The New IT Ring


Pinkies up, ladies!  Haven't gotten a bauble for that last little digit yet?  It's truly wanting for a fabulous jewel or band to adorn it! My new favorite I picked up recently to join the other bands adorning my fingers? The Bubble Gum Pinky Ring from David Yurman, a high-end jewelry line I've been a fan of for years. I am in love with how cute and delicate it is, but the ring actually smells like cotton candy, too!  I can't be certain, but I think it's an added feature.  See that awesome chain bracelet I have on (and wear every day)?  That's DY too! davidyurman5

I'm loving this turquoise ring with gold hardware, especially as we start the slow inch towards the fall season where bold colors really start coming in to play.  Paired together with my Krewe du Optic blue-lens sunnies and Rag & Bone hat, this look is perfect for the last rays of warm sunshine and beyond!  Want to know where to get this gear?  All shopping info is at the bottom of the post!



Another close-up of some of these jewels and accessories....



Happy bauble shopping!  The #BubbleGumPinky is available now in turquoise, pink, white, black, and purple for a limited time! As a #DYPartner I'm so happy to share my favorite jewelry picks with all of you!


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David Yurman Bubble Gum Pinky Ring - Rag & Bone Hat - Krewe du Optic Glasses - Vince Jeans   Bella Dahl Top