Sugar Skull Tutorial


[infobox bg="purple" color="black" opacity="on" subtitle="New Videos Every Week"]Watch on Wednesday[/infobox] Dia de los Muertos is upon us, friends and loved ones - and that means it's time for Sugar Skulls to rule the night.  I've been obsessed with Sugar Skills since the 6th grade when I was introduced to the holiday.  Growing up in southern California, we celebrated with our friends and neighbors almost every year.  I've noticed a ton of Sugar Skulls this Halloween season, so I guess my old favorite is right on trend this year.

Creating a Sugar Skull is actually fairly easy, as long as you have about an hour and the patience to get it done.  I use basic Halloween face paint in white, red, and green to create this look, creating pink for the flowers by mixing the white and red.  Get a smooth eyeliner pencil to fill in the dark circles around your eyes and the petals around the circles.

There are a couple of key pieces to the Sugar Skull that must be included - the dark eyes with floral border, the floral chin, and dark nose.  I think the Cult Gaia crown finishes the look perfectly, especially when worn with the hair down and slightly curled.

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