• Eye’ve Got to Talk to You…

    …About Some Eye-ssentials You Should Own

    If you’ve read up on Rise & Shine With Me! and Get Unready With Me!, you’ll know that I’m a hoarder on all things skincare.

    Today, I’ll be professing my love for eye products.

    Forget those sleepless nights, those long hours staring at phone screens, and those days you wish you could just hide at home. Eye bag blues are, in my very humble opinion, sooo yesterday with these eye-ssentials.

    If your eyes feel tired, opt for eye products that have cooling effects. Not only does the minty addition help improve your skin’s elasticity, but it also gives the eye area a nice, refreshing kick. Kenzoki’s Ice-Cold Eye Cream, Fresh’s Black Tea Age-Delay Eye Concentrate, and Philosophy’s Uplifting Miracle Worker Eye Cream (complete with a cold-tip applicator!) all work wonders. Pop these babies into the fridge for double the coolness!

    If you’re a victim of dark under-eye circlesNo7’s Early Defence Eye Cream, First Aid Beauty’s Eye Duty Triple Remedy (also comes with a cold-tip applicator), and Philosophy’s Dark Circle Transforming Eye Cream can help alleviate your woes. These three products are also great for fine lines and wrinkles. Slowly but surely, your under-eye complexion will brighten over time.

    Curious to learn more about your dark circles? Read the “lodown” on Everything You Should Know About Dark Under-Eye Circles!

    If you’re starting to see deep wrinkles, Murad’s Renewing Eye Cream, Drunk Elephant’s Shaba Complex Eye Serum, and No7’s Youthful Eye Serum can help you turn back time. Hop to it and gently massage these products into areas that need more love.

    If you need a little bit more moisture, try products with hydrating benefits. Mario Badescu’s Hyaluronic Eye Cream, Fresh’s Rose Hydrating Eye Gel Cream, and First Aid Beauty’s Eye Duty Triple Remedy AM Gel Cream are all great places to start. Because we slather on serum after serum, moisturizer after moisturizer, it’s important we also give our eye areas their much needed one-on-one attention.

    Isn’t this eye-ssentials gift set amazing? Tatcha, one of my favorite skincare brands has this incredible set with several products made just for the eyesTheir Luminous Deep Hydration Revitalizing Eye Mask, Luminous Deep Hydration Firming Eye Serum, and Ageless Revitalizing Eye Cream are quite literally as dreamy as they sound. Best of all, they’re great for all the concerns (dark circles, anti-aging, etc.) I addressed above.

    Let me know if you’ve ever tried any of these products!

  • Take a Day Trip (out of the City)!


    If you and your “Instagram Boo” are looking for new backdrops (*cough* holiday cards *cough*), look no further.

    I dragged mine—willingly, of course—to Beacon, New York.

    Tucked neatly alongside a slight bend in the Hudson River, 89 minutes north from Grand Central Terminal, Dia:Beacon, a modern art museum and enclave of all things très chic, is the perfect destination for a Saturday getaway.

    Home to 21 exhibits, both visiting and long term, the museum, a former Nabisco box-printing facility, spans 160,000 square feet in exhibition space. With collections that include Dan Flavin’s untitled (to a man, George Mcgovern) 2, Robert Irwin’s Excursus: Homage to the Square³, and Walter De Maria’s 360˚ I Ching / 64 Sculptures, Dia:Beacon—its expansive grounds and impressive artwork—served as an ideal date destination.

    Robert Irwin‘s garden entrance to Dia:Beacon—a quaint nod to the manicured lawns in Paris, don’t you think?

    To make the 9:43 a.m. Poughkeepsie train, I was kindly reminded to wake up at 8:30 a.m. Coffee downed and scrambled eggs devoured—a little past 9:00 a.m.—my handsome date and I were out the door.

    Pro tip: if you’re taking the 9:43 a.m. train from Grand Central Terminal to Beacon, New York, prepare to board by 9:30 a.m.

    With the amount of ambitious hikers ready to conquer Bull Hill, you’ll be fighting them for a seat on the train. The majority of these early morning passengers get off at Cold Spring, a stop or two before Beacon, so the idea is to SIT DOWN FAST before you have to stand for the majority of your ride.


    Sol LeWitt’s Wall Drawing #1211. The man drew the lines by hand. Bless.

    Train tickets roundtrip, off-peak, are $32 per person and the museum entrance fee, for adults, comes in at $15.

    There’s a Metro North Getaway deal for $36.50 total, but unfortunately, I couldn’t figure out how to work the system. Still, $94 for a day trip worlds away from the hustle and bustle of the city was completely worth it.


    Michael Heizer‘s North, East, South, West.

    Dia:Beacon has a pretty relaxed photography policy so as long as you’re mindful of your flash, all snapping—except for pictures of Walter De Maria’s 360˚ I Ching / 64 Sculptures—is fair game.

    Regardless whether or not you’re shy, there will be visitors dressed to the nines posing next to the various installations.

    At the same time, there will also be visitors who are genuinely there for the artwork so regardless where you fall on the vanity spectrum, you’re guaranteed to have a good time.

