My name is Lo Bosworth and I'm so happy we're pals.


Oh, Hey There!

I'm Lo - it's really nice to meet you!

I'm a chef and wellness entrepreneur at heart and my passions vary widely. I believe that beauty and health come from the inside out - through food, soul, self-love, and passion. Those who know me well would tell you that I'm best at cooking, having parties, ripping open new beauty products, and discovering the latest wellness trends. Sound frivolous to you? Nah. My life is my business, baby. Do what you love!

I'm the founder of this food and health diary you're reading now, the founder of Love Wellness, a feminine health and hygiene line of natural and doctor-recommended products, host of the Lady Lovin' podcast (nominated for Best Podcast by the Shorty Awards), am a NYT Best-Selling Author, a BlogLovin' Award winning content creator, an angel investor, and hold degrees from the French Culinary Institute and UCLA. 

I've lived in New York City since 2012 but recently moved back to Los Angeles for some sunshine, and originally hail from the sunny beach town of Laguna Beach, CA. And oh, yeah, there was that one time I was on TV for a while. You may have caught over 8 years of my life on MTV's The Hills, and Laguna Beach

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