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I don’t know about you, but when I think slip dresses, I think of my first job as a sales assistant at a fashion boutique in Westport, Connecticut. ODDZ was the place to shop in the good old 06880. In fact, I owe my high school senior superlative, “best dressed”, to the boutique. It was there that I learned the importance of styling and of first impressions. As brutal as the “stock days” were, the hard work was worth it because I was allowed to style the window mannequins. That being said, I could dress away as I pleased as long as I layered as much as possible.

Enter: the slip dress. Free People was a highly sought after brand at the store. We’d buy from them a ton of slip dresses, particularly this one bodycon style that came in a variety of colors. To be honest, I probably own one of each color, thanks to my employee discount. Quite frankly, I loved them so much, I even bought one for my current roommate, Brooke.

Twinning in our infamous slip dresses!

You’re probably thinking why would Brittany buy the same slip dress in different colors, I mean, they’re just slip dresses, right? Wrong. Slip dresses are extremely versatile. They function as a crucial layering piece (trust me, I am speaking from experience). At the same time, slip dresses also look amazing without anything on top of them. The easiness to it all is probably why it’s becoming such a hot trend for 2016 both on and off the runway.

Browse some of my favorites!

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