Color Me Marsala

pantone_color_year_marsala[infobox subtitle="Beauty Products Inspired by the Color of 2015" bg="gray" color="black" opacity="off" space="30" link="no link"]Wear Marsala[/infobox] WHO: The color experts at Pantone

WHAT: They've named Marsala the color of the year.

WHAT: What is Marsala? "A tasteful hue that embodies the satisfying richness of a fulfilling meal while its grounding red-brown roots emanate a sophisticated, natural earthiness."

WHAT: What is Pantone? The company behind the Pantone Matching Space—a proprietary color space used in various industries.

WHEN: When did this happen? Early last December (2014).

WHERE: Some top secret headquarter in Carlstadt, New Jersey.

WHY: Why does this concern you? Touché. We've always found it hard to commit to one color. No, wait, lies. Black. Always black. That's never a problem. But hey, why not use this as an opportunity to expand your horizons a little? Try out something new. This hue is a perfect lipstick shade, it not nail polish color. It would be rather trendy to sport it, don't you think?

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Smack That: Lipsticks/Lipgloss

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Dark enough to give that hint of tint, but light enough that it's appropriate for work and everyday wear.

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You're Making Me: Blush

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The perfect amount of rose for your cheeks, especially on these upcoming (blistery cold) winter days.

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Nailed It: Polish

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Understated. Not overrated. Not your average nude, red, or pink. Che-che-che-check it.

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