Dress Me Marsala

[infobox subtitle="Outfits Inspired by Pantone's Color of the Year" bg="gray" color="black" opacity="off" space="30" link="no link"]Marsala Me Crazy[/infobox]

What's red, rich, and warm all over? Marsala, of course! Last week we brought you the beauty installment of fashion's new "it" color. This week, we present the clothing edition.

Marsala is that perfect winter hue. Red, but to too red. Purple, but not too purple. Dark enough that so it passes as an easy day-to-day color. Light enough so that its a variation from black.

Behold, our favorite Marsala finds. Dress these babies up, or down. Either way, we guarantee Marsala will look good on you!

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Here we have the casual and the not so casual. DKNY's peplum top adds just that little extra sophistication appropriate for work. The 360 sweater, on the other hand, boasts comfort and coziness perfect for a night in.

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Lace just seems to look better in Marsala. But, if lace is not your thing, we've got you covered too! In all these little numbers, we've chosen to let the color stand out. We recommend that you accessorize to accentuate your body area of choice.

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Coats & Jackets

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The black coats? Well, clearly they're passé. A Marsala one should compliment all neutral outfits flawlessly. Our favorite? The Nasty Gal shaggy jacket. We know, it's not everyone's cup of tea. But dayumm gurl, if you can rock that texture with some liquid leather leggings or hell, hot leather pants? You be rollin'!

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Will you be adding Marsala to your wardrobe? Let us know!