Out of the Blue: Why I Dyed My Hair


[title subtitle=""]Peek-A-Blue Hues[/title] To be honest, hair trends come and go so often that I haven't been able to keep up with most of them. I'm pretty basic when it comes to my hair—it usually sits at lob length if not right under my shoulders and the colors are always a combination of browns with neutral highlights. I did get a balayage (a "paint job") once, one of neutral ombres, but that was as fancy as I got.

After learning, practicing, and perfecting the "process of hair" for roughly a year, one of my good friends, Victoria (@travelingchair), finally graduated from the Arrojo Cosmetology School. Other than the fact that she is one talented soul—a natural conversationalist if I do say so myself—she also has this incredible knack for all things hair. My official "hair bae," Victoria was naturally who I sought out when I wanted to add a little bounce and personality to my locks. We ultimately decided on something a little "out of the blue."

[title subtitle="Before"][/title]

 My hair sits a little below my shoulders with some brassy balayage. Time to welcome in some new colors!

[title subtitle="During"][/title]

Victoria taught me three things about coloring hair. One, it's a process. Sometimes you don't see results until much later on. Two, hair does not lift color. You either have to be okay with going darker or with bleaching your hair. Three, you shouldn't wash your hair every day. To be very honest, number three has been especially tough but I've learned to embrace dry shampoo.

[title subtitle="After"][/title]

I decided on a turquoise blue hidden behind my ear on one side and a silvery blue along my bangs. What do you think? I'm debating a greener look next!


Thanks, Victoria! I'm loving this subtle pop of color. Please check out her talented hair work on Instagram. You might be inspired to try a little out of the blue as well!