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[infobox subtitle="That Is The Question" bg="teal" color="white" opacity="off" space="30" link="no link"]To Work Or Not To Work?[/infobox] A nice place to sit (without being asked to leave) and a nice beverage to sip on (while doing said sitting) is, as most New Yorkers know, a glorious combination that is incredibly hard to come by. The hustle and bustle of city life doesn't allow for much lounging or uninterrupted sitting.

So, what does The Lo Down team do when we need a little peace and quiet, a little time to ourselves to catch up on work, if not people watch and read? We hit up our favorite lounge-friendly, sit-as-long-as-your-heart-desires coffee shops.

Behold our secret: New York's 5 best study spaces.

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Newsbar Café


Located on 107 University Place right on the edge of where Greenwich Village meets Union Square, Newsbar Café is a friendly neighborhood hangout that boasts a wide selection of coffee and healthy meal options. With plenty of outlets, the coffeeshop is computer friendly. Be warned, however, that they do not provide wi-fi. But, the lack of free internet, should not be a problem because they have a wall's worth magazines with everything from Vogue to The Economist.

Try: Their pumpkin cheesecake squares!

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Whynot Bistro

Whynot Bistro on 14 Christopher Street floods with sunlight on a beautiful day. The Parisian-esque café with a New York twist is perfect for avid readers and computer fanatics alike. With plenty of outlets downstairs, technology dependents are asked to work from their slightly dimmer brick-walled basement. Fun fact: they occasionally host live music there too! Otherwise, this cozy place in the West Village is just the spot to catch your breath.

Try: Their croque champignon!

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Stumptown Coffee Roasters


Plenty of people swear by Stumptown Coffee Roasters at the Ace Hotel on 20 West 29th Street. The lattés are creamy and divine. If the coffee shop is a little full, go ahead and relax in the hotel lobby. They have plenty of outlets for your charging needs. Note, however, that it can get a little loud, especially later in the day when the music gets turned up a couple notches. Still, that doesn't seem the mass of people that flock here to do their work.

Try: Their strawberry poptarts!

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La Colombe Torrefaction

La Colombe Torrefaction on 400 Lafayette Street is almost always packed with people unless you go at the right time! We usually get our work done right after the morning rush. If not, the afternoon lull works just as well. People who are easily distracted might not get as much work done here. That's okay though, given the influx of interesting people, making up their amazingly creative backstories might just become your new favorite hobby!

Try: Their croissants!

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Intelligentsia Coffee

Although there is no traditional seating here, everything pretty much an eclectic mix of really cool furniture, Intelligentsia Coffee at the Highline Hotel on 180 10th Avenue is the first place we think of when we actually need to get a crackin'. For the most part, it's quiet here. Unless you come during peak hours (work breaks or weekends), it's usually a nice place to get work done sans distraction.

Try: Their (super chewy super chocolatey) brownie!

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Do you have a favorite study spot?