The Cure-All: Chicken Soup from Scratch


Grandmammies around the world are absolutely right when they say that chicken soup is "Jewish Penicillin". Why? Because chicken soup is full of vitamins and minerals that come to the body's aid when it needs them the most. It's really all about the broth: full of collagen, glutamine, glycine, and proline - in other words, excellent elements that can help seal a leaky gut, protect your joints, help you sleep better, give energy, and provide immune support. Plus, chicken soup is gluten-free and dairy-free so if you have diet restrictions this is the miracle golden liquid you've been waiting for. So next time you're sick, you should def gobble up as much chicken soup as your body can handle - because when it's made from scratch, damn it's good for (and good in general).

Here's my recipe for a Chicken Soup that is almost from scratch (I sometimes don't make the broth from scratch but under this scenario I use a salt-free stock from the store, and add chicken bones for the nutritional benefits and to create an insane flavor!

[recipe id="12336"]