• DIY Vegan Face Wash

    My skin idol? J. Lo, duh. That lady glows, man! How am I getting that gorgeous skin? A facebrush (mine is the Ultimate Skin Spa from Vanity Planet – save 70% http://vpwow.com/wash70) that costs less than $40 and a DIY Vegan face wash that’s super soothing!

    [directions title=”Ingredients”]

    1. 1/4 cup of chamomile tea
    2. Combine with 1/4 cup pure castile soap (I used Dr. Bronner’s baby formula)
    3. Add a 4 teaspoons of grape seed oil
    4. Add a couple drops of lemon essential oils
    5. Wet your face brush and add some face wash directly to the bristles!



  • Faux Fishtail Braid Tutorial

    Love a fishtail braid but don’t have a third hand to create a proper one?  Try my faux fishtail  – it has a similar look and feel because of the twisting process, but it’s super easy to do solo.  Have fun!

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    Love a fishtail braid but struggle to braid it solo? Try this faux-fishtail braiding method you can do easily by yourself instead! Wear it on Labor Day or the first day of school if you’re supa cool and share your braid pics with me on Instagram @LoBosworth 😉 Twisting the pieces of hair as you braid them creates the illusion of a fishtail.


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