Come Paint With Me: Oliloli Arts & Crafts Studio


[title subtitle="We're all artists"]No Professional Experience Needed[/title] You might think it unlikely for a pottery painting place to thrive—let alone exist—in the hustle and bustle of New York City because I, for one, did, but boy was I wrong. Sandwiched between a Carvel and flower shop in Forest Hills, Queens (103-23 Metropolitan Ave), sits Oliloli Arts & Crafts Studio, a true hidden gem.

Truth be told, I accidentally discovered this place on Yelp while looking for a place to eat. Once discovering it, however, my artsy fartsy self could not resist checking it out! Since then, I've visited and revisited a handful of times. I even held my birthday celebration here this past December!

If you're in Queens with a couple of hours to spare, I definitely recommend checking them out. You pay per project so supplies, paint, and firing (each piece is glazed and fired afterward) are all included with the ceramic piece of your choice!

Anyway, come with me as I paint a small dish to hold some of my jewelry!


fingers pointing



Upon entering, you'll immediately be inspired by the studio's modern but rustic feel. There's a good amount of seating, but I highly recommend you call on a weekend prior to visiting (just to make sure). They have a wide range of things to paint—everything from cups and plates to cartoon figurines and piggy banks.



I decided to paint a small dish (only $10) to hold some of my favorite jewelry. You get a little bin of colors to select which ones you'd use to paint your piece.



I decided on "Melon-Choly" and "Orange Ya Happy" because they go well together and remind me of summer. The staff will help you get the paint. You can go to their Paint Bar to refill if you run out. The colors seem different at first, but once your piece is glazed and fired, it will look more opaque. I recommend painting three coats of each color!



Grabbed some paintbrushes and now I'm ready to paint!



Some serious zen mode, but I promise I'm really happy and relaxed on the inside!



I painted the entire dish with "Orange Ya Happy" with some "Melon-Choly" in the middle. I also added a little green leaf accent as a finishing touch. After paying for the piece, I waited 10 days before going back to pick up the glazed and fired final piece.


[title subtitle="10 Days Later..."][/title]


Not too shabby, right? Perfect size for jewelry. It's simple and reminds me of a peach margarita. What I love about Oliloli is that it's suitable for all ages and you don't need to be a professional because we're all artists in our own way!



If you know of any other artsy fartsy places in New York City, drop me a line down below. I'd love to check out your recommendations!