My New Apartment Tour: The Before Video


So after three months of being totally in-between homes, I've finally settled in to a new spot in the West Village in NYC and am feeling at home again. Moving twice in three months is not something I recommend, but the place I got after my break-up was so miserably loud and gloomy I couldn't bear it and I had to leave. Turns out it was the best decision ever, even through the legal hassle, and the packing/unpacking (twice) situation. Living in a place that makes you feel comforted, cozy, and safe is incredibly important for one's mental health - no matter how much it costs to find it.

I chose this place because of the light, east and west exposures, neighborhood, and good juju. When I first walked in with the listing agent the charm of it took my breath away. It's a very special corner of NYC, one that I plan to hold on to for a while.

I'm in the process of decorating and getting a few pieces of new furniture (I was blessed with 900 precious square feet, holy cow) and finding homes for some remaining items (a pile of gym weights for instance sitting by my TV) so don't judge a book by it's initial cover. I present you with my Apartment Tour Video...the BEFORE version. Stay tuned til early July for the after! :)