    Debating whether or not to go for the pose? I say you channel Nike and just do it!


    Dan Flavin’s untitled, 1970.

    G and I wandered the four-story establishment without much of a method in mind. I enjoyed anticipating the artworks that waited ever-so-patiently behind every corner, staircase, and wall.

    If you prefer to plan, strategize, and optimize your route, you can pick up a floor plan at the entrance of the building.


    We, for example, stumbled across this Dan Flavin early on and by accident.

    Three hours, one cappuccino, one latte, and one chocolate-dipped macaroon later, we were both ready to go home.

    I napped so soundly on the 2:08 p.m. train back that I actually drooled.

    For those eager to rally, however, Storm King Art Center, the super cool sculpture park, is well within driving distance and also worth a visit!


    Go with someone who indulges your crazy. You’ll end up with better pictures and better memories!

    What to read up more on Dia:Beacon or the Dia Foundation? Click here and here respectively.

    Otherwise, I bid you adieu with a successful Instagram taken by my Instagram Boo.

    No paparazzi, please 🙏🏼 || 📷 @gthemen29

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  • The Best Lipsticks for Fall ’16

    It’s time to pucker up, LoDown fam 💋

    November is officially upon us and the holiday season is well on its way. With that said, it’s time to dress your lips up in celebration!

    Primarily a dusty rose kind of gal who dips occasionally into the berries and the reds, I will be sharing a couple of my favorite lippie brands and shades.

    Ready, set, muah!

    Wait, what? Lipstick and lipliner in one product? You guys are geniuses, Benefit Cosmetics!

    This lip kit comes with four shades—two on the bolder side and two on the more neutral spectrum. If you’re into the natural look, these colors are perfect for you. They’re hydrating and not super pigmented. Even though the lipstick and lipliner colors look very different, they actually compliment each other quite nicely! I personally prefer Pink Thrills and Lusty Rose.

    Portrait Pink, Dusty Rose, Red Velvet

    Yes to these vintage-looking gold tubes, and a double yes to the unique shape of the product!

    I don’t know about you, but I love lipsticks that vary slightly from the uniform shape. I find these specific ones easier to apply, especially when it comes down to precision. Best of all, they’re highly pigmented, long-lasting, and dry matte!

    Secret Salma, Walk of Shame, Amazing Grace

    Yaaas, more gold bullets!

    Inspired by lip brushes, these lipsticks come in square-angled tips. Designed with 3D glowing pigments (to make the lips appear fuller and wider) they’re a must-own if you like the matte look.

    Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Infamous, Understudy

    I’ve been obsessed with the shade “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang” for a couple of years now. It’s the my-lips but-better color for my skin!

    Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and Infamous are my go-to colors that not only stay on but also keep my lips super moisturized. Understudy, a close second to the two aforementioned stellar shades, is not shabby either. I use these three shades interchangeably on lazy days when I need a sheer pop of pink!

    No. 54, Deviant, Unspeakable, Bound

    I’ve been carrying “Bound” in my bag since these NARS babies launched last month.

    No, they’re not liquid lipsticks. These Glides apply like gloss and dry semi-matte. Just if you’re wondering, they’re not drying at all!  A few touch ups throughout the day will keep your lips luscious with a pop of color!

    Spanish Pink, Wild Ginger, Forbidden Pink

    Probably the silkiest lipsticks I’ve ever felt on my lips.

    These lippies are creamy and moisturizing with long-lasting color payoff. The collection has a variety of colors and a generous range of nudes. I’ll probably be purchasing Indian Rose next!

    Sweet Maple, Spice Spice Baby, Pink Chocolate

    Literally the smoothest lipstick tubes my fingers have ever touched.

    These lipsticks are filled with creamy moisturizing benefits. The colors go on smoothly with just the right amount of pigment. This collection has a wide range of neutrals and pinks. I have yet to try their shimmer finish shades!

    Rapture, Violate, Naked

    Urban Decay never lets me down and they get brownie points for having unique packaging, great colors and finishes, all at affordable prices!

    The Vice Lipstick collection comes in six different finishes, and the cream finish is my absolute favorite. Rapture, Violate, and Naked are the perfect neutral colors for the fall season.

    What are your fall favorite lip products? 

  • Try This Easy Recipe for Joy!

    Give Your Guilty Pleasures the Green Light

    Have you ever wished for a simple way to increase your happiness and sustain your smile? Well, wish no further! I have the perfect how-to for you!

    1. Start by creating a list of 10 guilty pleasures that bring you joy.
    2. Focus on doing at least three of those things every day.
    3. Share your new habit with your friends and encourage them to do the same.
    4. Note: the list can be ever-evolving! Life happens, things change.


    The sugary sweetness is a serious addiction for me. I recently had to dump hot sauce into my Nutella jar to stop myself from devouring the entire containter!

    Collecting Pennies

    Anytime I see a penny (heads up), I will stop everything I’m doing and go grab it regardless where the penny is. If you share my crazy habit, be careful! I once almost got hit by a yellow cab because I chose to run back across the street to grab the coin. Sorry, Mom! But hey, I believe in good luck!

