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[title subtitle="Filipino Brunch "]Manila Social Club[/title]

Hi, everyone! Courtney here. I'm hitting you up with another brunch spot that y'all should try. This one's called Manila Social Club, and it's based in Brooklyn, NYC. Manila Social Club is a Filipino restaurant that serves both brunch and dinner. In fact, you've probably seen their Spam Fries all over Instagram. If not, your heart probably skipped a beat when you learned that they also sell Golden Cristal Ube Donuts for 100 bucks a pop. That's $1k for a dozen! Cray, cray, right?

Don't worry about breaking the bank because their brunch, unlike their donuts, is quite affordable and the portions are huge. The best part? They start you off with some bread and ube butter. Let's be real: I'm drooling just reminiscing about it.

[title subtitle="light as a cloud and served with ube ice cream"]Mango Souffle Pancake[/title]

If you like mangos and ube (similar to taro), then you'll enjoy this soufflé pancake. There are solid chunks of mango in the clouded goodness and it's topped with the most perfectly churned ube ice cream. The dish was so rich and decadent on its own that I actually forgot to add the syrup they provided on the side. Similar to a sponge cake, this dish is actually more filling than it looks!

[title subtitle="served with garlic fried rice, two eggs, pea shoot and radish salad"]Meat & Eggs (Tocino)[/title]

You can never go wrong with some meat and eggs. The tocino was pretty good, but I would go for bacon next time. The garlic fried rice deserves it's own medal. If you're not ordering this, I suggest you order a side of their garlic fried rice.

[title subtitle="with pickled mango and banana ketchup sauces"]Spam Fries[/title]

This was delicious, but I highly suggest sharing, and not eating them all on your own.

Where will you be eating this weekend, LoDown fam? Let me know in the comments below!