While it’s still mid-August, the expiration date on the summer of 2013 is quickly approaching, and I wanted to do a little round-up of my summer nailpolish favorites from my #AtHomeMani collection.

I tend to stick to neutral colors and red, with a bit of blue/green thrown in here or there.  I love trying new trends, and am forever on the hunt for the best pink ever (not neon, not translucent, leave it in the comments if you have a fave).  So, here we go – the best looks of Summer ’13!

If you want these colors for yourself, click the names below:

1. Essie “Sugar Daddy”

2.  Essie “Russian Roulette”

3.  Revlon “Cool Beige”

4.  Essie “Chinchilly”

5.  Sally Hansen “Girl Flower” – they dont make it anymore, but here are the rest

6.  Essie Sand Tropez

7.  Essie “Topless and Barefoot”

8.  Essie “Sunday Fun Day”