    Dry Red Wine

    Nothing like a glass of red wine to mellow out the evening. In fact, the dryer the better! It’s paired best with…

    Reality TV

    I’m somewhat embarrassed to share this, but I love me some Keeping Up with the Kardashians. See? The red wine goes well with this one!

    food-photography-maren-caruso-3Country Music

    Growing up, my dad and I always had country music playing in the background as we drove the backroads of upstate New York. Back then, I was never really a big fan of the genre, but now that I live away from my family, listening to country music always reminds me of home.

    Legally Blonde

    Yes, the movie.

    She is one badass boss chick.

    Note: this also goes well with red wine.

    Eating while watching Food Network

    Why? I have no idea. I love eating my dinner while watching TV. My other half likes to eat with only music on in the background.  He can’t focus on TV and his food—lol! Luckily, I sometimes get my way when I need to hit my daily quota for joyful pleasures.

    Making up dances

    Zach and I listen to a LOT of music so we are constantly breaking it down to new songs. You’ll have to see some of our moves sometime. food-photography-maren-caruso-9

    Face Masks

    Something about face masks helps me clear my mind. I almost feel lost without them. They’re a nice way to force yourself to take a break and relax.

    Helping others succeed

    This is always on my to-do list. The feeling that I get inside when others let me know that I have helped them through a bad day or a tough time always gives me goosebumps!

    Spread the joy and enjoy life!

    Peace & Love,

    Emily Burkhardt



    Images via Maren Caruso.

  • What To Do When You Have a Problem “Down There”

    Okay, TMI time: I have had a yeast infection before.

    But is it really TMI?

    Haven’t most women experienced the discomfort once in their lives?

    I have one friend who insists she has never had anything “weird” happen down there —God Bless Her—but if you’re in the same category I’m in (UTIs, BV, and other mysterious ailments), you’re probably frustrated by the endless cycle of anti-biotic and antifungal treatments prescribed by your doctor.

    In fact, I often find that these “cures” exacerbate my problems. Why did I buy that damn Monistat in the first place? While marked “safe for women,” they’re filled with chemicals like propelyne glycol (a culprit on the Dirty Dozen list). Makes you wonder who gave these products the green light, doesn’t it? Bottom line: there’s a lot to be desired when it comes to feminine wellness.

    I’ve suffered long enough.

    A doctor once told me I “just have bad plumbing” and I should “learn to deal with the hand I’m dealt.”

    I’m sorry, but it’s 2016 and women’s health, including my own, cannot and should not be so cut and dry.

    Inspired by my personal frustrations with what’s readily available, not to mention the it-is-what-it-is attitude amongst some old-school medical practitioners, I’ve created Love Wellness, a new line of natural, doctor-recommended products that target common issues most women face down there.

    The collection includes products that work on their own and together to relieve treatment-resistant, tricky infections. They also help to maintain health from the inside out. Best if all, women can finally clean their bodies safely with pH balanced wipes and cleansers.

    The Killer (boric acid suppositories) and Good Girl Probiotics

    The Killer (boric acid suppositories) and Good Girl Probiotics

    Developed based on the recommendations of medical specialists and nutritionists that have helped me conquer my “bad plumbing” over the years, Love Wellness features a line of solutions that are natural. Our Killer, for example, features boric acid, a mineral found in seawater that is used to treat yeast infections when go-to traditional methods fail. Our favorite OB/GYN, Dr. Lindsay Appel, notes that

    “Boric acid suppositories are an excellent alternative for women who have failed traditional treatment methods for bacterial and yeast infection or suffer from recurrent infection.  One of the difficulties I have had in prescribing boric acid is that it often needs to be either purchased at a compounding pharmacy or made into a capsule by the patient herself which can be burdensome, especially because many women would like to be discreet when performing vaginal hygiene.”


    Besides compounding boric acid, we’ve also formulated doctor-recommended probiotics made with the same bacteria that naturally occur in the vagina to help maintain good gut health.

    Fun fact: did you know that the gut is the home of the our immune system and has a huge influence on what’s happening in the vagina?

    That said, if the bacteria is compromised, whether in the gut or the vagina, you can expect things to be thrown off.

    Do It All Wipes and pH Balancing Cleanser

    Do It All Wipes and pH Balancing Cleanser

    Our pH balanced products, on the other hand, are great ways to help maintain cleanliness. Made with soothing coconut oil, our Do It All Wipes  are perfect for cleansing on the go and our all-natural pH Balancing Cleanser is great for both quick and long showers.

    Before you go wild on me here, note that WE KNOW the vagina is self-cleaning.

    Internally it takes care of itself. Nothing in our line aims to change that. The cleansing products we’ve created are for external use only. They take care of the skin and surrounding area a woman may wish to wash.

    So, Lo, how safe is it to use externally?

    According to Dr. Appel,

    “When used externally, it is safe to use pH balanced cleansers and wipes.  When used internally, these cleansers can actually change the pH and decrease the ‘good’ natural bacteria in the vagina and increase infection risk.  Basically, when used internally, these products don’t allow the vagina to be self-cleaning.”

    In short, it’s okay to use a little more than warm water externally when the product is natural and pH-balanced.

