Music Festival Season

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Music Festival is upon us, and which ever festival you are lucky enough to be attending this year, one thing is certain -- preparing is necessary. Musically (too many bands to count?), mentally (a crowd of thousands in summer heat?) and sartorially (any outfits in mind?), you gotta be ready. 3 days full of music? We're comin' at you.

Preppin' Musically

Here at TheLoDown, we take our music festivals seriously. Weeks ahead, we create playlists with the bands we want to see. Whether you're attending Coachella, Firefly, Bonnaroo, Governor's Ball, Glastonbury or any other music festival, spend a great deal of time with the line-up and look forward to the good times ahead. Make sure to follow along on our Spotify as we create playlists that will certainly have you ready to sing along in the next few months.

Here are several line-ups that we are absolutely in LOVE with:

Preppin' Mentally

Dr_Dog_Treasure_Island_Music_FestivalThree or four days camping out doesn't sound like a long time, but when the summer heat is blazing and you're dancing with several thousand people, your music-filled weekend can turn into something completely different. Keep these tips in mind as you prepare, and of course, when you're actually dancin' the night away at the festival of your choice.

  • Dehydration can happen quickly. Water is your best friend so drink on.
  • Protect our skin from serious burns at all times. That being said, keep sunscreen within distance.
  • Pace yourself. There's tons to see and do, but if you move too fast, you might wear yourself early before the real party begins.

Preppin' Sartorially

Looking good is just as important as the music. Would you say that each different festival has a look? At Coachella, attendees aim for quintessential Californian vibes with bohemian looks. Glastonbury? Think along the Kate-Moss-meets-Alexa-Chung vein. In other words? Striped top, dungarees and black Hunter wellies are your uniform.

Whatever your style, shop some of our favorite, festival-approved looks below:

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Which music festival are you attending this year? Let us know where you're going (and what you're wearing) below?