I make resolutions every year, and I break resolutions every year.  Honestly, why are they so hard to keep?  I think we set goals that are too big typically, that require too much of a life overhaul.  Sure, some people can stick to their new diet and exercise regimes but most people simply forget after a few weeks to remain motivated.

So what's a woman like me to do, with lots of things I'd like to accomplish both personally and professionally? Create reminders for myself in the things I see and use often to keep me motivated once I set a goal so that sticking to it is easy!  Enter Shutterfly - my favorite place to customize calendars, motivational mugs, and the like for my friends and family.  I've always used them to give personalized gifts that people love, and I figured that by applying my 2016 New Years Resolution plan to stay motivated to their awesome products it will be easy to do!

Check out the video I made to see how I customized a bunch of cool stuff for my team at TheLoDown and myself.  We're going to have a great year!


Products in Video:


5 x 8 Notebook

Portable Charger

White 12 x 12 Calendar

12 oz Cup

7 Inch Round Catch All Tray


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