    Perfect Condition Vitamin, Good Girl Probiotics, and Blue Tea

    Perfect Condition Vitamin, Good Girl Probiotics, and Blue Tea

    All in all, my overall goal with Love Wellness is to provide women with natural alternatives to cure what ails them.  There’s a movement among women, especially in online communities (one that I hope jumps beyond the internet), to turn to natural products and ingredients to help maintain longterm health and treat chronic infections.  We’re taking that mindset to the masses with our collection and we believe that what we’re offering provides a 360 approach to do so.

    We’ve already received countless notes from new customers who are having great results.  One of my favorites is below, from Sarah W, a Clinical Psychologist:

    “I just wanted to take a moment to express how incredible your products have been for me. I’m 31 and have been prone to chronic infections for the greater part of my adult life. I’m very sensitive to most medications, and I’ve often felt like my doctors have been quick to prescribe strong steroid medications that only exacerbate the issues I’ve had. I purchased your boric acid, probiotics, cleansing wipes, and vitamins, and in less than a week my body is feeling better than it has in years. I’m a psychologist and appreciate the importance of a holistic approach to health, and wanted to sincerely thank you for creating a really incredible line of products for women like me. I wish you the best of luck with your business and will encourage all of my friends to try your products!”

    Sarah, we’re so excited to have you on board and we appreciate your support in spreading our message of good, natural health for all women!

    If you want to give Love Wellness a try, use my favorite coupon code, LADYLOVIN for 15% off your purchase!  Thanks for tuning in.


  • Are You Too Cool For School?


    Finally stateside (besides Sephora), Too Cool For School is introducing 11 uniquely-Korean lines at their newly-opened flagship store in SoHo. Complete with incredibly intricate packaging and equally elaborate stories, the products, one-of-a-kind, are definitely worth checking out. The store itself, designed to look and feel like a pawn shop, are both dotted and doted on with random but cohesive intricacies: doll heads, plastic fish, beakers, and makeup cases.

    Trust me, the place and the products don’t get any “instaworthier” than this!

    Itching to get your hands on some TCFS treats? Keep reading for a quick run down on some of their goodies!

    Inspired by the father of modern sculpture, Auguste Rodin, Art Class exemplifies his penchant for realism. The products, named after artsy terms like Impasto, pays homage to art techniques that include lighting and contouring. Art Class’ Créateur du contour is definitely a win in my book. Not only is the bronzer soft to the touch, but it also creates the most natural look when applied.

    SiennaEmmyJoy, and their cat, Max, are all superstars of the TCFS line, Artify. My favorite gal? Definitely Joy with the short blonde hair. She likes photography and looks like she gives zero effs. Oh, and as a cat lady, I totally give Max a big thumbs up.

    Artify products are meant to make your life easier with their two to three-in-one purposes. Their blush, for example, comes with a cushion puff tucked neatly away on the bottom of the compact and their BB foundation also comes with both concealer and highlighter!

    You’ve probably seen the TCFS Dinoplatz line online or at actual Sephora stores. If not, shame on you! The rad packaging tells an endearing story of dinosaurs coming back to find a new home in New York City. Flowers blossom as the clumsy creatures make their way through Manhattan (minus a couple accidents here and there because they’re just so big)!

    A cute way to remind you to take all that makeup off your face (especially at night when you’re really too lazy to), the Ka line goes by one simple motto: “Take care of it while you have it. Life is beautiful because it’s short.”

    Cleanse, cleanse, and cleanse, folks! Your skin will thank you.

    Don’t forget to let me know what you think if you end up stopping by!

  • The Beret Is Back

    Be French and Go Mod

    Fall ’16 is upon us and with the arrival of chilly winds and falling leaves is the one fashion accessory that we’ve been seeing on stylish women everywhere: the beret.  Yes, the tricky-to-tilt hat is back in action this season and considering that I’m always one to take on a challenge, I bought a simple one in black to see if I too could master the French classic.

    It arrived from ModCloth well packaged along with some other goodies integral to my outfit that I’d laid out on Pinterest ahead of time.  I love creating outfits that way – the visual experience of all the Pins really helps.  Anyway – getting off track here.  Back to the beret….

    There’s many ways to wear this sassy little hat: tilted, pulled down your forehead, worn far back on the head, placed in the center of the head and then poofed up like a chefs hat – I mean, the possibilities are endless.  I was determined to master just the simple tilt on my first go and the results were, surprisingly, quite nice!

    I felt silly trying to get it just right but once it was firmly in place I felt an entirely new persona fill up inside of me as I took my first beret-wearing breath: one of a care-free, independent, and potentially French woman.

    Wearing a beret feels silly, sexy, and chic all at once.  It’s a playful accessory and tells everyone in close proximity that the wearer of the hat is conscious of her fashion choice but never takes herself too seriously.  I’m not bold enough to be that woman every time I step out of the house, but on beret-day, it’s quite a nice feeling.

    The rest of the outfit I crafted around the beret itself is one that I’d be comfortable to wear quite consistently, combining olive green tights and black booties with tortoise shell heels and a very soft, very statement-y faux fur coat in a neutral hue.

