What's For Breakfast: Sprouted Egg Salad Fiber Bites


Any good nutritionist will tell you that a breakfast full of fiber and protein is one that will keep hunger and cravings at bay until late in the day. If you’re into eating healthy, or you’re trying to lose weight – these Sprouted Egg Salad Fiber Bites are PERFECT for you. I’ve been crushing 2 or 3 of them each morning and simply put, it’s my favorite new breakfast – especially because you can make all of the ingredients ahead of time and eat throughout the week. The base of these bites – Scandinavian “GG” crackers. You can find them here on Amazon if your local store doesn’t carry them. They come in a couple of flavors (I prefer the Pumpkin Seed) and can be tragically boring and dry on their own, so I wanted to create a healthy but satisfying topping for them that wasn’t a dip or hummus. The light bulb went off one morning as I realized a fried egg wouldn’t exactly fit on top of one of these – but that eggs cooked in a different form would (so meta, I know). Enter healthy egg salad – made with just a few simple ingredients and delicious enough to please even the pickiest eater. Making a great egg salad is quite easy. It comes down to perfect egg prep (start in cool water, bring to a rolling boil, turn off heat, cover for 14 minutes, crack and peel) that results in a perfectly yellow, crumbly yolk. You can see how this is done in the vid below.

Add whatever vegetables you like to these Bites, and you have breakfast! My personal preference is to top them with sprouts and micro greens so they look tremendously dainty, and add a layer of sliced bell peppers underneath the egg.

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