Eat with Me at Ramen Okidoki


[title subtitle="Summer Food Series"]R U Okidoki?[/title]

Happy Thursday, LoDown fam! Today, we’re starting a new feature called the “Summer Food Series” where I’ll be taking you on some of my nommiest adventures.

To start, I’m kicking this first post off with a gracious nod to ramen—my all-time favorite comfort food. While not exactly the healthiest option on the menu, the noodle-soup combo has always hit the spot whenever I wanted to treat myself.

Located in Astoria, Queens, Ramen Okidoki is not your average Ippudo or Totto. While small with limited seating, it boasts a grand company of friendly staff and complimentary spicy pickled radish that is to die for.

Their noodle options range anywhere from ramen, to cold noodles, to even Tsukemen (cold noodles you dip in hot soup). If I remember correctly, there are eight different types of ramen bowls to choose from, each varying in broth and meat. I personally like to go with pork when choosing my ramen, but I’ve tried their super spicy “R U Okidoki” before, and that too hurt my tongue in the most sensational way.

On a very recent visit, I ordered this:

On left we have a "BBQ Butaniku" ramen and on the right, an "In Tokyo" ramen. Both, of course, were delicious! If you're someone who likes a stronger brother, I'd recommend the "BBQ Butaniku," otherwise "In Tokyo" is a nice light alternative. If you're more of the simple, classic Shoyu ramen type, Okidoki has the regular unfusioned flavors as well.

You can find Ramen Okidoki at 34-05 30th Ave in Astoria, NY.

Let me know if you have a favorite ramen place! Be sure to check back next Thursday for more restaurant recommendations :)