• run, run, run get moving, like, now

    I’ve been running again.  

    Not as in an easy jog around the neighborhood. I mean full out, heart-pounding, sweat-dripping, running. It feels excellent to be moving, to feel my body in motion, so alive, so powerful as I dart through the cobblestone streets of lower Manhattan. When’s the last time you really moved?

    As a newly minted 30 year old, I’ve been reclaiming hobbies of my youth that have fallen by the wayside with the passage of time. I was a cross-country runner in high school. If I tried really, really, hard I could get a mile behind me in under 6 minutes. Miles 2 and 3 of my races weren’t quite as fast as that first one, but hey, a girl could try. And now all of a sudden, after years of pilates and yoga, even in the brisk temperatures of a winter that’s closing in on us, running is joyful again.

    The best part of rediscovering something you love is the consideration of what to wear when doing said activity (at least if you’re a lady who lights up at the notion of new workout tights like myself). I have stacks of gear that fit the bill, but it sure is fun to treat yourself to a few new items to encourage the flow of motion. For me, I’m a lululemon lover, and for my runs I’ve turned to them to keep me protected from the elements so I can get out there, and just…enjoy.

    Sprinting through Tribeca in the Rest Less 1/4 Zip and Featherlight Tights.

    I love a new black tight, and the transparent panels on the back of the Featherlight, along with an enviable V-shaped crop at the ankle gives some edge to my new go-to. They’re thin without letting in the cold around you, so moving quickly doesn’t feel cumbersome whatsoever. Sweat-proof and quite flattering, I’m going to pick these up in the iridescent color as well.

    Just Keep Running…

    …Just Keep Running…

    To stay warm up top, I LOVE the fittingly named Rest Less 1/4 Zip, especially in this festive pattern and lovely heather grey. It’s really warm without being overwhelmingly thick, just like the tights featured here as well.

    Cruising Down Collister Street.

    A Final Stretch…

    Take it from me, getting outside when it’s chilly is far more invigorating than it is daunting.  Whether you’re running, hiking, rowing, cycling, power-walking, snow-shoe-ing, or whatever-ing, just get out there, like, now.  For your many gear needs, check out some of my other faves from lululemon’s newest collection.


    Photography by Stephanie Cheng.

  • The Power of Pink with bodega flowers, crosswalks, and jelly shoes

    Give me pink or give me death.  

    Now, I know that pink is “in” right now – hello, Glossier ads and sweaters at Barneys – but it’s also my second favorite color (behind orange of course). I’m delighted at the multitude of affordable ways to incorporate soft shades of pink, blush, rose, and nude into my wardrobe as of late, as pink has always held a special place in my heart as the symbol of all things female, sexy, and mysterious.  Yea, I think pink can be mysterious.  A woman in pink most definitely gives you pause.

    Today I’ve paired a slick pair of light pink trousers with a long, navy coat for warmth against the brutal winds coming off the Hudson River, and a basic white turtleneck. To finish the look I’ve added a pair of clear, jelly sandals that are the opposite of sensible. Who needs comfort when you have the sauciest of shoes on your feet, daring the almost freezing temperatures to tickle your toes?

    Jelly, or Jam, These Shoes are Sweet.

    I’m off to the bodega in this outfit…

    …because whether you’re running a quick errand to pick up some of the city’s most affordable tulips, peonies, and baby’s breath or you’re heading into a meeting with your boss, a smart pair of trousers matched with an oversized coat really won’t do you wrong.

    Roses for the win.

    Home I went, flowers in hand, eager to get them into fresh water so they’d make it a day longer than anticipated.  I think they lasted for an entire week – not bad for bodega buds.  The sweetest part of my day and this outfit?  Shoe envy.

    Explore more ways to incorporate pink into your everyday look with some of my favorite pink pieces of the moment, right here…


    Photography by Stephanie Cheng.

  • The Beret Is Back

    Be French and Go Mod

    Fall ’16 is upon us and with the arrival of chilly winds and falling leaves is the one fashion accessory that we’ve been seeing on stylish women everywhere: the beret.  Yes, the tricky-to-tilt hat is back in action this season and considering that I’m always one to take on a challenge, I bought a simple one in black to see if I too could master the French classic.

    It arrived from ModCloth well packaged along with some other goodies integral to my outfit that I’d laid out on Pinterest ahead of time.  I love creating outfits that way – the visual experience of all the Pins really helps.  Anyway – getting off track here.  Back to the beret….

    There’s many ways to wear this sassy little hat: tilted, pulled down your forehead, worn far back on the head, placed in the center of the head and then poofed up like a chefs hat – I mean, the possibilities are endless.  I was determined to master just the simple tilt on my first go and the results were, surprisingly, quite nice!

