• The Sleeve Detail

    I am a student at The Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. Throughout my undergraduate career, I have learned so much. In fact, I have taken countless classes that explain the fashion industry as a business and I’ve also taken classes that study sleeves in great detail—yes, sleeves.

    Do you know how many different sleeve styles there are?

    Here’s a hint: there’s more than one. To name a few, there’s the Bell, Peasant, Puff, Bishop, Juliet, and Dolman. Yup, you’ve guessed it. The list continues.

    Sleeve details are one of my favorite trends. The trend is currently dominating fast fashion and I LOVE IT! I personally prefer wearing a great sleeve in either the spring or summer season so that it doesn’t get lost behind my jackets or coats. Bring on the warmer weather, Mother Nature! A detailed sleeve is truly an epic fashion statement.

    I generally like to think of the sleeve as an added accessory. When wearing a shirt that includes this trend, I avoid bracelets or rings to keep the focus on my top rather than my jewelry. I also try not to spend a lot of money when purchasing a shirt with this dramatic concept because I prefer to invest in staple or basic pieces. One typically wears this type of shirt a few times before it is quickly remembered by friends and family. I can only get away with wearing it so many times before I look like a serial outfit repeater. Yes, the struggles of a true fashion gal.

    If I haven’t already sold you on the sleeve detail trend I will now. A sleeve statement can be worn on a dress or a jacket too! It does not have to be strictly limited to tops.

    The dramatic sleeve is a chic look—picture yourself with a sleek updo and fitted pants, with that perfect sleeve hanging over each hand. Here are of few photos of me braving yesterday’s snowstorm wearing a Zara striped bell sleeve top!

    With Love,
    Ashley Attianese
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  • Ready, Set, Velvet!

    Velveteen Dreams

    When I Think Velvet...

    When I think velvet, I think velour Juicy Couture sweat-suits—my middle school uniform. Yes, I was a sucker for them.

    Fast forward to the now-me, velvet and I still get along quite nicely, probably because it IS one of Winter 2016’s most popular trends. My first velvet purchase since the infamous Juciy outfits was dun, dun, dun: a romper—big surprise there. It’s navy blue and will definitely be worn many times this season with or without a pair of black tights. Trust me, it’s an awesome look anyone can pull off.

    Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

    Voilà! Here I am wearing the romper at Turtle Bay.

    Velvet is amazing for all women of all ages. Why? Becase there are velvet dresses, rompers, pants, tops, blazers, and hats galore. This year, velvet is making its comeback (hello 90’s!) and is, without a doubt, here to stay.

    Toss out Save those Juicy sweats for a rainy day with Netflix. Seriously though, browse some even better velvet inspo!


    Calligraphy by @bristlesprouts


    #trending: Cell Phone Cases

    Hey girl, hey, and welcome to #Trending! Every Tuesday, we’ll be curating some of our favorite looks at varying price points.

    Whoever said “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend” never owned an iPhone…or really, a case that protects it.

    In this day and age, I think we can agree that smart phones are a necessity. They’re the unfortunate key to our super pluged-in and online-dependent lifestyles. Don’t get me wrong, diamonds are nice and all, but a lot of us—myself included—rely an unhealthy amount on our gadgets to communicate on a day-to-day basis with the world.

    I guess what I’m trying to say is that more often than not, our phones have become our security blankets. And, as unfortunate as that sounds, they need tender love and care.

    How does one morph such a device to become an accessory, you ask? Amazing cases, of course! Protecting a smartphone with a stylish sleeve is an instant upgrade to any outfit.

    Check out some of my favorite case styles below!

    Photography via Ploysh


    #trending: turtlenecks

    Hey girl, hey, and welcome to #Trending! Every Tuesday, we’ll be curating some of our favorite looks at varying price points.

    It is time we face the harsh reality-cold weather is here to stay. It’s all about the neck this week which is why we want to complete your warm weather wardrobe, so with that-I suggest you start considering a turtleneck. It’s impossible to think about staying warm, while also achieving chic without incorporating this perfect and easy high-neck piece. A warm neck while looking good? We’ll take it.

    Turtlenecks are extremely versatile, you can find them cropped, sleeveless, loose, tight, wool, cotton-along with many other options. Personally, I prefer an oversized one paired with some leather leggings and the perfect bootie, then I’m ready to go day or night.

    So, it may be difficult to think of wearing a turtleneck when you want to maintain that stylish yet sexy look because of the full coverage it provides. Good news though, when paired with the perfect bottom- leather pants, tight skirt or ripped jeans, perhaps? You’ll leave the people wondering, while also adoring your flawless look.

    Not crazy about the idea of something tight around your neck? Opt for one that isn’t so suffocating, check out some of my favorite turtleneck styles below, I promise you’ll stay warm and still manage to give the people something to talk about.