    Black Boots with Tortoise Shell Heels

    Extremely Delightful Coat

    Awesome Olive Tights

    I wanted to create a look that was flavored like 1965 without going too far down the costume-hole (hello, Halloween).  With the beret topping it off, a great coat to compliment it and nicely colored-tights, I felt like I was toeing the right line in the outfit I’d created to support my new, fancy-free, French-girl attitude.

    What do you guys think of the new beret trend?  Are you confident enough to try it out? Let me know in the comments below!

    Shop This Look by ModCloth

  • A Day in the Life of a Fitness Fanatic

    Hey, you guys!

    Have you ever wondered what fitness instructors do during the day when they aren’t teaching? Well, every day is slightly different for me, but that’s exactly what I love about my “job”—new adventures, clients, goals, and dreams!

    Here’s what gets me out of bed to make confident, energized, and smiley people.

    b9541961a4de61f48e651861b4c3aa677:00 A.M. — Wake up, Drink Water, and Shower

    I usually wake up as soon as my alarm goes off in the morning. Before I hop in the shower, I drink a full glass of water to get my day started. I then focus on my breathing (in the shower) to calm my nerves and mentally prepare for the day.

    7:30 A.M. Big Breakfast

    • 1 small sweet potato
    • 1 big scoop of almond butter

    This meal has stayed constant in the past few months. Not only is it super filling, but it also gives me the right kind of energy to start my morning adventures.

    8:00 A.M. Train a Fabulous Client

    Every client has his or her set of goals, but the main focuses tend to be weight loss, building body mass, and increading endurance. Because my clients and I always have fun, I really look foward to this part of my day!

    9:30 A.M. Take a Fitness Class

    I try to get a workout in even though I also instruct my own classes and train with my clients. I take this time to work on my own body. Flybarre, for example, compliments all the other excercises that I do, which makes it the perfect fitness class to fit into my busy schedule.

    10:30 A.M. Instruct a Flywheel Class

    I rock out and ride for 45 minutes to some incredible tunes with equally incredible riders. Never tried an indoor cycling or Flywheel class before? Come check out one of my classes! I promise to take excellent care of you! #NEVERCOAST

    11:30 A.M. Shower #2

    Yes, I shower two to three times a day. So much SWEAT!

    tumblr_m2t0chq1bo1ru53gio1_128012:oo P.M. Travel, Snack, and Listen to Music

    I usually run from session to session, but when traveling longer distances, I take the train, or, if I’m in a hurry, grab an Uber. While traveling,snack on an RXBAR and scroll through Spotify Discover Weekly to find new music.

    12:30 P.M. Train ANOTHER fabulous Client


    1:30 P.M. Lunch with Friends (or Solo)

    I use this time to hit the reset button and get focused for the second half of my day. Sweetgreen is usually my go-to. My current favorite lunch is their Chicken + Brussels salad (with Kale for greens) of course!

    2:30 P.M. Plan Life Goals, Fine Tune my Playlist, Plan Workouts, Write

    Yes, I spend a portion of every day planning my future goals. I am constantly thinking of ways to grow and to inspire others to find their maximum amount of joy. I also use this time to make playlists for my upcoming classes, create workouts for my clients, and write articles like this one! If I have time to spare, I pop into Lululemon for some retail thearapy!

    screen-shot-2016-10-26-at-10-00-12-am5:30 P.M. Flywheel or Train Another Client

    Every day is different, but I either have more fun with my Fly family or my amazing clients!

    9:00 P.M. Shower #3

    The “work” day is done! Phew! Once I get home, I eat dinner and use the down time to decompress. Zucchini noodles (Zoodles) with ground turkey and tomato sauce is a personal favorite!

    I always aim to get into bed by 11 p.m. to catch a full eight hours of sleep. It’s the secret to my crazy amount of energy during the day! Shh!


    Thanks for coming along with me on my city-wide journey. I hope to see you soon in real life!

    Peace & Love,

    Emily Burkhardt

  • You Have to Check out Essie’s Fall Collection!

    Arigatou gozaimasu, Essie!

    How gorgeous are these six shades? I’m absolutely in love with Essie’s Fall 2016 Collection! Inspired by a combination of Tokyo’s wild street style and foliage that accompanies the cooler fall weather, the collection, a mixture of dark autumnal shades and light pastel colors, is complete with the most adorable names, like Playing KoiKimono-Over, and Udon Know Me. 

    Playing Koi, Maki Me Happy, and Kimono-Over

    The darker shades, reminiscent of Central Park’s changing colors, are a great homage to winter’s highly-anticipated sweater weather. If I had to choose a favorite, it would probably be Playing Koi because it’s a relatively new color for the entire Essie line.

    Now and Zen, Udon Know Me, and Go Go Geisha

    Whoever said pastels were reserved only for warmer weather is so clearly wrong. These lighter shades are a great way to add a pop of color when when wearing darker hues and thicker knits. I’ll definitely be rocking these shades throughout the fall season.

    Since I’ve been rocking a darker shade for the past week, I decided to give Go Go Geisha a try. What better way to give a girly nod to breast cancer awareness?


