing this Saint Laurent Sac de Jour tote for months now and finally decided to take the plunge on a beautiful brown leather number selling for hundreds off retail.  It showed up at my door quickly, and had I not known, I would have assumed it was a brand-new bag.  The best part about buying a pre-owned handbag?  I’m the only one that knows it’s been gently used. It’s as if I picked up something from my mother’s closet.  No heeby-jeebies at all!


    I absolutely love this site now that I’ve discovered it and my wallet really, really does.  Paying full price for the same style of bag seems pretty over the top now!  Here are a few of my favorites I’ve been eyeing that are available right now…and if you want 5% off use code THELODOWN at check out!

    Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 12.15.09 PMValentino Rockstud Frame Bag Python, $1420 (Retail $4,550)

    Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 12.17.42 PM

    Lanvin Happy Shoulder Bag Embossed Crocodile, $710 (Retail $2470)

    Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 12.19.31 PM

    Proenza Schouler Lunch Bag Pony Hair, $470 (Retail $1175)

    Happy shopping, my fellow bag lovers!


  • 5 Fall Fashion Must Haves


    Fall Fashion

    5 items your wardrobe needs

    It’s here again, the season we all know and love: Fall. So just what comes along with such lovely season? Cable knits, scarves, boots, coats, rich color pallets and so much more. Here’s a few things on our must-buy list that you absolutely must have to be prepared for the season ahead.

    5 Fall items


    1. The not-so-basic black bootie – You may already have two or three pairs of black booties in your closet from seasons past, so it’s time to upgrade.

    2. Statement earrings – It’s all about the statements, baby. The easiest way to dress up a basic look it with a brilliant pair of earrings.

    3. Printed blouse – Crisp and clean, yet still fun. A dainty printed button up blouse acts as the perfect layering piece, whether it’s over a tank on those warmer days or under sweaters on cooler days, this is definitely an item your closet needs this fall.

    4. Faux leather skirt – Dress it up, dress it down. Leather is not what it used to be. A great knee-length skirt is perfect for pairing with tights for the office, or go bare for a night out.

    5. Fun fur – Nothing says glamour quite like fur. This season fun and funky fur is everything. Ditch the traditional, and go with a fun pop of color.

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  • October Horoscope


    Something’s Waiting…

    Your October Forecast

    I’m resisting the urge to hide under my covers after the last time Mercury was in retrograde (Can you say “cracked phone” three times without conjuring an evil spirit?), but once again, Mercury will be in retrograde on October 4th. This time, I’m approaching it with a no-fear attitude– my favorite season is finally here, and I will make the most of it. Take that Mercury!

    Whether you’re a Libra or a Virgo, October has something good in store for all of us. What’s awaiting you? Read on and see how you should embrace the next several weeks with your October Horoscope.

    Libra (September 23 to October 22) — Happy Birthday Libra! This month, live by one philosophy: treat yo self. We have your birthday party dress ready and waiting as you make your way from one party to another. Celebrate all month long without a worry in the world. As long as you have some Eyeko Hydrogel Eye Patches ready to revive and brighten your eyes after an all-night party, the night before will be but a distant and happy memory. Make sure to keep some kale in your refrigerator for an energy boost. You’ll need all the energy you can get– they don’t call it a super food for nothing!

    OctoberHoroscope - Libra

    Scorpio (October 23 to November 21) — Don’t worry Scorpios, we haven’t forgotten about those of you with an October birthday! Have a chic bag on hand and ready to carry around all those birthday gifts  (or just well-deserved treats if you’re a November baby). Stash some Herbal Rose Blotting Papers in your new bag for a quick touch-up and a crisp apple (thank you fall!) for a quick and healthy snack.

    Saggitarius (November 22nd to December 21) — Take time for yourself this month with afternoon walks, and keep warm as October brings the full transition from summer to fall with a trendy cape. During your walks, protect your skin with Philosophy’s Hope in a Jar moisturizer– it’s a lifesaver. Truly, the name says it all. As long as you have a piece of pumpkin pie waiting for you at home (don’t forget the whipped cream!), your afternoons will be golden.

    Capricorn (December 22nd to January 19) — Capricorns, switch it up this month and make hats your new staple. We recommend an everlasting classic from Lanvin. On your way out the door, throw on your new cap and a dab of  Lip Plumper for an elegant, long-lasting look. As for food, well, we’re switching it up right? Try something you swore you’d never eat (we want to hear this adventure in the comments below!).

    OctoberHoroscope - Capricorn

    Aquarius (January 20 to February 18) — Who says you can’t wear white after labor day? Let your rebellious nature fly with nails painted in Chanel White Varnish. Pair with a lacey fringe Kimono for an ultra-chic look that will leave everyone asking, “Whose that stunning figure in white?” Celebrate your praise with a cupcake, it’s much-deserved.

    Pisces (February 19 to March 20) — Word on the street is that Rihanna is also a Pisces– anyone else still mourning the loss of her Instagram account? This October, keep her account in your thoughts (or your eyes more like it), with Bad Girl Riri’s exclusive Eyeshadow Palette for M.A.C. Strap a watch on your wrist as you make your way from location to location, you are a busy one after all (just don’t forget to eat… we recommend a freshly made smoothie like those from Juice Press).

    Aries (March 21 to April 19) — Aries, take a break and perfect your pout with Proenza Schouler’s limited edition MAC lipstick. With Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez, the brand’s designing geniuses, you’ll have selfies upon selfies to prove that your pout is on point. Plus, with a pair of kickass Boots and a cappuccino in the shot (coffee is an art!), your Instagram shots will be A+.

    OctoberHoroscope - Aries


    Taurus (April 20 to May 20) — Taurus, you are all about comfort and consistency. Not ready to let go off your summer wardrobe just yet? It’s okay, we aren’t ready to let go of our skirts and shorts either. Splurge on a last minute summer staple with a metallic skirt that will make you glimmer (literally). Add even more shine with Dior’s Smoothing Lip Balm, and while you’re still embracing summer, have one more go with a classic summer recipe– fish tacos!

    Gemini (May 21 to June 20) — Geminis, be fearless. Embrace your dramatic side with a fur coat (faux, of course!) as you strut your stuff around town. Black or neutral-colored? Take your pick. Add even more drama with ultra-dark lashes courtesy of Givenchy’s 4-in-1 mascara. You’ll look amazing when finally trying an infamous Cronut— we said we were going to be fearless right? Those endless lines for the coveted pastry don’t scare us!

    Cancer (June 21 to July 22) — Take a trip down memory lane, and pay your doll days tribute with Moschino’s cropped sweater inspired by Mattel®’s iconic Barbie™ and a shade of Barbie Fantasy Pink lipstick. For even more of a childhood #TBT, nothing screams ‘childhood’ more than an ice cream cone with rainbow sprinkles.


    Leo (July 23 to August 22) — Leos, this month create a balance in your life between your different personalities. Show off your tough side with a leather moto jacket while balancing your feminine side with a spritz or two of  Chloe’s Rose Perfume. Who says you can’t have it all?

    Virgo (August 23 to September 22) — Stay under the radar this month with a fabulous pair of sunnies. Go big and mysterious with a pair from the The Row or be classic (yet trendy!) with a mirrored pair from Ray-Ban. But first, don’t forget to curl those beautiful lashes of yours with a new and velvety Eyelash Curler. Feeling hungry? Treat yourself to a Kookie from Momofuku Milk Bar if you’re in New York City or have them delivered straight to your door for a sugar fix.

    OctoberHoroscopes - Taurus

    Is there anything else I should be looking forward to this month? Let me know in the comments below!

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