    I felt silly trying to get it just right but once it was firmly in place I felt an entirely new persona fill up inside of me as I took my first beret-wearing breath: one of a care-free, independent, and potentially French woman.

    Wearing a beret feels silly, sexy, and chic all at once.  It’s a playful accessory and tells everyone in close proximity that the wearer of the hat is conscious of her fashion choice but never takes herself too seriously.  I’m not bold enough to be that woman every time I step out of the house, but on beret-day, it’s quite a nice feeling.

    The rest of the outfit I crafted around the beret itself is one that I’d be comfortable to wear quite consistently, combining olive green tights and black booties with tortoise shell heels and a very soft, very statement-y faux fur coat in a neutral hue.

    Black Boots with Tortoise Shell Heels

    Extremely Delightful Coat

    Awesome Olive Tights

    I wanted to create a look that was flavored like 1965 without going too far down the costume-hole (hello, Halloween).  With the beret topping it off, a great coat to compliment it and nicely colored-tights, I felt like I was toeing the right line in the outfit I’d created to support my new, fancy-free, French-girl attitude.

    What do you guys think of the new beret trend?  Are you confident enough to try it out? Let me know in the comments below!

    Shop This Look by ModCloth

  • Let’s Play “Would You Rather” #LIVE

    Harry Potter or Game of Thrones?


    Both, duh.

    It’s Wednesday evening again, pretty ladies (and gents) and that means it’s time to go #LIVE!!!  This week we’re playing the delightful and surprising game of “Would You Rather” that we all know and love so dearly.  Tune in below, or if you’re late to the game catch up by tuning in and leave your comments!


  • My Purse Essentials

    Ask Me Anything!


    Today’s “Dear Lo” is a fun one, y’all!  In the comments on a previous Dear Lo post, reader Melinda wants to know what my purse essentials are!  I love this question!  Instead of a response in a “What’s In My Bag” video, today I’m taking it to the blog and sharing some snaps our talented photog Chris Klemens and I took last week!

    So…what IS in my bag?  Lots of stuff, some practical, some weird, but all very important to my busy life in the city and travels abroad!

    Blister Cushions


    I walk everywhere in New York, y’all.  Like, definitely 3-4 miles a day.  Sometimes I wearing comfy shoes and sometimes I’m not.  I’ve learned from Day 1 living here that the moment you feel that familiar discomfort of a blister forming on your toe, or your heel, or the side of your foot that you’re officially screwed.  There’s just no saving your skin, and continuing your walk begins to resemble the approach to the gates of hell (ah).

    Unless…you have something in your arsenal to stop a blister as it’s forming, or protect one that’s already there.  My saving grace?  Compeed Blister Cushions, available in different sizes and styles (like little baby ones for your toes), that mold to your body like a thick, cushy, comfy second layer of skin to protect whatever it is that’s ailing you.  They’re honestly amazing and I do NOT leave home without them.  I’ve tried other brands of blister cushions and the ones from Compeed are unbeatable. They’re easy to apply, waterproof, and feel super comfortable in shoes.  If you haven’t tried this brand, do so! They’re available online and at Walgreens.  GO!



    I’m a California girl and I don’t leave home without my sunglasses EVER.  Not at many New Yorkers wear shades as consistently as I do – if you visit NYC from LA you’ll notice this, but to hell with ’em.  My sunglasses are a part of my look, cover up tired eyes in the morning on the way to and from the gym, and help me avoid eye contact with strangers when powering through the city streets (ha).  My faves right now are my brown “Leonard” style frames from Illesteva.  Love them!

    Gloss & Make-Up

    My lips chap really easily so I always have a lip salve handy.  One of my all-time favorites?  Smith’s Rosebud Salve of course!  I like the tube, but it comes in a tin and different flavors.  Also in my bag?  Some type of powder/color combo – like this Anastasia Contouring Palette that includes both light colors for powder, and darker colors of contouring on the go.  It’s the perfect multi-use palette.  I love it!


    Card Holder

    I hate carrying a bulky wallet around.  I traded out the bulk for something more simple, and in my opinion versatile and chic. Enter the card holder wallet – a petite version that carries the bare minimum: a few slots for credit cards, ID, and metrocard, and a center area for a few small bills.  This Saint Laurent version fits in every bag I own, even a very small clutch.  I’d suggest trying this out – I think you’ll love it!

    Travel Perfume

    I’m obsessed with smelling nice, even on the go after a long day.  I’m a huge Byredo fan – one of my signature scents in Black Saffron and I also loooove Pulp.  They’e crafted these handy travel sizes perfect for your purse that comes in a 3-pack, and these nice leather containers that fit one small bottle perfectly.  The leather holder comes in different colors and styles and protects your perfume from potential breakage in your bag.


    What are your purse essentials?  What do you think of my list?  Let me know in comments below!  Thank you to Compeed for partnering with me on this post today!


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