    Pray tell, which shade is your favorite from this collection? 

  • A Dozen Fragrances To Fall For

    12 Fall Fragrances

    You Need To Try ASAP

    I can still remember my prepubescent years like it was just yesterday—tweenage Courtney obsessing over body sprays from Victoria’s Secret and Bath & Body Works. Fortunately, for the greater good of mankind, I outgrew my predisposition for absurdly sweet fragrances and gravitated towards lighter floral scents.

    With refined tastes and an expanded knowledge of what actually “smells good”—touches of subtle musk and basil as the leaves begin to turn color—I present you a dozen of my favorite fall perfumes.


    Notes: white mimosa, orris

    Notes: galbanum, jasmine, cistus labdanum, fig leaf accord, narcissus, jonquille absolute, neroli, geranium, vetiver, orris butter

    Notes: turkish apricot, fig leaf, green tea

    Notes: pear, freesia, amber wood

    Notes: basil grand vert, neroli, white musk

    Flying Notes: bergamot essence, petit grain essence, orange flower absolute, almond flower, ylang ylang essence, neroli bigarade essence, musk, moss, arial accord
    Flower Market Notes: crushed leaves, freesia, sambac jasmine, jasmine infusion, tuberose infusion, rose from grasse, peach, cedarwood, oak moss
    Beach Walk Notes: bergamot, pink pepper, lemon, ylang ylang, coconut milk, heliotrope, musk, cedarwood, benzoin

    Notes: lime, grapefruit, bergamot, basil, jasmine, rhubarb, petitgrain

    Notes: greens, gardenia, creamy musks

    Notes: neroli, grapefruit, cassis, bergamot, peony, tuberose, jasmine sambac, vetiver, sandalwood

    Notes: absinthe mist, apricot blush, incense, jasmine essence, dewy honeysuckle, white camellia, captive musk, honey, ambrox

  • Keep This in Mind for Tonight’s Debate

    A Couple Thoughts as We Head into Tonight’s Final Presidential Debate

    Just a little over a week ago, many of us—myself included—tuned into the second presidential debate at Washington University in St. Louis. While there’s no denying the shock value of remarks exchanged between candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, I was pleasantly surprised by the positive (yes, positive) rapport they both eventually displayed.

    The debate, unique in its town hall setting, was shaped by questions from undecided voters. Ken Bone, now an internet sensation and meme favorite, stole the hearts of many Americans in his red sweater. It was, however, Karl Becker who stole mine. His question, the last one of the night, was not only thoughtful but also incredibly humbling.

    “My question to both of you,” he said, “Is regardless of the current rhetoric, “Would either of you name one positive thing you respect in one another?”

    In case you’re not up to speed, the candidates’ respective responses are as follows:

    Clinton: “Look, I respect his children. His children are incredibly able and devoted, and I think that says a lot about Donald. I don’t agree with nearly anything else he says or does, but I do respect that. I think that is something as a mother and a grandmother is very important to me.”

    Trump: “She doesn’t quit. She doesn’t give up. I respect that. I tell it like it is. She’s a fighter. I disagree with her judgment in many cases but she does fight hard, and she doesn’t quit and she doesn’t give up. I consider that to be a very good trait.”

    While Secretary Clinton could have focused more specifically on an attribute displayed by her opponent, it was still refreshing to see them strike common ground.

    To add psychological perspective, we, humans, develop unique personalities through our experiences and genetic makeup. Those characteristics, the ones that color our lives and govern how we conduct ourselves, may, oftentimes, clash with other people’s. It is unrealistic to assume that everyone will always get along.

    Even though there are people in the world I don’t care for much of at all, I can always find at least one positive thing to say about that particular individual. It may be difficult remember the good traits of an ex-boyfriend or a jerk that has treated you poorly, but trust me, it can be done.

    That said, I encourage you all to identify a positive trait in someone you love and in someone you might not be as fond of. Being busy is not an excuse for being complacent. When we take the time to acknowledge the good, the stress associated with the bad melts away. Don’t worry, I’m not proposing a kumbaya powwow. Baby steps.

    Let’s spread some positive vibes before tonight’s third and final debate!

  • Arch You Ready for This Brow Business?

    Brow Grooming 101

    If eyes are the so-called windows to your soul, then brows are the so-called curtains to those windows. Pottery Barn or Ikea, which would you rather? You tell me.

    Thanks to Cara Delevingne and a handful of other brow-blessed celebrities, fleek, full, and fabulously natural eyebrows have been taking the world by storm. No makeup, no problem? Ya, as long as your brows are groomed!

    A victim of sparse brows, I fill mine in every morning. If I had to pick one makeup product to use for the rest of my life, it would definitely be a brow pencil.

    I’d feel like a naked mole-rat otherwise.

    Like all fashion trends, brows, too, go through their different “style” stages. It may, unfortunately, take years for you to figure out which shape best frames your face. Don’t worry, we’ll go through all the different scenarios together. Behold, my favorite brow products!

