Wearing Lace: Not Just For Panties Anymore


[title subtitle="is ace"]LA-LA-LA-LACE[/title]

Ever since I started planning my spring break trip to Aruba, I’ve thought of very little other than getting a tan and perfecting my vacation wardrobe. In fact, I recently bought a white lace jumpsuit from Revolve Clothing (like the one Kourtney was spotted rocking while pregnant with Reign) in preparation for my big trip. If there’s anything my online shopping addiction has taught me, it’s that lace is most definitely in this year.

Lace is romantic, elegant, and down right beautiful. I started wearing the fabric when I ditched old school bras for comfortable bralettes. From there, I moved on to tops, dresses, and rompers.

If you aren’t jumping at the idea of an all-lace outfit, plus or minus a wedding dress, there are subtle options that don’t skimp on elegance. Try, for example, a pair of shorts trimmed with lace.

Anyway, here are a couple of my favorite picks! Let me know what you think!

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