This year Pantone decided to spice things up with two colors of the year: Rose Quartz and Serenity. If you watched the Golden Globes the other night then you’re well aware that Katy Perry said Rose Quartz represented love. Now who doesn’t love, well, love?

Personally, I prefer pink over blue. I guess because I’ve always held on to that “girly-girl” side when coming into my style. Honestly, though, finding Rose Quartz and Serenity-inspired outfits that successfully work was difficult because these colors are super soft and a tad bit basic. Anyway, here are some of my top looks to help you get a started on the trend.


When trying out a new trend, I like to go all out.  Why not pink out every aspect of your outfit? Pink is the new pink, right?


Here’s how to incorporate my favorite (and one of this year’s hottest) trends, the bell sleeves, while also attempting that Rose Quartz look. Add a matching clutch and vintage earrings to complete the outfit.


I don’t know about you but I am so obsessed with over-the-knee boots. I racked up three pairs by Christmas. Pair a fun pink dress with those over-the-knee’s and complete it with a clutch.


You can never go wrong with a sheer blouse, so go ahead and pick a Serenity-inspired one! I chose black distressed jeans and a long gold chain to add some edge to the pastel look.


If you know me, you know that rompers are MY thing. The amount of rompers I own is legitimately unhealthy but I can’t help it, because they are the perfect go-to outfit, casual or fancy. Mix and match Serenity with some Metallic for an amaze look. Then, add some heels for a night out on the town!

Image via Pantone