    If Your Brows Are…

    Benefit Cosmetics Ready, Set, BROW! Clear Brow Gel

    Benefit Cosmetics Gimme Brow Volumizing Eyebrow Gel
    Too Faced Cosmetics Brow Quickie

    You, girl, don’t need much. Your brows are pretty much on fleek with or without the extra help. You’ve got these naturally full brows that are to die for and they’ve got these amazing arches to match!

    If you want to add just a little bit more jazz, a brow gel or brow fiber gel will do the trick. People often use them as the “top coats” to their brow routine.

    Benefit Cosmetics Brow Zings Eyebrow Shaping Kit
    Benefit Cosmetics Ka-BROW! Eyebrow Cream-Gel Color
    Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Powder Duo
    Anastasia Beverly Hills Brush #12

    First things first, count your blessings! Some people don’t have much brow hair–but hey, good news, you’re not some people. Your hair, while there, just lacks grooming.

    Here’s where the powders and pomades come in! It’s tricky, but with practice, you’ll master an arch that complements your bone structure. Note that pomades can also be used to create an edgier look.

    Benefit Cosmetics Goof Proof Eyebrow Pencil
    Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Definer
    Tom Ford Brow Sculptor

    Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz
    Urban Decay Brow Beater Microfine Brow Pencil and Brush
    Benefit Cosmetics Precisely, My Brow Eyebrow Pencil
    Lancome Les Sourcils Definis Eyebrow Pencil

    You have some hair, but you also have some bald spots. Don’t worry, me too! I barely have any hair on the tail ends of my brows so brow pencils with spoolies are a must for me.

    Mind you, pomades and powders work equally well for sparse brows but I’ve be hoarding and championing taupe-colored 2-in-1 pencils for the longest time!

    You’ve over-plucked your brows. Oops!

    Take a deep breath! It will all be okay. See the products I’ve mentioned above? Feel free to try them all. Benefit Cosmetics has pretty much everything you need for brows. Their new silver packaging? *Swoon*

    Benefit Cosmetics BROWVO! Conditioning Eyebrow Primer
    Benefit Cosmetics High Brow Glow Brow Highlighter

    In case you wanted to add more va-va-voom, primers and highlighters are a great way to start and end your brow routine. Brow primers keep products in place for longer and highlighters add just the right amount of pop.


    What are some of your favorite brow products? I’d love to know!

  • Help Haiti Through Simbi, a Company Full of Love

    Hi Everyone!

    As you all know, I love helping individuals find, achieve, and live their greatest amount of happiness. I usually do this through fitness, but today I’m channeling my positive vibes through jewelry!

    Simbi, a socially responsible accessories line entirely handmade in Haiti, is a personal favorite company of mine. They strive to bring clean water and sustainable jobs to the people of Haiti through a portion of their proceeds. With the unimaginable scale of suffering left by Hurricane Matthew, there is no time like the present to support Simbi’s cause.

    screen-shot-2016-10-14-at-12-21-25-pmIf you’re always on the go, Simbi offers statement pieces that are perfect for going out or for going to the gym. Their clay bracelets, made from pure clay harvested in the mountains of Haiti, are 100% organic, vegan, and biodegradable. Best of all, the purchase of one clay bracelet supports 15 sustainable jobs and provides 10 gallons of clean water to Haitians in need.

    This October, Simbi will be concentrating their relief efforts in the cities of Les Cayes, Jeremie, Port Salut and a plethora of other smaller coastal villages heavily damaged by Hurricane Matthew. Because the southern region of Haiti experienced a catastrophic destruction of crops and a near wiping out of livestock and clean water supply, there’s a good chance that starvation and cholera will only proliferate as a result.

    Simbi‘s founders, Lori and Birgit, are saving, improving, and empowering Haitian lives as best they can and I want you to join them and me in their inspiring mission. You can get 15% off their jewelry with the code: THEHEALTHYHUSTLE.

    Strive to do more for the infants, mothers, and families in Haiti that need us. Wearing Simbi embodies power, unity, and compassion through jewelry!

    Peace, Love & Support Haiti,

    Emily Burkhardt


  • Get Unready with Me!

    Good night, Moon ?

    As promised, here’s the “evening edition” of my advanced skincare routine!

    “What’s the difference between my morning and evening skincare routines?” you ask.

    Well, truth be told, not much. Just a whole range of different products selected specifically for a more in-depth and attentive cleansing and moisturizing process. I mean, the magic does happen overnight.

    If you haven’t already checked out Rise & Shine With Me, I highly advise you do that first. Otherwise, let’s get ready to take it all off and count some sheep!

    Mario Badescu Enzyme Gel Cleanser
    Mario Badescu Seaweed Cleansing Lotion
    Kleenex Cotton Soft Pads

    Behold my favorite cleanser and toner duo! Mario Badescu always comes through, never upsets, and solves practically all skin concerns. I love using Kleenex’s Cotton Soft Pads to apply my toner. Betcha didn’t know they also have superb facial cleansing wipes!

    SK-II Facial Treatment Essence

    I like to pat some treatment essence on before applying my serums and moisturizers. Doing so rejuvenates my skin!

