Hump Day Happenings: May 4


the News at Noon

Welcome to the News at Noon, our daily round-up of what we're reading from around the web shared everyday around lunchtime.  We're also throwing in a dope quote on the daily because, why not?  Leave your favorite articles and quotes in the comments!


"Nobody realizes that some people

expend tremendous energy

merely to be normal."



Everything You Need to Know about the New Macbook (Hint: It Comes in Rose Gold) // BUZZFEED

When Snapchat Features the Best New Rom Com #VikingsFanAndMysteryGirl // DAILY MAIL

What Happens to Reality TV Stars Once Their Show Ends? // RACKED

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How to Perfect the Model Bun as Demonstrated by Jen Atkins, the Kardashian's Hair Guru // ELLE

Sustainability FTW: Emma Watson's Met Gala Gown Sent a Bold Message to the Fashion Industry // UPWORTHY

Bow down for Britney Speaks// NY TIMES

How to Get a Cheap Airfare, According to a Guy Who Sets the Prices for American Airlines // QUARTZ

Being in a Relationship versus Being Newly Single, in 5 Comics // HUFF POST

Ted Cruz Quits and Donald Trump Is Most Likely to Get the Republican Nomination // NY TIMES

The Chronicles of Anorexic Alice and Her Fat Former Friend // ELLE

Happy Hump Day!