    Photography via The Fashion Tag

  • Bomb.com

    #trending: Bomber Jackets

    Hey girl, hey, and welcome to #Trending! Every Tuesday, we’ll be curating some of our favorite looks at varying price points. 

    I could start off by telling you that bomber jackets are, well, you know, the bomb, couldn’t I? Before I continue on about this awesome trend, I just want to set the record straight and say I bought my first bomber jacket 3 years ago from Nasty Gal. It’s been a constant fixture in my wardrobe, so I’m pretty pumped that everyone else, cough cough Gigi Hadid is catching on.

    That’s right, bomber jackets are this week’s, not to mention this season’s hottest jacket trend. Leather, fur, quilted, jersey and varsity style-you name it, you got it-you need it.

    It’s safe to say that bomber jackets are almost a more elevated and edgier way to rock a chic and on-trend look without looking like the classic school girl—you know that one showing off that her varsity football captain bf gave it to her.

    Bomber jackets date back to the 50’s, especially the most recent embroidered varsity ones (we can thank Sandy from Grease for that one) and with that, its undeniable that this trend is not leaving us.

    So, go out and get yourself one, and be the bomb-dot-com.

    Photography via Clochet

  • Good Things Come in Small Packages

    #Trending: Small Bags

    Hey girl, hey, and welcome to #Trending! Every Tuesday, we’ll be curating some of our favorite looks at varying price points.

    Lugging a bag around can become quite tiresome and annoying, especially when trying to achieve  a day to night look, not to mention that shoulder ache that creeps up on you at the end of a long day. I’m here to give you a little advice to avoid that ache-think all things little. 

    Miniature bags of different prints and shapes successfully made their mark on the runways this year. So time to put away your oversized bag and go for something way more accessible yet on point with whats in for this season.

    Whether you decide to take a risk by buying a faux fur mini bag or a fringe one-you will not regret purchasing one, trust me those over sized bags are easy to breakup with after a day with these mini babes. Don’t feel like being a dare devil but still want to maintain that fashion forward look your bigger bag accomplished? Try for a classic and neutral option, little and leather. 

    Toss in your lipstick, iPhone, wallet, and if you’re anything like me realizing cold season is rapidly approaching- that much needed hand sanitizer and continue being that “little” trendsetter we all know you can be. 

    Photography via Mes Voyages A Paris

  • How To: Sweat In Style + Giveaway!

    Enter to Win!

    Working out is never a bummer when you’re rocking sweet new gear at the same time.  Or, perhaps you’re more of an athleisure type of lady instead, running errands and picking up an almond-milk latte in your fitness tights and a leather jacket.  Whatever the case may be, fresh gear is always a must – especially as we head into a new season.


    Wearing Lorna Jane’s Luxe Wrap Pant & Lauper Excel Tank

    I’ve been a fan of Lorna Jane for years.  I love the versatility of the fitness line for women: all kinds of pieces in all kinds of colors, with cuts and shapes that are flattering to all.  We’ve done a few giveaways before together and with the weather getting chillier we thought it would be fun to line another up for you, dear reader, right this very second!

    I’m obsessed with the Luxe Wrap Pant pictured above – they’re absolutely perfect for a stroll around the neighborhood paired with nice kicks, or for layering on top of tights for when you’re heading out the door in cold weather.  Very Alexander Wang vibey, right?

    My favorite new top is the Lauper Excel Tank – finally, a crop tank from a fitness line that isn’t too short or revealing!  My prayers have been answered!  I want it in like 7 more colors (can we make that happen, LJ? Hint, hint!).


    Next question I ask myself often: how many pairs of tights are too many?  Well, when they’re the Be Seen Ankle Biker Tight the answer is NO AMOUNT, EVER.


    Lorna Jane Be Seen Ankle Biker Tight

    Like, I’m sorry but how dope are these!  They are everything!  Sexy cut-outs, mesh, black, tight, long?  Hello, gym!!!!  Hello, every place in New York City and beyond!  Hello, Shanghai!



    Lorna Jane Tough Girl Active Jacket

    Moving on to some jackets I’m loving right now…the one pictured above is for tough ladies only (you). The camo print on the Tough Girl Active Jacket literally changes my mood as I bound down the street towards my pilates studio.  I feel bold and in charge – the right way to feel on the way to a workout, or anytime really!


    Lorna Jane Night Runner Active Jacket

    Finally, lets throw a little COLOR into this mix, shall we?  My favorite piece from all the new goodies on Lorna Jane right now is the Night Runner Active Jacket.  Its cozy, with a nice mesh lining on the inside that’s perfect for layering on top of literally anything.  I love the bright blue color, too.