    La Mer The Regenerating Serum
    La Mer The Eye Balm Intense

    You know you’re an adult when you hoard anti-aging products. Better sooner than later. Or, like, better sooner than never! La Mer’s The Regenerating Serum and The Eye Balm Intense are, in my very humble opinion, the best products to use. A little goes a long way, and I’ve noticed a difference in my skin after just a few weeks. My complexion looks more revived and less dead. Best of all, the cold tip of the eye cream applicator is super soothing and helps to reduce puffiness.

    Philosophy Renewed Hope in a Jar Overnight
    Amore Pacific Moisture Bound Sleeping Recovery Masque
    The Estee Edit Pink Peony Overnight Water Pack

    After serum and eye cream, comes moisturizer. I like using a moisturizer (or cream during winters) that is specifically formulated for overnight use. These babies always leave my skin feeling extra smooth and supple when I wake up!

    Fresh Sugar Lip Serum Advanced Therapy
    Drunk Elephant Lippe
    Malin + Goetz Lip Moisturizer
    Herbivore Botanicals Coco Rose Lip Conditioner

    Voilà! More evidence of how much I love lip products. I like to keep my lips super hydrated (all the time), especially overnight. Check out Lip Care 101 for more info on all things lips!

    Altchek MD 5 Minute Clay Renewal Mask
    Philosophy When Hope is not Enough Gel-Oil Mask
    Mario Badescu Flower & Tonic Mask

    Like exfoliating, treating the skin with a facial mask (at least once or twice a week) is important. No excuses, because there is a mask for everyone. Here are some of my favorite masks ordered from least to greatest amount of time needed (to fit everyone’s time and budget needs). Altchek MD’s Clay Renewal Mask takes just 5 minutes, Philosophy’s Gel-Oil Mask suggests 10 minutes, and Mario Badescu’s Flower & Tonic Mask requires 20 minutes. If you’re super-duper lazy and don’t want to smear product all over face, throw on a sheet or gel mask! Your skin will thank you.

    Do you recommend any skincare products? Tell us what your skin-loving favorites are in the comments down below! 

  • How to Stay Healthy on an Airplane

    Hi Everyone!

    Paula recently asked me for tips and tricks on how I keep healthy during short and long-haul flights. If you know anything about my greatest loves, then you’ll know that I absolutely adore traveling–especially with Zach!

    On my recent trip to Dublin, Ireland, I came up with a list of things I do to minimize exhaustion and jetlag and maximize smiles and fun.



    Walk Around The Terminal

    Because we’re usually told to arrive at least 45 minutes before our flight time, we spend a majority of it going through TSA and waiting to board. Instead of twiddling your thumbs and tapping your feet, take a walk around the terminal to get your blood flowing before sitting on your flight.

    Put On You Compression Pants/Socks

    In 2013, I developed a blood clot in my leg from a little too much traveling. For health reasons, I had to wear these uncomfortable compression socks that go all the way to my hips. I recently, however, discovered these yoga-like compression pants that are now my ultimate go-tos. Ask your doctor what type of compression gear you should be wearing because we all have different needs!

    Dress In Layers

    You never know what temperature it is going to be on the plane. You may either be sweating to death or ringing the call button non-stop for an extra blanket. Come prepared and layered for both situations. You’ll feel more comfortable bundling up in your own clothing! I usually wear a scarf to the airport because it can double as a great blanket. Plus, it’ll help ward off all head colds!

    Pack A Snack

    Flight food is usually filled with sodium. Because the dry air makes you dehydrated, there’s no reason add any more sodium on top of your pre-existing misery. Instead, bring snacks that are high in protein. It’ll help you feel full longer. I always pack RXBars with me where ever I go!


    If you suffer from crazy motion sickness, this is the medication for you!

    Pack A Water Bottle

    The airplane’s dry air that will make you extremely dehydrated. Drink one bottle of water before boarding and at least another during your flight. Try to drink 8 oz. for every hour you are in the air. We usually drink when we think we are thirsty, but to be safe, prepare ahead and stay hydrated before it’s too late.


    Use Sanitizer

    Pack travel-sized anti-bacterial wipes to disinfect your seat, armrest and buckle before you sit down for your flight.

    Get Out Of Your Seatda268824a437896725446735dedc4be4

    Get up and walk as much as possible, even if you don’t have to use the bathroom, to keep your blood flowing. I always try to select an aisle seat to avoid interrupting my neighbors. 

    Stay Active In Your Seat

    Bring your knees to your chest, pump your legs, shrug your shoulders, roll your neck, and shimmy! Just keep the blood flowing!

    Avoid Caffeine and Alcohol

    As I have and will mention a few times, the flight will make you dehydrated. Caffeine and alcohol will only add to your misery. Try your best to avoid it and drink water instead!

    Drink Water

    You know the drill: stay hydrated!


    Drink As Much Water As Possible

    What? More water? YES! Replenish your body!

    Shower and Moisturize

    Wash off the airplane air with a nice hot shower and load up on your moisturizer. 


    Get your blood flowing right after a long flight. If a full on workout doesn’t work for your schedule, make sure to walk, take the stairs at the hotel, make time for quick 5 minutes of cardio sesh to get the blood flowing again.


    Wishing you happy AND healthy travels!

    Peace & Love,

    Emily Burkhardt

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