Matters of the Heart (Including My Own)


Today on a new episode of #JustAskLo, I'm on my way to my best friend's wedding weekend in Ojai and also answering questions that deal with matters of the heart. See below the video for the full questions!

My first viewer sent me the following question via Instagram, and I couldn't help but want to answer it as it hit me so close to home:

 "Lo, any advice for moving on from a break-up? My boyfriend (now ex) of 4 years came home last week one day and let me know he had gotten another place to live, and left the next day. I'm 30 as well, living in NYC, and trying to put the pieces of my life together. What a devastating blow! I did not see it coming and now I find myself in a newly single status."

The second question:

"Hi Lo! Wanted to just take some time and thank you for your series on YouTube. I think us ladies can all relate to everyone's questions and you are so real and genuine. My question for you is how do you date in New York City? I'm about to turn 25 and have had such terrible luck meetings guys. You would think moving to a city with millions would make it easy but it just isn't! Would love to hear your experiences and any suggestions you may have."