The 7-Minute Workout


Hey, Everyone!

What if I told you all you needed was seven minutes out of everyday to squeeze in a short but powerful workout that will fit perfectly into your busy schedule?

No, I'm not lying. And yes, that's less than one hour total a week!

I've created seven different workout routines for all seven days of the week. I've got you covered from arms, to legs, to abs, and to your entire body!

Here's the deal: you will go all out for 50 seconds—getting in as many reps as you can. You're allowed a 10 second recovery time between each move. Push yourself outside your comfort zone to get your best results!

The Workout 50 seconds all out with 10 seconds recovery

Monday FULL BODY Jumping Jacks Squats Mountain Climbers Push-Ups Bicycle Crunches Burpees Elbow Plank

Tuesday ARMS Star Jumps Push-Ups Plank Up/Down Tricep Dips Air Punches Plank with Shoulder Taps Burpees

Wednesday FULL BODY High Knees Reverse Lunges Russian Twists Tricep Dips Squat Jumps Full Sit-Ups Burpees Thursday LEGS Jumping Jacks Squat with Lateral Lift Lunges Standing Calf Raises Squat Jumps Bridge Up/Down Burpees

Friday FULL BODY Star Jumps Plank Up/Down Lunge Jumps Push-Ups Bicycle Crunches Burpees Elbow Plank

Saturday ABS High Knees Russian Twists Full Sit-Ups Bird-Dogs Bicycle Crunches Plank with Shoulder Taps Burpees

Sunday FULL BODY Jumping Jacks Plank High Knees Squats Star Jumps Full Sit-Ups Burpees

Grab a partner and let’s get fit together!

Peace & Love,

Emily Burkhardt @thehealthyhustle