Why These 3 Incredible Herbs Should Be a Part of Your Daily Routine


In the New Year, like everyone, I like to re-assess my life. Am I seeing friends enough? Am I doing enough squats? You get the picture.  

And like many of you I've taken a keen interest in my own health and wellness over the past few years as we make the shift towards natural products, holistic remedies, and generally cleaner and more thoughtful ways to look and feel our best.

You may be aware of my vitamin obsession if you're a regular reader of TheLoDown but if not, you are now!  I had a pretty serious health scare in 2016 over what was discovered to be severe vitamin deficiencies due to a genetic issue (though I eat a primo, healthy, varied diet) that resulted in some unexpected depression, anxiety, and general malaise. There are many opinions out there regarding the need for supplements, but in my case, I'm an advocate as taking vitamins may have saved my life once I discovered I had such a severe deficiency. There are tons of brands to choose from when it comes to vitamins and supplements, and I can tell you through personal research and experience that they are not all made equal when it comes to quality and brand values. My favorite affordable and accessible brand? Nature's Way. They make high-quality formulations for a reasonable price and always have what I'm looking for. Even cooler? They're the first herbal brand that's Non-GMO Project verified and Tru-ID certified (meaning you know the herbs listed on the labels are actually found in the bottles).

Since going down the vitamin rabbit hole, I've moved beyond my weekly B12 injections (that I require for the rest of my life) and Vitamin D with K12 (another one I need) and have had my eyes opened to just how much other formulations can help maintain a healthy body. I've moved as far away as I can from drugstore remedies, prescriptions, and over the counter painkillers, trying to find holistic alternative to support overall health.

I used to pop ibuprofen like candy, take an antibiotic for acne, and regularly reached for drugstore diuretics when I felt bloated - but no more, and it's all because of a bit of personal research and development that I was able to give those goodies up...for good.

It's important when taking turmeric to find a formulation with a high percentage of curcuminoids. This is the active part of the ingredient. Avoid a product with a bunch of fillers, and it's a good idea to take it with a meal as black pepper helps it to be absorbed better into the body.  


Turmeric is now my go-to for overall health support. When I forgot to take them for a week or so, I really noticed the difference.  


Next, let's move onto Fenugreek, one of the world's best kept secrets at helping soothe stomachs everywhere.* I discovered this herb through my friend Hannah who swears by it when she eats dairy to help aid in the reduction of bloating.* I incorporated it into my routine, and agreed that it really helps!

One note - it can make your urine smell kind of funny. BUT, it's worth it. I take them almost daily when I eat.  


Ashwaganda, known as Indian ginseng, is an herbal supplement that has become a part of my daily regimen that supports my Instagram-ready lifestyle.  It can help even out your cycle (hello, Vitality Tonic) so when Aunt Flo comes a'knockin' you're ready for her. If you want natural beauty, I suggest a natural herb! It smells funny, but whatever! It's the price you gotta pay so you can delete FaceTune from your phone.

Now that I've shared three of my favorite herbs with you, I'd love to know some of your favorites and how they support your overall health and wellness journey! You can get all three herbs I mentioned (plus the loose turmeric powder and Curica Turmeric Drops) from Nature's Way.