Culinary School: Cookin on Cam


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If you subscribe to my YouTube channel you know that I've been making weekly videos highlighting my time at The International Culinary Center.  I create a combo of tutorial and technique videos with updates about my experience every level.  I just filmed my last series of videos for school, and it's a bittersweet moment: I'm both excited and nervous to be graduating from a program that has left an indelible mark on my life.  Cooking on camera has been a unique part of my experience at school as well, an additional learning opportunity for me to expand my skillset.

Cooking on camera is no easy task and I approach each video we shoot as the director, producer, and on-cam chef.  I come up with a shot list, deciding which pieces of the video will show technique up-close and which will feature wide-shots.  I always open and close videos with wide shots for continuity and my amazing camera guy Brecht lights, shoots, and edits.  He is the best :)

The growth I've experienced since beginning to shoot has been incredible.  When first shooting, we would manage 3 videos over the course of a 3 hour shoot.  We now are moving at a rate of 5 videos over the course of 3 hours, a huge change in pace from start to finish.  Having a good understanding of the time and effort that actually goes into the production of content has a major affect on the shoot itself - we show up ready to work.

The shoot I completed last Thursday, being my last, felt as if it was our most successful so far.  The videos I decided on are all timely, technique driven and fun.  I hope you watch them, learn something awesome, and most of all enjoy them as they will be some of my last during my final days at The ICC.