Have You Tried This Doctor-Recommended Yeast and BV Relief?


Make like NSYNC and say it with me: Bye bye bye!

Suffering from a yeast infection or BV? Suffer no more. The Killer is made of a naturally occurring mineral found in sea water and gently yet effectively relieves oneself of pesky female infections (especially chronic ones).

Previously only available with a prescription, we're now bringing you 100% medical grade boric acid (that's the mineral we're talkin' bout) as an over-the-counter remedy.

The Killer works by bringing your vaginal pH back to its normal state, killing off all the bad guys that are so tricky to get rid of!

When used over the course of 7 days or as a spot treatment for a minor flare-up, this product is our favorite for relieving a vaginal yeast or BV infection that's resistant to traditional methods, or for those suffering from chronic infections. Never insert a messy cream ever again!