My Top 6 NYC Brunch Spots


What do the the words "hungry" and "weekend" have in common? Brunch, of course!

It's no secret that Saturday and Sunday afternoons in the city are best spent enjoying all the culinary wonders New York has to offer. If you didn't already know, there are many different types of experiences a brunch enthusiast can opt for: intimate, bottomless, or even an "all out" extravagant champagne party. Not only is the mid-day, mid-afternoon meal a perfect hangover cure, but it's also a great excuse to set some time aside for gossip and witty banter with your girlfriends. Come on, ladies, it's time to grab your party hats and become a real New Yorker.

Let's raise our Mimosas and Bloody Marys for a toast to my six favorite brunch places!


This modern "gastro and bar" is the perfect spot for a day on the town. The menu has a great selection of different tasty dishes. My personal favorite? The Smashed Avocado Toast. It includes a perfectly poached egg too!  You will not be disappointed.

Jack's Wife Freda 

Trendy if I must say so myself, NYC's most popular bloggers are often found brunching in this spot.

David Burke Kitchen

If you're looking for a rather fancy brunch, make your way down to Soho to try some of the most delicious dishes. Be sure to save room for dessert like my personal favorite—the Cheesecake Lollipop Tree!


Bottomless Brunch. Must I say more? This hot spot defines a good time, Mexican Style. For a reasonable price you can enjoy southwestern-inspired dishes with a side of unlimited drinks! This type of brunch style is the best because you can enjoy your drinks without watching the bill skyrocket after each sip (or chug).

Il Bastardo

Let's talk about fun! Here, at this favored spot, is a prix fixe brunch menu that includes a meal AND a personal bottle of Champagne, Rosé, Mimosa, or Bellini. Yes, I did not exaggerate. Each person will get their OWN bottle with a gigantic straw to sip from.

Lavo Champagne Brunch

If you dare to attend this spectacular brunch, expect to be dancing on the tables when you're done with your tasty meal.  Lavo, a popular NYC club and restaurant, has a wild brunch that ensures a night club experience mid-day.

Make your reservations ASAP! Don't forget to leave me a note your favorite brunch spot!

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