How To Cure Your Hangover FOR Your Big Meeting

 Maybe I'm hungover....maybe I'm not?!!

Maybe I'm hungover....maybe I'm not?!!

Everyone knows they should drink their body weight in water when they get home from a sloppy night out, drink some coffee the next morning, and gorge on greasy pizza. But what about the tricks of the trade that are lesser-known aids for helping quell a hangover that is so impending that the Homeland Security Advisory System switches the danger zone from orange to red (sorry, guys - the times are a'troubling me)? Here are my personal tricks that truly, honestly help me move through a hungover place to a less hungover place when I wake up at the crack of dawn after a night out, stumbling around my room looking for something to save me from myself...


I find that one of the best ways I can feel about 50% better when I'm hungover is by taking a hot, hot, hot bath. Why? Because I believe that when you soak yourself the morning after you allow your body to sweat out some of the remaining toxins lingering in your bloodstream, freeing your body from the death-grip of a hangover. Just make sure to bring an ice cold pitcher of water with you to replace all the water you've lost in your body.


Drinking a lot causes you to pee more, and when you're peeing more, you're losing salts and potassium quickly this way. Potassium effects proper nerve and muscle function, making you feel like shit if you're low on it. So if you think bananas are kind of gross like I do, definitely invest in some high quality potassium supplements or get your doc to write you a RX for them. I like to take one before I go to sleep so that my body works to keep my potassium levels at a neutral level as it dehydrates during my sleep, and taking another one when I wake up so that I'm fully re-charged.


This particular mineral helps those who suffer from anxiety and insomnia sleep better and smooth out frayed nerves. When you get drunk, you essentially throw your body into a mini-depression afterwards as it depletes your happy hormones from your brain. Taking magnesium before you go to bed and also when you wake up in the morning can help to keep those general feelings of discomfort out of your body. I'd recommend 400mg when you hit the hay, and another 400mg when you wake up with some food.


You know you crave carbs when you're hungover, but do you know why? Your liver is busy metabolizing alcohol when you're passed out, causing your blood sugar to drop pretty low. Getting those levels up again is essential to feel less tired and irritable - so choose your carb of your choice the morning after. Mine is toasted sesame bagel finished with ricotta cheese, apple slices, and a drizzle of honey from Blackseed Bagels in Nolita.

Tell me in the comments - what are your secret hangover cures that help you get over the Sunday Scaries?