    SO – if you’re digging LJ as much as I am right now, why not enter this sweet little giveaway below?  No reason I can think of not to!  The giveaway is open until October 28th and we’ll notify the winner by email. Good luck!

    a Rafflecopter giveaway





  • 10 New (Simply Amazing) Accessories for Fall

    My New Favorites

    I determined a few weeks ago that this fall and winter, accessories would be my THING.  Not only are they well-priced, they don’t require a huge wardrobe overhaul each season to stay on top of the trends. Be it silk scarves, hats, cozy scarfs, gloves, or ponchos, they officially have leading roles in my upcoming looks.

    Truth be told, my accessories craze couldn’t be timed better for my closet as I’m thrilled to reveal today that I’m the newest partner of Echo, the New York City scarf company crafting the loveliest of accessories since 1923.  Together we’re working on the #ChangeYourStripes campaign by elevating wardrobes everywhere simply by accessorizing!  From their silk scarves, to beanies, gloves, ponchos, and everything in between, the beauty of Echo’s accessories is that they allow you to change your look, your mood, or someone’s perception without ever losing yourself, the way that clothes sometimes can.  Echo harnesses this transformative power of accessories through the expert use of color, pattern, and texture in their fashion and home products.

    So with style in mind, let’s dive headfirst into my Top 10 List of New Favorite Accessories for the upcoming chillier seasons..

    1. Silk Scarves

    You know Echo’s silk scarves when you see them, the ultimate do-everything accessory.  Here we have the Enchanted Forest Silk Scarf, my favorite piece from their new line available now, styled 3 ways…


    Around the neck…


    As a bandana…


    Around the wrist…

    2. The Black Beanie

    The black beanie is a wardrobe staple, always in style, and totally chic when the temps drop below 50 F.  This one is luxuriously soft, wearable all day long.


    3. The Skinny Silk Scarf

    From the pages of Vogue to the necks of fashionable women everywhere, the skinny silk scarf has taken Manhattan, Paris and London by storm this season.  Check out Echo’s gorgeous version in every color imaginable.









    Will be wearing this everywhere…

     4. The Blanket Wrap

    Nothing is cozier than a binkie, amirite? So every human on earth will be happy to learn that blankets are fashions now, wearable around your neck in the softest of fabrics and pretties of colors.  Meet The Blanket Wrap!


    Warm and Soft!

    5. Hats with Style

    Trust me, nobody is more excited to wear these beanies with a furry little pom on top than me.  I got this guy in 3 charming, wardrobe-ready colors but it’s available in many more.  Talk about soft and chic!

    furgloveshat2Black, Grey, and Purple Beanies with Furry Poms





     Love in every color!

      6. The Leather Glitten

    I’m all about gloves once the temperature gets chilly.  My hands literally freeze without them, and these adorable glittens are totally IN right now.  Not only do they clip back to reveal a delightful finger glove, they are also iPhone ready with a magnetized finger!


    Fingers optional!
    undoneglove2Look at those warm digits!

    7. Everyday Ruanas

    Guys, wraps are THE thing right now.  I bet you’ve seen like 3 ladies wearing a ruana already today. They’re cozy, warm, and stylish while being totally effortless.  This black one is at the top of my list right now.



    8. The Fur Glove

    Nothing screams #ChangeYourStripes more than a glove with a touch of fur.  I love these from Echo, plus they have the built in cell phone finger that’s a must-have these days.


    9. The Bandana Scarf

    Hello, Paris Fashion Week!  The Bandana is officially BACK (or did it ever really leave?), y’all!  I’m absolutely coveting this black number with fringe, aka the Yak Triangle with Fringe.


    10. The Reversible Ruana

    What’s better than 1 ruana?  2 ruanas, obviously.  This perfectly colored number is totally versatile, not to mention warm and in style.


    I hope you enjoyed my top 10 picks for new accessories for fall and winter!  I’m so excited to be partnering with Echo on their #ChangeYourStripes campaign this holiday season and you can expect more fun from us soon with some great upcoming giveaways and events.  What’s your must-have accessory?  A classic silk scarf or cozy beanie?  Tell me below in the comments!

    Shop The Look

  • Oh My Mules!

    #Trending: Mules

    Hey girl, hey, and welcome to #Trending! Every Tuesday, we’ll be curating some of our favorite looks at varying price points.

    Up until last week, I never truly embraced my shoe addiction. Growing up, I was the kind of girl who settled for a nice pair of durable sneakers, a fancy pair of kitten heels, and generic of flip-flops. My younger self sincerely believed that anything more was simply frivolous—unnecessary even. While I prided myself on being the very opposite of Carrie Bradshaw, I could not help but marvel at my sister’s inclination to buy and keep buying, pair after pair, by the month.

    Pretty soon, our shared ceiling-to-floor shoe rack was jammed with the most eccentric of feet accessories. Her prized collection included everything from red flats to yellow gladiators. Mind you, she and I are seven years apart. As the older one, I like to think of myself as the incredibly late bloomer.

