The 3 Things Fit Women Do Everyday


Get Fit, Stay Fit

Health and wellness has always been important to me.  As I approach my 30s (September, ah) it's becoming increasingly obvious that taking care of my body and mind must be at the top of my list everyday.  I only have this one temple and it's time to build it up instead of tearing it down!  Eating well, exercising my body, and allowing my brain to rest consistently from day to day are the major things I focus on and that every fit women cares about.

Want to join the wellness revolution with me?  Here are my tips on the 3 things that fit ladies do every single day!

Snack Appropriately

Fit women eat 2 snacks a day in between meals.  That means a snack after breakfast and a snack after lunch.  What to choose?  Not chips, okay?  My go-to snacks range from a protein shake at the gym, or an apple with a little peanut butter, to something I can throw in my bag on busy days.  My favorite on-the-go snacks come from graze and I get them delivered to my home and office every week.  They're all nutritionist approved and you can feel good about eating them because they contain NO GMOS, no artificial colors or flavors, no trans fats, and no high fructose corn syrup.  in addition, each snack guarantees that they are at least one of the following: 1/2 a serving of fruit, made from whole grains, full of vitamins, a great source of protein, or 150 calories or less.  In short, they're the perfect snack to grab and go.  My favorites are the Booster Seeds (sunflower, pumpkin, and flaxseed), the Apple Crumble (soft apple pieces, raisins, and cinnamon honey almonds), and the Protein Flapjack (8 grams of protein made of rolled oats, flaxseed, sunflower seeds, and pumpkin seeds).


If you haven't tried graze you can get a free sampler box by clicking  here.  Get snacking and stay healthy!

Mix Up Your Routine

Fit women exercise almost daily, but instead of doing the same thing everyday, they mix it up with strength training, low intensity cardio, high intensity cardio, rehabilitation days, and some rest.  When I stopped spinning 5 days a week and started doing a variety of exercises, my body changed.  My level of fitness improved and I'm much happier to work out more frequently because I'm not bored by doing the same routine all the time.

Strength training builds muscles, cardio burns through fat, and rehab days are important to keep your body in good health.  Try the Sweat with Kayla app if you're looking to make some fitness changes!  It's one of my favorite exercise programs out there.

Drink Tons of Water

You should be drinking at a minimum eight 8-ounce glasses of water everyday.  That comes out to half a gallon.  You can remember this easily by following the 8x8 rule!  Fit women drink more however to keep their bodies running smoothly.  All the exercise requires more water to stay hydrated!