• Are You Too Cool For School?


    Finally stateside (besides Sephora), Too Cool For School is introducing 11 uniquely-Korean lines at their newly-opened flagship store in SoHo. Complete with incredibly intricate packaging and equally elaborate stories, the products, one-of-a-kind, are definitely worth checking out. The store itself, designed to look and feel like a pawn shop, are both dotted and doted on with random but cohesive intricacies: doll heads, plastic fish, beakers, and makeup cases.

    Trust me, the place and the products don’t get any “instaworthier” than this!

    Itching to get your hands on some TCFS treats? Keep reading for a quick run down on some of their goodies!

    Inspired by the father of modern sculpture, Auguste Rodin, Art Class exemplifies his penchant for realism. The products, named after artsy terms like Impasto, pays homage to art techniques that include lighting and contouring. Art Class’ Créateur du contour is definitely a win in my book. Not only is the bronzer soft to the touch, but it also creates the most natural look when applied.

    SiennaEmmyJoy, and their cat, Max, are all superstars of the TCFS line, Artify. My favorite gal? Definitely Joy with the short blonde hair. She likes photography and looks like she gives zero effs. Oh, and as a cat lady, I totally give Max a big thumbs up.

    Artify products are meant to make your life easier with their two to three-in-one purposes. Their blush, for example, comes with a cushion puff tucked neatly away on the bottom of the compact and their BB foundation also comes with both concealer and highlighter!

    You’ve probably seen the TCFS Dinoplatz line online or at actual Sephora stores. If not, shame on you! The rad packaging tells an endearing story of dinosaurs coming back to find a new home in New York City. Flowers blossom as the clumsy creatures make their way through Manhattan (minus a couple accidents here and there because they’re just so big)!

    A cute way to remind you to take all that makeup off your face (especially at night when you’re really too lazy to), the Ka line goes by one simple motto: “Take care of it while you have it. Life is beautiful because it’s short.”

    Cleanse, cleanse, and cleanse, folks! Your skin will thank you.

    Don’t forget to let me know what you think if you end up stopping by!

  • Street Style: Crosby St.

    As a New Yorker, you learn a thing or two about living here. First: this city is the definition of rough and tough. Second: the only way to come out alive is with a friend guiding you and helping you live it up. This is where we come in. We’ve given you an inside look at the places that are essential to treatin’ yo self in our guide The City. Now, with our new series Street x Street, we’re kicking it up a notch and dissecting the city—you guessed it—street by street. Greenwich Village, Chelsea, Upper East Side, FiDi, East Village, SoHo… we’re hitting up all the neighbourhoods to give you a New Yorker’s view on the city we call home.

    Last Friday, we took you for a walk down Crosby St. for our new #StreetXStreet series. When our photographer Chris and I were shooting this piece, we couldn’t help but stop these women for an impromptu street style shoot. So, if you ever see Chris and I approach you on the street, don’t be scared. We just really like your outfit.

    _MG_1457__1439308000_108.30.214.71 (1)

    Joyce: flatforms + reflective sunnies


    Alexis: denim + killer boots

    Briannah: colour + more colour


    Grace: straw hat + vest + Balenciaga


    Betty: silk + floral + mules

    Photography: Chris Klemens // Introduction: Daise Bedolla

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