Halloween Fashion: Part 3

Maddie the Coonhound [infobox subtitle="Last-Minute Hallowear" bg="orange" color="black" opacity="off" space="30" link="http://thelodown.com/fashion/halloween-fashion-part-2/"]'BOO' Shakalaka![/infobox]

Halle-asdfghjkl-lujah! Halloween is officially 4 days away. If you’re not super paranoid about potentially contracting Ebola, kudos. Rage on and mosh pit away! We salute to your bravery, soldier!

If you're still shopping around for a costume, one that may or may not protect you (somewhat) from the NOT YET airborne disease, we g'achoo' ha ha ha covered. So, for the grand finale of our 3-part hallo-wear series, we're bringing you the ghouliest getups inspired by Maddie The Coonhound.

Onesie Funsie[show_lookbook_widget id="168180"]Pajama party? Um, duh! Onesies provide grrrreaat coverage per surface-area-volume ratio. Should there be a freak snowstorm (circa NY 2011) , you'll remain warm, dry, and toasty.

Mask Attack[show_lookbook_widget id="168168"]Here we have the super dainty and the super undainty. If you're asking for our opinion, we'd say go full out on the Edgar Allen Poe Crow.

Severe Headgear[show_lookbook_widget id="168176"]Bunny ears etc. Easily recyclable. Say... Easter? No, but really though, no point in investing on something you'll only wear once.

Better Than Your Birthday Suit[show_lookbook_widget id="168196"]Your typical pumpkin-spider-skeleton-ghost-bat-wear. We get it. Not everyone likes dressing up. Here's what to wear so people stop bugging you.

Arm Candy[show_lookbook_widget id="168204"]Who doesn't need an excuse to buy more purses (a.k.a. face shields should someone sneeze two inches from your face)?

A little more confident about partying it up? Inspired by some of these protective suits costumes? Great! We're glad. Go make Halloween your betch x

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