Trendy Hobbies You Need To Start ASAP


Wondering what to do with your free time?

Take up a new hobby! Whether you've stayed true to your New Year's resolutions or not, you can pick up where you left off or take your commitment a step further by challenging yourself to learn a couple new skills! Here are three trendy hobbies I highly recommend you try. They'll definitely get your creative juices flowing!


Forget cursive writing, decorative handwriting is taking both journaling and Instagram by storm! While this hobby will take practice and dedication to master, excelling will put a whole new spin on your future to-do lists and invitations. Think all things creative and super personal! Not challenged enough? Try painting your favorite quote or song lyric on a canvas and framing your masterpiece for decoration after the paint dries!


Break out the sewing needles and thread, it's time to take a page out of Grandma's book. This trendy hobby (yes, trendy) is old school meets new school—a modern take on a classic hobby. Create your own pillow covers, napkins, or even party favors that will inspire your friends to pick the art up themselves. Why not gather all your friends for an embroidery circle!

Adult Coloring Books

It's time to get artsy with the adult version of your childhood coloring books. This activity will allow you to relax and unwind—just like you did when you were five! Today's coloring books come in all different themes from mandalas to wild terrains to just about everything else in between. Someone find me my 120-count crayon box (with a built-in sharpener) quick!

Whatever hobby you decide to pick up, pursue it as a way to take a break from your busy life and breathe. I promise it will put your mind at ease and give you something to look forward to each and every week!