    If I had to pinpoint my coming of age—my right of passage into the often-misunderstood world of shoes—it would have to be fashion week, spring semester of my junior year at NYU. Boarding school taught me the necessaries: Tory Burch flats, Hunter boots, Jack Rogers sandals, and fancy heels here and there. Fashion week? Well, let’s just say Lincoln Center was my Aladdin complete with a magic carpet ride. It opened my eyes to a whole new world. As incredibly basic as it sounds, I learned that shoes do, in fact, elevate the very essence of look. They have the uncanny ability to manipulate an outfit. Laid back? A pair of athleisure-embracing Nike Frees will do. More put-together? Sergio Rossis. Definitely Sergio Rossis.

    Since my epiphany, I’ve been slowly curating my personal assortment by the pair. In case you’re wondering what I’m currently coveting, I’m on the lookout for a killer pair of mules. I think they’re the perfect way to welcome fall weather, don’t you?

    Photograph via Amsterdam Fashion

  • On the Fringe

    #Trending: Fun with Fringe

    Hey girl, hey, and welcome to #Trending! Every Tuesday, we’ll be curating some of our favorite looks at varying price points.

    I fell in love with fringe the way Augustus fell in love with Hazel—“slowly at first, and then all at once.”

    For the longest time, fringe fashion always screamed festival wear. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing inherently bad about wearing decorative and movement-encouraging embellishments to events like Coachella and Lollapalooza. It’s just that when a majority of people do that, the style, for me at least, becomes forever associated with music festivals.

    To be honest, when fringe made a comeback this past spring at the Fall/Winter 2015 fashion shows, I was skeptical. Bloggers, editors, and fashion enthusiasts were sporting fringe garments and accessories that moved and swayed as they walked to and from their respective destinations. They looked great, but I still wasn’t convinced.

    It wasn’t until this past week of running to Spring/Summer 2016 fashion shows and online browsing trending styles that something finally clicked. Festival fringe is one thing. Fashion fringe? Well, that’s a complete other. Borders of tasteful suede strips do exist and they definitely add extra pizzazz in terms of textures and layering.

    So, even though I’m a few months late, I’m still going to call it. Fringe is this Fall’s it factor.

  • All Suede Everything

    #Trending: Suede Everything

    Hey girl, hey, and welcome to #Trending! Every Tuesday, we’ll be curating some of our favorite looks at varying price points.

    I owe it all to you, Faye. No, but seriously, I thank Chloé for introducing their summer IT-bag and showing us what suede can really do. With festival season and the bohemian trend in full swing, the fabric made its way into all of our closets in one form or another. It doesn’t come as a surprise that I’m looking forward to revamping my suede looks and adapting them for cooler Fall weather.

    A couple of things about suede that you should know, some good and some bad. Suede has an uncanny ability to add incredible depth to any outfit. It elevates a look instantaneously, often making the complete outfit more expensive than it is. I’m not embarrassed to say that when I throw my suede thigh-highs on with just about anything, I feel like both a bohemian goddess and Vanessa Hudgens, which are two in the same.

    That being said, it’s a tricky fabric. As a New Yorker, I’m no stranger to the questionable puddle on the sidewalk. While I do my best to dodge ’em, they creep up on me. Other things that creep up out of nowhere? Monsoon-style rainstorms. Also a big no-no when it comes to suede. Rain-damage can wreck serious havoc on these investments . All of that being said, it is so, totally, 100% worth it.






  • Shady Lady

    Throwing Shade

    #Trending: Mirrored Sunglasses

    Hey girl, hey, and welcome to #Trending! Every Tuesday, we’ll be curating some of our favorite looks at varying price points.

    Mirrored sunglasses. If you haven’t noticed, they’re everywhere. Celebrities are wearing them, fashion bloggers are wearing them, and I’m wearing them too.

    InStyle has deemed this trending accessory to be the extra “touch of cool to any given outfit.” Ok. OK. Let’s not push it. Do they complete a look? Sure. Do they dress it up? Um, debatable.

    Mirrored sunglasses are cool and all for their rainbow psychedelic colors, but I like them most for when I throw shade. See, New Yorkers, on a day-to-day basis, aren’t exactly the most well-mannered people. Every once in a while, you’re bound to bump, quite literally, into someone crazy. Aside from using them to ogle at my reflection or check for food remnants between my teeth, my sunnies and their mirrored disposition have saved me plenty of times from verbal altercations. An eye-roller and ‘tude-giver at heart, I’ve been known to glare, shake my head, and sigh, one too many times at the aforementioned people. Not the safest or smartest thing to do, I know, but my sass is a conversation best saved for another day. So yes, I can basically eye-roll all I want without anyone ever figuring it out. Winning.

    Should you buy a pair just to glare? See what I did there?

    For fashion and for throwing shade, they’re worth an investment. I know ASOS has one for $11.

  • TheLoDown